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  1. This is Bundesliga specific I think. Even the scoreboard mirrors the Bundesliga broadcast in real life. Check out the scoreboard in any of the PSG vids, it will be the same as last year.
  2. Yeah, I really don't know if I'd be able to get into FM today if just the full fat version were available. The learning curve is definitely steep for these kinds of games. I tried OOTP (the baseball equivalent of FM) and I put in maybe 10-15 hours and I still barely understood what I was doing.
  3. I hope that the introduction of something like these staff meetings means it is now a lot more viable to have saves where you're delegating a lot more to your staff and more in line with the real world (at least for the bigger clubs anyway). How many real life managers are actively involved in assigning where their scouts go?
  4. I'm assuming he means it in comparison to the tablet versions and not PC.
  5. In some ways, it's the best version of the game (match engine, tactical options etc.). In others, it feels a little incomplete (stripped down club vision, stripped down transfer and contract clauses, loan wages bug that remains unfixed),
  6. That's amazing tbh, haven't seen a 5* rated set up with that many leagues and players before, you must have some PC! I think it's par for the course if you want that many leagues loaded.
  7. I think SI's communication on Touch could and should have been a lot better. The feature reveals are all done for the main game, which is fine, but no mention is ever made whether these are coming to Touch. You'd have to load up the game and find out for yourself. Even last year, everyone anticipated the Beta to be available for Touch but there was nothing despite having the beta available for nearly every year prior. Add to that the lack of communication on FMT's availability this year until well after pre-orders had opened for FM22. Further, the game hardly seemed to be promoted and had SI themselves cleared up some misconceptions about this being a more arcadey version and more a return to older, slimmer versions, the future for this series might have been a lot brighter.
  8. Yeah, you wouldn't have access to the steam workshop and all the mods there either.
  9. Really enjoyed the first video as the new data hub, animations, pressing triggers and WCB do genuinely feel like headline features and have the potential to alter the way the game is played. This one was underwhelming because it just feels like a couple of additions that have the potential to get tedious before being skipped like the recruitment meeting from last year.
  10. It looks like there's going to be a default dark skin which is very nice news.
  11. You will have to experiment and see what the AI does well and doesn't. Sometimes they don't hire staff even though you have plenty of spaces. Last year my scouts ate up the entire scouting budget in 2 months which ruined my save as I play with attribute masking on and couldn't really get any further reports. I prefer to take charge of almost everything apart from training because keeping your players happy is important and not something I'd trust the AI with. I've had assistants say they're open to offers for my star player even though I have absolutely no intention of selling.
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