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  1. rafaelbenitez

    Crashing When Setting Up Friendlies

    Have the same problem as well. Pretty gamebreaking because I like to handle my friendlies and schedule them against smaller teams to build up morale.
  2. Fairly certain that staff in FM Touch are on rolling contracts. I agree that it's a pain for lower league saves. I think SI should look at implementing normal contracts for staff.
  3. Thanks for eliminating 3D cutscenes when playing 2D. The UI seems a lot smoother for me after this update. Great work.
  4. rafaelbenitez

    Scounting Help Please

    That's because if the Chief Scout tab is selected, he is set to handle all scouting assignments for you, i.e., he decides where the scouts go. If you want to take control over that, select the manager tab.
  5. rafaelbenitez

    Scounting Help Please

    Scouting range is determined by the board. If you're playing with a smaller team with poorer finances, your scouting range is going to be limited.
  6. rafaelbenitez

    No player faces?

    Facegen works only for newgen players.
  7. rafaelbenitez

    Touch 2017

    I've been alternating between FMT and the full game and I'd say the only thing I'd like FMT to take from the latter would be actual squad registration rules for league and continental competition, MLS/A-League rules etc. The lack of those rules removes some of the challenge of squad building.
  8. rafaelbenitez

    I am wrong? Really?

    Looks like you've found the FM equivalent of Donald Trump "Hey Felipe, you've got 0 assists in competitive games this season." "FAKE NEWS!"
  9. If you are on PC/Mac and tick the box at the bottom of the screen when starting a new game, there won't be any restrictions and you can add/remove leagues later on as well.
  10. If you're an English club, fairly certain you can't approach these players until there's a month left.
  11. Maybe his contract expires outside a transfer window? Had this same issue with Calleri in FM 16 IIRC. His contract expired in October or something.
  12. I'd stick with it, mate. I find it difficult at the start of any save but I generally try to implement a philosophy at a club and then try to build around that. Ever since I started doing that, results have improved and I'm able to enjoy games more than simply chopping and changing after every poor game that I have. I do watch all games on key highlights though as I still feel that's an integral part of the FM experience for me. With respect to the improvements, I'd say the match engine has definitely improved.
  13. I haven't made the jump to FMT 17 yet, still on FMT 16 and without doubt it's an excellent improvement over FMC 14. There are still a few drawbacks like no FFP mentioned above, squad registration rules are not the same as the full game and lack of authentic rules for the likes of the MLS and the A-League. I still prefer it to the full game as it's a lot easier to get through games and seasons and you don't have to worry too much about all your players throwing their toys out of the pram because you denied your star player a transfer.
  14. rafaelbenitez

    Data Analyst

    Probably down to the fact that FM has a 64 bit version now too. Didn't have that last year, so your RAM is being better utilised this year.
  15. rafaelbenitez

    FMT17 New Features

    I'd like to see more league specific rules. Playing in Australia/USA just doesn't feel the same and I have no desire to go back to a full fat save. A league like Gibraltar would also be perfect for FMT, fingers crossed they've put it in this time.