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  1. Finished second first season with Nancy. Automatic promotion to Ligue 1. I get a press conference asking me how do I feel after failing to gain promotion. I'm sure the intentions behind the inclusion of gay newgens is sincere and without pretence. If we are to go this route don't do it half-baked. How about mental illness? Addiction? The medical centre and dynamics are good additions. Scouting was one of the best aspects of the game for me. Not anymore. More clicks for less information. Bloated. Feels like a job in itself. I don't see how the ME has progressed. A copious amount of late goals and turnarounds. Narrow formations with the three forwards. One on ones and wayward shots. Static defending and the long ball for the forward. I am an ardent 2d player. For me the 3d kills the immersion. The player animation is poor. It hasn't progressed at an acceptable rate in my humble opinion.
  2. Regarding the scouting costs. Is it working as intended or a bug awaiting a fix?
  3. Geography wise it is in North America although it does belong to the Kingdom of Denmark.
  4. I like it but we need more variety. It becomes repetitive.
  5. Five games into the first season. I have Liverpool at home. They started well top of the league and then this. I haven't edited anything. Some exploit in the ME I have unwittingly used?
  6. No bug at all regarding injuries. I would take a look at your tactics, training.......etc
  7. I would assume just for Everton and Watford.
  8. Personally I am more than happy with what I saw. 64 bit is awesome. I hope the crossing issue has also been sorted out. What changes did you want to see yourself?
  9. How Old Are You?

    I am 34 and been playing football management games since the ZX spectrum. I still purchase the game every year although the playing time goes down. My 10 year old son has become obsessed with FM and will happily talk about newgens, wonderkids, and tactics for hours.
  10. Every year these polls and discussions bring the same results. The latest FM wins with FM12 in second. Do this next year and FM17 will win with FM12 in second.
  11. Take a look at Youri Tielemans.