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  1. Torino have high expectations in the first season, wanting Europa League football. Not sure if this has changed after the update. Bologna might be a good shout, lower expectations and some very talented young players.
  2. Speaking as an India fan, I've got to say that looking back at it, this was an awful wicket. It seemed alright on the first day, there was some turn and yes some poor batting but there's no way the pitch should have been allowed to deteriorate so fast. I think India are good enough to beat England at home without having to resort to these cheap tricks. Joe Root has a good point about the pink ball and that's something that should be looked into but I can excuse that as this is only the second ever D/N Test in India and conditions vary wildly across each part of the country that you can't accou
  3. Remember Papiss Cisse in the last update of FM 12 I think it was? He was pretty much a god on that game.
  4. Fair enough. You can try continuing your save as the new patch is compatible with save games. You should see a more balanced generation of newgens going forward as per the patch notes.
  5. Did you face similar issues with previous versions? I've always thought that with only being able to load 3 nations, this would be the obvious end point. Haven't had a long term FMT save on PC yet but I'll be interested to see if this is just an issue with this year's game as a whole (even the full fat game had a problem with newgen numbers prior to the patch) or whether the new patch has rectified this.
  6. I can see your point about the last Test being overkill but I don't think this one has been anywhere near as bad. Especially when England batted first, just so many poor dismissals.
  7. Wonder if there's a link with the pink ball. India were bowled out for 36 not too long ago.
  8. I don't think it's fair to blame it on the pitch. How many were truly unplayable deliveries? Both sides have played some silly shots and largely tried playing for the turn on the straighter ones which have got them out.
  9. If Root was certain he'd nicked it first he'd have reviewed immediately surely?
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