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  1. I don't. I checked the stats myself from tonights game. All those seem to be wrong.
  2. I am only getting Newgens in playable leagues. Is this a known issue?
  3. Football Manager on Twitter said it won't be released in Brazil.
  4. I don't think skins, facepacks, et cetera will be viable with Stadia. The hardware and software is at Googles end. You are streaming the game. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  5. At launch Stadia will only be compatiable with its own Pixel smartphones.
  6. You could go to your local disk and search the name of your save. Maybe you have saved it in a different location.
  7. Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2019>games Navigate through those folders, does it list any of your saves?
  8. You saved to the cloud and not your hard drive?
  9. I never sign more than 3 players in the summer transfer window and zero players in January.
  10. @FrazT Could he be saving to the cloud and shutting down his laptop before the sync was complete?
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