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  1. Calv_Leeds

    Netflix thread.

    They just released a 'remixed' version which is in chronological order (and the episodes are back to about 20 minutes). It improves it a bit, but it's still not that great.
  2. I've only just stopped jumping around the room Flights to Bratislava look expensive (even with Ryanair), might try to get across for at least a few of the games.
  3. Great Britain 1 point away from promotion to the top pool of the World Championships
  4. Calv_Leeds

    PC Games off Steam using Macbook

    That's a shame, unfortunately I am unable to help anymore I may do a bit of googling when I get a chance.
  5. Calv_Leeds

    PC Games off Steam using Macbook

    I use PlayOnMac, which I then used to install Steam. It's not perfect though but might be worth a go. This is a guide for installing PlayOnMac & Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=247537337 (ignore the fact that it's for AoE II). Edit: I should mention that I have only installed EHM this way, as I tend not to play so many games anymore
  6. Calv_Leeds

    Netflix thread.

    I finished American Vandal over the weekend, overall it was pretty good, some genuinely really funny bits in there but I felt it got a bite samey in the middle of the season, picked up a bit towards the end.
  7. It just popped up on my twitter and I thought I recognised the name...! Flames starting well, particularly against the level of opponent. I'll be going on Saturday in Altrincham, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they play. The conference games are important, it's nice to do well against the big-4 but the smaller teams need good conference records to qualify for the playoffs.
  8. Enjoy your Flames cap @Herman Bloom
  9. By the sounds of things since he left, you're in the minority of Finnerty fans! I'm hoping we have more depth than last year, when we basically only had 1 goalscorer. I was hoping Pitt & Beca would join Finnerty, although it's unsurprising that Pitt has moved to mainland Europe (I imagine Beca will end up in Europe as well). It's a bit too early to decide what the Clan are going to be like this season, although the comparison between Nastiuk & Nie is not favourable. Panthers are the surprise team so far, looks like they're going in a different direction but Garnett aside, there's not been many quality signings by them. I'm interested to see how they round out the rest of their roster.
  10. I was actually expecting more from Guildford, none of their signings have reallybeen standouts for me. Stewart in net can be good, but last season showed that his stats will slide when put behind a poor D. Ratchuk will be good on the PP, while Nechala and Ackered are relative unknowns. None of the import forwards look particularly great yet, although Davies is good, however plenty of signings to come yet! Fixtures meeting was yesterday, so fixtures should be out in 2-3 weeks. I'm looking forward to this EIHL season more than any previous one (despite this being my 12th season following the league), in particular how MK & Guildford get on and change the dynamics of the league. It's going to be a tough battle to get in the playoffs now at the lower end of the table. I decided to get a season ticket to Storm this coming season, my first season ticket ever.
  11. The World Championships 1B are in Belfast this week, GB current playing against Croatia and 3-2 up with 5 minutes left. Hopefully GB will finally get Gold this year, after going so close the past couple of years
  12. Unfortunately I had to leave before the end to get the last train back to Manchester. I saw the first 75 minutes.... It was a good game that swung one way, then the other. Once OT came around you could tell the Steelers had more left in the tank than the Devils and I think desereved the victory. Probably the best playoff final I can remember, and this was my 7th year attending in Nottingham
  13. The EIHL playoff final will be broadcast live on BBC Online/red button this Sunday, faceoff at 4 pm: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/ice-hockey/39510451
  14. Because Cardiff are so much stronger than Coventry and probably will be much stronger than MK & Guildford, leading to an imbalanced conference. Having 3H/3A would reduce this effect slightly, but then the benefits of the conference system are reduced, as I mentioned above.
  15. Nottingham, Sheffield, and Belfast. Alternatively you could swap Manchester & Cardiff although that might unbalance the conferences slightly. It's difficult to say what would be best really, as I don't think what would best in sporting terms (i.e. single league, all teams play each other equal amounts) might not be best for financial reasons, or it might lead to an uncompetitive league, etc. I wonder whether the smaller scottish teams (Fife, Dundee, Edinburgh) would be happy to reduce to 3H/3A against the other Scottish teams, and have these replaced by games against MK & Guildford. I would guess that Braehead & Fife bring a few hundred away fans to Edinburgh more than MK & Guildford would.