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  1. An unlockable is applied only if you specifically activate it using preferences. If you haven't done so, there's nothing to worry about.
  2. Absolutely no idea how the nationality screen is appearing for @CaptainPlanet but traits are on display in the development screen.
  3. This is by design. Essentially if you meet your first two years' objectives, you will most likely get your contract extended and you'll have to work towards your next objectives.
  4. ME will be same however the updates will generally be a couple of days later as SI will launch the update simultaneously on tablets too.
  5. Yes, I still think you would enjoy it. Tactics & ME are the same. Staff are streamlined. You only hire key personnel like an Assistant Manager, Chief Scout, Head of Youth Development instead of the many staff you'll have on the full game. Player interactions are minimal and the effect of morale is non-existent. Player dynamics exist in a simplified form in FMT. My recommendation is to try out the demo of the main game and the Touch version on Steam and then make your mind up. If you're still in doubt after that, I'd recommend purchasing the main game as you get FMT free with it (only for PC).
  6. Agreed. Very disappointing that you still can't view nationality information for a player.
  7. I imagine it's something they're still working on. The player nationality screen is missing too, so you can't see whether the player has any dual nationality, no. of international goals scored etc.
  8. The ability to prevent your assistant from arranging friendlies. I like to plan my pre-season schedule quite carefully and he keeps arranging friendlies and I keep cancelling them.
  9. Personally, I believe it's a much more polished version of FMT 19 with a superior match engine (as of now). Could never really get into last year's game, instantly hooked on this one. I'd suggest giving the demo a go when it comes out to see if it's for you or not.
  10. Is your game up to date? SI released a patch yesterday which has now changed the lime green to blue.
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