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  1. rafaelbenitez

    Peru vs Demark 1700 BST BBC1

  2. rafaelbenitez

    Crashing When Setting Up Friendlies

    Have the same problem as well. Pretty gamebreaking because I like to handle my friendlies and schedule them against smaller teams to build up morale.
  3. Fairly certain that staff in FM Touch are on rolling contracts. I agree that it's a pain for lower league saves. I think SI should look at implementing normal contracts for staff.
  4. Thanks for eliminating 3D cutscenes when playing 2D. The UI seems a lot smoother for me after this update. Great work.
  5. rafaelbenitez

    Scounting Help Please

    That's because if the Chief Scout tab is selected, he is set to handle all scouting assignments for you, i.e., he decides where the scouts go. If you want to take control over that, select the manager tab.
  6. rafaelbenitez

    Scounting Help Please

    Scouting range is determined by the board. If you're playing with a smaller team with poorer finances, your scouting range is going to be limited.
  7. So, we're going to find out who is better at boxing. A pro boxer with a 49-0 record or someone else.
  8. rafaelbenitez

    Richard Hammonds Crashed Another Car...

    Does that mean he's not coming on then?
  9. rafaelbenitez

    OTF Football Manager 2017 Thread

    But wasn't that rule changed though? Maybe an English side won the Europa league too and there can't be more than 5 teams from the same nation.
  10. Given how they've managed to minimise the roles of Flynn, Manafort etc. as soon as the Russian links started to heat up, what are they going to do about Jared? Trump: I met that guy at a wedding once, not really kept in touch after.
  11. rafaelbenitez

    OTF Football Manager 2017 Thread

    Cheers, always wondered. Had Bolton drop out of the Vanarama Leagues by 2025 in FM 2015. That's the worst I've seen. They were in an absolute mess financially. No way to realistically carry on at that level with the amount of debt they had.
  12. Thank god he saved us from the "fake news" crap and straight up admitted it.
  13. rafaelbenitez

    OTF Football Manager 2017 Thread

    Can clubs die in FM? Your financial situation gets so bad that the club has to be shut down?
  14. It's Sally Yates day! Before firing him and then you hired him and made him National Security Adviser you clown.
  15. rafaelbenitez

    International Politics Thread aka Nihilism Fuel

    That Leave.EU twitter account is a real nasty piece of work.