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  1. Yea ive seen some peoples portable setups and some of them are pretty amazing the creative ways some people do it but its probably not for everyone.
  2. I dont think a good laptop gives you sub par performance but its definitely not equal to a tower even with the same or similar parts. It might say 3070 but its not the same performance you get in a tower 3070 for obvious reasons. You get less for your money in a gaming laptop theres no doubt about that but if you want portability then its really a no brainer.
  3. Well you could also need something portable for your situation and a tower isnt an option but yea of course if you dont need it to be portable there isnt a single reason to go for a laptop over a desktop.
  4. Russia too with its growing influence and new bases in the Middle East and Africa
  5. Well they've been a declining empire for a while now anyway, Trump just seemed to want to accelerate the decline.
  6. They have made more of a game of it but its still Englands to lose, even if SL score 400 it'll only be a 150 ish lead.
  7. I know hes proven it so many times but jesus how is a 70+ year old man such an absolute child? What kind of pathetic logic is this?
  8. I'm glad the house voted for it because if this isnt impeachment worthy then nothing is really but lets be honest he isnt going to be convicted is he?
  9. Saying that freedom of opinion is a fundamental right to everyone after he spent the last few months inciting violence that actually killed people is so mindbogglingly tone deaf and missing the point that im kinda hoping she was just misquoted or something. Theres no way you could actually be this thick, surely?
  10. I'd like to know what he considers to be an impeachable offence then? Like what more do you have to do? Might aswell just remove impeachment from the constitution at this point.
  11. Theres no such thing as verifiable true or false to these types, they believe what supports their ideals and anything else (even undeniable facts) isn't true.
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