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  1. It's because they are becoming less determined. You're welcome.
  2. Exactly. £170k might sound like a lot in isolation, but in the context of what other clubs are paying, it's not that much. Wages have gone utterly bonkers in the last couple of years and Liverpool are being left behind.
  3. I think there are a few factors that mean you're not able to attract top players. You're a big club historically, but right now you're mediocre and lacking star players or a big name manager. You don't have Champions League football to offer, and your owners don't seem willing to pay competitive wages (unlike a number of your rivals). Last, and least, you're not a London club and with the greatest respect to Liverpool and the northwest, it's nowhere near as attractive as the capital.
  4. Why do you post here, Divinity? That's a genuine question, as you don't appear to enjoy interacting with anyone here.
  5. Wait, you have to pay for the editor? That's taking the pure pish, surely?
  6. It'd be great to have two really decent keepers at any club, but the problem is that the better they are, they more they expect to play. It's for that reason that there's bugger all chance that Mignolet is coming to Anfield as a backup goalie, which means that Reina's moving on.
  7. Coutinho looks promising, but your post typifies the mental exaggeration that this thread is notorious for. Every new signing is either utterly dire or world class, and Liverpool are either nailed on for the title or relegation
  8. Fair play to Ince for dropping down a level in order to play regular football. Reckon he'll have developed a lot more by getting game time than by playing for your reserves, so good on the guy. Don't think there's much point speculating on what he may or may not have wanted/expected/been offered
  9. I could be wrong, but I don't think anyone ever thought Spearing was good enough for Liverpool (or the EPL for that matter). He ended up being a default pick for a while because the squad was so thin.
  10. You do realise that you're proving Daaaaave's point exactly with your "Scousers good, non-scousers bad" mentality?
  11. Those away kits are so rank that I reckon they must be real
  12. Er, because you have a good recent history of overpaying for players?
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