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  1. Looks like Thierry is embarking on an FM style challenge. Win the domestic league with all clubs that are named Arsenal.
  2. The league does break into two. Top 6 will play in the championship group while the bottom 8 will fight to avoid relegation. In both cases, teams will play the other teams in their respective group home and away.
  3. Great to see an FMT career. Tremendous start in the league, you should be able to hold on. NI has always been a weird yet fun place to play. Not much gulf in quality between the divisions apart from maybe the top 3-4 teams and so many cups! How are your staff members and is your scout finding good players?
  4. 1. Dortmund or Leverkusen have pretty good squads to start with and you will have the initial challenge of overcoming Bayern. Alternatively, Gladbach is another team that you can have a good season with and potentially win the Europa League also. 2. Choose any database older than 20.3. Yes, the attributes of these players will not be the updated ones.
  5. There is an option to do so but it must be unlocked through gameplay or purchased as DLC. If you open the downloads tab in game it will tell you the conditions for unlocking through gameplay.
  6. No worries. For FMT, yeah. In the full fat version of the game, you'll get this message in January and the players will come through by March.
  7. Any files with the extensions ".edt" are editor data files and will not work with FMT. For FMT, you will not be able to add any additional leagues.
  8. Are you managing in Spain? There's a bug, if so which affects hiring staff for B and u19 teams.
  9. These items can't be accessed in FMT. The edit data folder only functions when there's an editor. FMT does not have an editor while full FM does. These files will work with full FM but not FMT.
  10. Started a save with Betis and I'm facing the exact same issue. No physios, sports scientists or data analysts apply for the adverts I've placed for the U19 team. Coaches for the B team are requesting wages that are at least double my board's maximum cap.
  11. I started a save with Dundee and received a scouting budget of around 28k. I selected two scouting packages with annual costs of 20k in total. I don't handle scouting myself and have the chief scout take care of assigning scouts and handling meetings. It's the end of September and I want to go through the list of scouted players so I can get more detailed reports on specific players and I notice that my budget is exhausted! Now I can't seem to assign my scouts and my packages are going to expire from next month too. Is there anything I could have done to prevent this? I never handled scouting directly and I've not encountered this as I've mainly played with bigger clubs so far. Any tips on how to avoid this would be appreciated!
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