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  1. For me Perisic's arm just comes down naturally. There is no way watching at real time that he has reaction time to actually be deliberately moving it to the ball. Never a penalty.
  2. I love Southgate but he has been bafflingly reticent with subs the whole tournament
  3. changed my mind, cheering on Japan now, they've been brilliant
  4. Normally I'd cheer on the underdog, but I really want to see a Brazil Belgium quarter final.
  5. I've not agreed with all the ball to hand penalties but that one definitely was for me. I'm fine with jumping arms raised but he left it high longer than necessary, even looked like his arm started to come down and he raised it again
  6. I take back all my reservations about some of the VAR use this tournament - that alone was worth it
  7. I turned over to the Aussie Peru game as I was so bored. Australia look far more dangerous with Cahill on the pitch, don't know why they didn't chuck him on for 10-15 at the end of the Denmark game.
  8. .. the tailor of Panama ... THE TAILOR OF PANAMA!
  9. I was neutral on this game but the Serbs have been robbed there so cheering them on now.
  10. they're giving Iran about a 23% chance which seems reasonable to me (8% chance of winning the group, 15% chance of second). Bookies have them at 5/1 to beat Portugal.
  11. I've got Panama in my works sweepstake. As well as winner and runner up there's a prize for first red card, so here's hoping ...
  12. Fabulous work! Thanks for posting. I do have a couple of nitpicks - Shilton captained the side in 1990 for some games after Bryan Robson got injured, and indeed he is the oldest world cup captain according to wikipedia, for the third placed game vs Italy. And then when you say MOST GROUP STAGE EXITS WITHOUT EVER REACHING THE KNOCKOUT STAGE: By my reckoning, Scotland will continue to hold this record until at least 2034 you are probably right however of course they might not hold it as soon as 2022 if they were to qualify and get through to the knockout stage.
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