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  1. I don't necessarily disagree that Ultra Magnus was terrible. And yet... he was still better than Rodimus Prime
  2. Yeah, the movie is probably the most cynical load of baws I have ever seen. Genuinely awful stuff, particularly this... This was the worst part of the entire enterprise, to be honest. You go from the cartoon where shots just ping off armour without doing any damage to the Autobots suddenly not being able to hit a cow's arse with a banjo and the Decepticons one-shotting everyone. Fair enough that Brawn gets wasted - why would you single-handedly charge at a massive group of enemies, and at least he gets shot by Megatron's gun form, but the others go out like proper bitches, especially Prowl (who everyone hated anyway, but he deserved better). At least Ironhide got a final line of dialogue before getting annihilated I do not know anyone who liked Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime Like, absolutely no one at all He was an annoying punk, he got Optimus killed, and was totally unconvincing as Rodimus Prime. And come on, "Rodimus Prime"? Get the f out of here! Even Ultra Magnus was better.
  3. Cook is one of the better performers with the bat, would be madness to him him with no replacement in sight.
  4. People need to stop giving Giuliani the oxygen of publicity. He's an odious ******.
  5. And there's Joe Root talking about "guys like Ben Stokes coming in at 40/4 and taking the game away from opponents." That attitude is part of the problem - you shouldn't be 40/4 in the first place, and if you are then you might want to apply a bit of common sense to it and not go slogging like a maniac as your primary strategy.
  6. The morning session with well-rested bowlers means that you have to start from scratch and what you did yesterday doesn't matter. So why is Buttler trying to drive Abbas after only a couple of deliveries and completely missing one to get pinned LBW? Then they take the new ball and they're into the tail, who have been blown away. Got to try and see out the overs and stick around, accumulate runs slowly if need be and sell your wicket dearly. I don't expect the tail to wag, really, so the damage was done yesterday when the first half-dozen guys failed to deliver, and then losing Buttler so early today was the final nail in the coffin really. I agree that there seems to be a complete lack of belief that once one wicket goes down, they're prone to a collapse. But part of that seems to be because everyone who comes to the crease seems to think that the way to react to losing a wicket is to take the fight directly to the bowlers and cart them all over the ground, when actually a lot of the time you need to dig in and get through the tricky spell. Why are these guys always looking to smash it about before they've even got themselves set? They need to play "boring" cricket more and stop trying to be heroes every time they face the ball.
  7. Lack of application, everyone wants to be a hero and smash it all the time, inability to play the conditions, lack of mental strength.
  8. My god some people are ignorant
  9. eenie

    Carillion on the verge of going bust

    Yeah, quite a different basis, so quite a different deficit. People are massively uninformed about pensions funding and legislation, which isn't surprising as it's complex, but the media do a pisspoor job of explaining things.
  10. eenie

    Netflix thread.

    My reaction: Re: The Alienist, it took me absolutely ages to place the actor of the main character. He played Nicky Lauda in Rush.
  11. eenie

    The PES 15/16 Thread

    Twins are notorious for being different ages iirc.
  12. Have to say that I'm really not a fan of either Haye or Bellew, so it's hard to care too much about tonight really. I can't see Bellew doing anything meaningful at heavyweight as he has zero interest in fighting the likes of Joshua or Wilder (even assuming they would fight him), and Haye seems pretty much done in terms of his career. Shame he's had so many injuries but it's hard to see him coming back now.
  13. eenie

    The PES 15/16 Thread

    I still play PES6 on the PC. It's held up pretty well.
  14. In the first fight, wasn't Haye starting to look decent just before he crocked himself? Don't know how he would have fared over 12 rounds without the injury but then again we don't know how Bellew would have done against a fit Haye over the distance either. I wonder how much Haye has left, but I also have my doubts about Bellew so it's an intriguing prospect.