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  1. He'd be a strong contender in the 'Coach' category, like the team would be in the 'Team of the Year' category.
  2. "I'm sorry Mr. Perry, it appears you're on the no fly list".
  3. I don't think Southgate trusts him. One too many incidents.
  4. Not that it matters too much, from what I can see: Saka has taken 4 penalty's in youth football. Scored 3, missed 1. This includes 1 scored in the Uefa U17 SF shootout.
  5. Radio X just played Three Lions with the commentary pieces from the Denmark SF. Goosebump-inducing.
  6. That would be his ex-wife, Natalie Sawyer. As of 2014, he was missing her.
  7. Sunday 11th July Italy 1-2 England * Bonuses The exact score 1-2 The goalscorers Sterling, Chiesa, Kane The times of the goals 23, 73, 78 Other bonuses How many penalties will be scored in total 0 Will the match go to extra time - No Will the match go to penalties - No How many yellow cards in total - 5 How many red cards in total - 0 Time of the first goal scored - 23 Time of the last goal scored (excluding penalties in the event of a tie after 120 mins) - 78 First team to score - England Last team to score - England
  8. God the demand for subs is greater than a Friday Night in Subway after the pubs have closed.
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