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  1. It's the "Joker" transfer window in France. You can sign a domestic based player outside of the window but my understanding was that you were limited to only one such transfer.
  2. Congratulations. From not qualifying for the last WC to this! Mancini has done a fantastic job.
  3. Go to your player's profile and click the Development tab.
  4. Camavinga moved to Brittany when he was 2 years old so I think he could form a part of that team.
  5. I'd say the main tool missing is boosting morale (which you do get a chance to address on bad losing runs when the assistant manager pops up with a team meeting in your inbox). Apart from that you'll probably have to spend some time on your tactics in my opinion. Check out the manner of goals you're conceding. Are you playing a high line and the opposition is just punting the ball from deep and taking advantage of slow defenders? I'd suggest trying out a short save (maybe a year) with a big club/club you're familiar with to experiment tactically and see what works. On the contrary
  6. Not surprised. That group in black shirts definitely has some unsavoury members.
  7. It's not just home advantage in this tournament, it's home advantage +++. At least in a normal tournament you'd have the host play at different stadiums, a lot of the bigger nations don't have to move base at all here.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVz5xmhwoUQ Maniche vs Netherlands in 2004.
  9. Fantastic achievement. Looking forward to your next save. Always love a good FMT career.
  10. So unlucky. Great career mate. Hope you come back to it as it would be nice to see Brescia win the Scudetto and Champions League.
  11. Wow, Cutrone must be doing well in your save. Playing a Valencia save right now and he's bang average and really poor value for money.
  12. Right click on the player, select squad and you should have an option to move him to the first team.
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