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  1. It does not matter how anyone else was moving their hands!!!! How many times do i have to say it, blimey. Its ridiculous and its not even the point i'm debating. Matuidi did not handball it in the box and thus gave the referee no opportunity to make a decision for us to debate. can't you see that even with me typing it like 3 times? I'm not having a go at you personally but you keep insisting on debating this silly point with me.
  2. But i'm not arguing about ifs because they didn't happen, im debating the event which did happen, how are ifs and buts relevant? As i said in the match thread i'm perfectly fine with people disagreeing with the penalty decision but it baffles me that anyone cant see why the ref has given it based on the replays. Another ref might not have given it and i would have been able to see why.
  3. It doesn't matter in the slightest if the other players also moved their arms in a similar way, none of them handballed it, sorry but what a ridiculous argument. Yes it is easy to retrospectively go back and look at the replays which is exactly what happened and why it was given in the first place. I also said it was more a reaction than intent from the player but the intent doesn't really matter, a lot of the time fouls and penalties aren't intentional but you still have to give what is right to give in that situation. Can you honestly not see why a ref looking at that gives the penalty
  4. His hand undoubtedly comes down towards the ball, i think given it happens so quickly its probably more of a reaction than anything but i cant see the outrage over it being given to be honest.
  5. Yea if Varane retired today he would have already had a phenomenal career, they aren't empty trophy wins either hes played a major part in them except the first league title.
  6. Its only just over the channel lads, it basically came home
  7. The French media didn't give Croatia enough motivation evidently.
  8. All these mystic megs saying how it WOULD have went if this and this happened
  9. Everyone in the semis had most things go their way otherwise they'd have never have been there in the first place, utter guff.
  10. Mbappe constantly trying to do too much and every time i watch Modric i think about how frustrating it must be to play against him.
  11. Why do you keep posting that it shouldn't be used for comings together and loose balls and ball to hands when it hasn';t been used for any of those things?
  12. He didn't really say it wasn't a penalty in real time though did he, it just looked like he didn't see it and then the VAR refs got into his ear about it.
  13. I can understand both sides of the argument for that penalty but how can anyone say its "obviously" not a penalty?
  14. Its harsh and soft but you can see why hes given it tbh. He sort of bats it with his hand.
  15. So this is why they say Perisic doesnt have a weak foot, what a player.
  16. Soon as i saw the dive for the freekick i thought it would go in, football always seems to **** you over like that.
  17. Pretty sure hes talking about 90 minute games without the need for ET and pens but regardless im pointing out the pointlessness of such stats. Any stat that includes "if you exclude" is always nonsense anyway.
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