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  1. The Golden boy

    Job hunting/interview thread

    Recruitment consultants will bombard you as they want to get your name on their list, to show their getting prospective new employees. Unless you're going for a specific job through them, you're unlikely to hear anything as it was all to bait you into their database. Only ever had contact with 1 relatively competent recruitment consultant, basically because I had to apply for the job through Hays and they were organising the interviews etc. Good amount of contact before and after the interview. We got to the stage of the offer though and I was trying to negotiate, as I would have needed to relocate and the offer wasn't good enough for that, said he'd get the company to contact me to see if we could agree something and then all contact seemed to stop. So yh, pretty much try to avoid recruitment consultants, but might need to ignore my aversion to them as I'm looking for short term work atm. Also hate the fact that they never tell you who you're going to work for. They send you some nondescript role requirements, no info about company, and a very vague description of location. I cba with the hassle of contacting them off the information they normally provide as 9/10 times the role won't be suitable for whatever reason.
  2. The Golden boy

    The travelling thread

    And if you don't like the idea of paying for luggage, I managed to get a return to Boston for £347 flying with Virgin Atlantic from Heathrow.
  3. The Golden boy

    The travelling thread

    Thanks for the heads up. Definitely interested in popping over to Fenway Park and watching a Celtics game (probably in a bar, ticket prices seem a bit pricey - If I want to see live sport I might leave that to watching either the Nets or Islanders when over in NY). I'm probably going to opt for 2 nights in Boston and 2 in NY before heading down south. Not ideal, would have preferred longer in both but accommodation skyrockets in price over the weekend I'm returning from the south, and this is the cheapest way of working the flights. Will probably leave for Boston in the early morning of the flight home to give myself a bit of an insurance. Also gives me another 6 or so hours to explore Boston if everything works to plan.
  4. The Golden boy

    The travelling thread

    Looking at travelling alone to the US in March (most likely flying to Boston) and spending a couple of days in Boston before meeting up with some friends in the south. Anyone got any recommendations for places to stay for solo travellers? Is Boston good for that? Considering also popping down to New York for a couple of days beforehand too, so if there are any places there worth staying for solo travellers (somewhere with at least some social elements to it), a few recommendations wouldn't go amiss for New York too. I did do New York a couple of years ago but I stayed with a friend so I've done some of the touristy stuff already. On my way back to Boston I'm due to be flying with Southwest Airline with a 6 hour wait for my connecting flight back to the UK (separate bookings), is that likely to be sufficient? Anybody had any experience with same day connections?
  5. The Golden boy

    Political Compass 2017

    Sat right in Green territory apparently. Don't think I'd ever actually identify as green party material though.
  6. The Golden boy

    Board Game thread

    Catan is really good. No 2 games of it are the same as the board is completely changeable. Obviously with a lot of games what makes it is the people you play with though.
  7. The Golden boy

    Is it GAME OVER for Game? Rise from your grave!

    I saw this exact same thing the other day in my local game store except with FM. They didn't seem to have any FM 16's on the shelf and to compensate decided to put out lots of FM 15's at full price to try and trick people into thinking that was the new one
  8. The Golden boy

    Cities: Skylines

    Updated the game with the latest patch but haven't bought the DLC. Now I've got a massive dead people problem. Anyone else had this effect their city?
  9. The Golden boy

    OTF GeoGuessr Challenge

    15,643. Did badly on one of them. The rest 3.5-4k.
  10. The Golden boy

    The 2015 Formula 1 Thread

    Pastor Maldonado is Venezuelan isn't he?
  11. The Golden boy

    OTF F1 Predictions Comp 2014 – Rd 19: Abu Dhabi

    1) Hamilton 2) Rosberg 3) Vettel Pole: Hamilton F/Lap: Hamilton Team: Mercedes Gains: Alonso Losses: Button Finishers: 10 Retirements: Sutil, Maldonado, Button
  12. The Golden boy

    OTF F1 Predictions Comp 2014 – Rd 18: Brazil

    1) Rosberg 2) Hamilton 3) Raikkonen Pole: Rosberg F/lap: Rosberg Team: Mercedes Gains: Vergne Losses: Bottas Finishers: 14 Retirements: Gutierrez, Button, Perez
  13. The Golden boy

    OTF F1 Predictions Comp 2014 – Rd 17: United States

    1) Hamilton 2) Rosberg 3) Alonso Pole: Hamilton F/lap: Hamilton Team: Mercedes Gains: Vettel Losses: Ricciardio Finishers: 11 Retirements: Grosjean, Gutierrez, Sutil
  14. The Golden boy

    OTF F1 Predictions Comp 2014 – Rd 16: Russia

    1) Hamilton 2) Rosberg 3) Magnussen Pole: Hamilton F/lap: Hamilton Team: Mercedes Gains: Perez Losses: Ricciardio Finishers: 14 Retirements: Chilton, Grosjean, Ricciardio
  15. The Golden boy

    Monkey or Bear - OTF Decides

    They would also be declared racist if they only used white kids.