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  1. Covid came at a real bad time for Kirk (and other prospects in his sort of age-range). His time in Sweden seemed to be cut short, he looked a cut above the rest of the team in the highlights of his first game but he doesn't seem to have stood out in his other games as far as I can tell. Not sure when the OHL is going to be starting up again?
  2. Doesn't say either way, just says pints brewed by craft brewers.
  3. https://www.twitter.com/SIBA01/status/1360211146297466880
  4. They're not the only brewery who are no longer shipping to the EU.
  5. Imperial Cake Ale Still not had any of the MCI range, despite living an 8 minute walk from the brewery...
  6. Hazy AF by BrewDog is quite nice, Punk AF a bit less so
  7. Doesn't seem like the best time to be opening a bar really! On the other hand if you can get through this crappy period I guess you should be set for when(if) things recover
  8. My cousin's brewery are crowd funding to open up a taproom at their new site in Walthamstow. For every £1 you donate you get £2 behind the bar https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/high-hill-taproom Lots of breweries in Walthamstow now, Wild Card, Signature, Exale, are all in the same estate that Hackney are moving to, while Pressure Drop and Beavertown are just the other side of the reservoirs. Should be a good beer crawl when those sorts of things are allowed again
  9. RIP the Queen and others https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/nov/16/french-broadcaster-apologises-after-killing-off-queen-and-pele
  10. The Mole on iPlayer is well worth a watch, it's a documentary about a guy who went undercover at the Korean Friends Association for 10 years to look at North Korean dealings. Its crazy how far they end up going.
  11. Good on Northern Monk, it's nice to had a good news story in the current climate. Sounds like Trillium are up soon on the CW store, might have to use my voucher on that
  12. Get well soon @Paul Bacon, looks like it's at least 10 days isolation since you first got symptoms https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/self-isolation-and-treatment/how-long-to-self-isolate/
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