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  1. Aye, he'll just tan 20 cans of cider and jib in at the airport. With a flare stuck up his arse.
  2. Yeah, one of the videos circulating before the game showed fans rushing through outside the stadium itself and one particular steward basically kicking the legs out from under fans trying to run past him, and I did think that was surely very dodgy ground, legally speaking.
  3. 100 percent this. Not singling out England here but there's a real problem with their football fans and it needs to be confronted, not handwaved away by trying to claim that troublemakers aren't real fans. They are, they just happen to be scumbags as well.
  4. Maguire had taken fewer than ten pens before Sunday night iirc. There was a tweet the other day listing the penalty record of the England side, player by player, and it was notable how few experienced penalty takers there were.
  5. Going out at that stage, in and of itself, wouldn't make him a bad manager, but replacing him would depend on the context. If it's due to not making the right subs, being too cautious, not creating any meaningful chances for your star striker, then maybe it would be time for a change. To be fair it'll probably be time for a change anyway. Three tournaments is pretty good longevity for an international manager, and exceptional for an English one!
  6. If he doesn't want to be attacked then he just needs to change his behaviour.
  7. Yeah You would have to ask yourself the question: what the **** does Rod Liddle know about football? Or about being a nice man, for that matter.
  8. Chiellini's foul was 100% cynical and 100% a yellow, but never anything more than that. Just a classic case of a defender taking a card for the team. He knew exactly what he was doing but it happens all the time in football.
  9. This is absolute ********. They are fans, of course they are FFS. You see this line being pushed all the time in an attempt to avoid having to confront the fact that some England fans (and this isn't unique to England, of course) are awful people.
  10. Just needs a bit of tweak to the balance of the side - which is really one of the main purposes of making subs, isn't it?
  11. I do think that Southgate is very conservative with his attacking options, and this is most noticeable with his subs. I totally get building success on a solid platform but sometimes you have to press the advantage and one of England's main strengths is their attacking players. But maybe it's that link between defence and attack that's the problem area - when Kane is having to drop back into midfield to spray it around then something isn't quite right. He's a top quality player but surely he's there as the focal point of the attack?
  12. Are you actually arguing that two wrongs make a right here? "They do it so I will too" is pretty immature. If anything I would have thought your perspective would make you less eager to generalise, seeing as it pains you so much And you don't need to tell me about Millwall fans - my mum's entire family were and are Millwall
  13. I can only speak for what I do know about you, which is based entirely on your posting history. And you love to dish it out but don't seem able to take it back. And as @Tikka Mezzalasays, you should avoid tarring an entire country with the same brush. Obviously your own experiences will colour your perception but you need to watch for extrapolating that too far.
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