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  1. rafaelbenitez

    Why FM19 > FM18?

    I think the lack of central play, ineffective AMCs, poor striker movement has me going back to FM 18. FM 19 has tons of promise and once those issues are addressed I'm sure the ME will be the best the series has seen.
  2. rafaelbenitez

    FMT Wishlist Thread

    Agreed. The speed of FMT would make those saves great I feel. Is there any reason why the Gibraltar leagues don't come with the game? I know SI releases them for full fat upon release so it's a little disappointing they don't come with FMT.
  3. Match engine needs some work. Just unable to get my players to execute decent football and this seems to be acknowledged by SI with regard to forward movement. Going back to FMT17 now as I didn't spend much time on that vetsion. Hopefully ME is fixed soon. Think I'll come back after the January window update.
  4. 3rd Division in Germany is not licensed.
  5. Nope, unfortunately no way to do so.
  6. Might be something to do with the Winter World Cup?
  7. Nope, not playable I'm afraid.
  8. Can someone from SI confirm if this is by design? Seems cumbersome to have to adjust it on an individual basis.
  9. Love the game. Just wish the match injury and fatigue bug are fixed soon. Struggled with it even though I had a pretty big squad at Dortmund. Is the lack of an intensity option in training a bug as well? Think that might be affecting things as well even though I've left the assistant in charge. Hopefully all this is fixed before release as I'm itching to get a long term save going.
  10. Had quite a few players unhappy when I was handling the training. So I handed training responsibilities to the assistant manager and they all seem happy enough.
  11. rafaelbenitez

    No FM touch beta

    You still can. The option is in the same place once you tick the box for removing the league restrictions.
  12. rafaelbenitez

    No FM touch beta

    Yes, Beta is available only for the desktop version.
  13. Yep, love the purple skin personally. Very good job.
  14. I hope you're wrong. Just can't get into the full fat version of the game. This seems like the best FMT so far, hope they keep it going for a long time.