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  1. And the award for least creative livery design team goes to... Also news that passed me by, Red Bull are entering Ferrari's in DTM for Alex Albon and New Zealander's Liam Lawson (also entered in F2) and Nick Cassidy (a Formula E debutant this year). Red Bull Ferrari's feels somewhat conflicted
  2. Unfortunately the way I see people talking about June 21st, I expect it to be a New Years Eve level of revelry. Bloodbath.
  3. Convenient this story is coming out around the same time as Matt Hancock's unlawful PPE contracts...
  4. August seems very late for foreign holidays to be allowed (assuming this is removing the illegality of foreign travel outside of the currently allowed reasons). There will be plenty of adults fully vaccinated before August, and plenty of foreign country's (and travel company's to add) desperate for the custom before then.
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