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  1. No but to be fair people have gotten them for less haven't they?
  2. I'm just not sure how the authorities didn't expect carnage, even if it turned out that there was none at least be prepared for it.
  3. I'm immediately discarding any team with Kane and/or Ronaldo, neither of them had a stand out performance in the entire tournament that i can recall. You could probably post 3 lineups with the 11 completely changed though and id have little argument. There were multiple stand outs in every position i feel.
  4. Yea well i don't know why anyone really humours the guy honestly, he's either a very good troll or just pretty dense.
  5. Did good coaches making a difference need to be proved to anyone that's actually watched football though or for that matter any sport.
  6. Kind of like the idea of teams that wouldn't usually qualify playing at a big tournament but surely its got to be earned. Its about money though so it will happen. Same way the world cup will be 40 odd teams soon enough.
  7. Still pretty fuming with how the game was managed tbh, he learned absolutely nothing from 3 years ago and seemed to bizarrely want a shootout. All of that is possibly for another time but gutted at the abuse some of our players got. Saka seems like the nicest kid in the world and the fact that he got put into that situation and then was racially abused because of it is just heartbreaking man. Pretty brutal way to lose it considering we never actually lost a game and conceded 2 in 7 games but that and the few thousand idiots who usually embarrass us aside i think it was a pretty enjoyable journey with some absolutely unforgettable moments.
  8. Italy got back into it as it went on, Could do with Sterling on the left and a Sancho/Rashford on the right for me. Mount just isnt a winger and probably been our poorest player.
  9. We have had 1-2 moments of complacency, got to make sure confidence doesn't turn into full blown complacency.
  10. Hesitate to criticise Sterling because hes been great for us but bloody hell hes frustrating. Just give it already ffs.
  11. I don't think there is any world where going from a back 4 to a back 5 is not a playing it safe move tbf, whether its right obviously time will tell but cant say im a fan of a back 5 and mount on the wing. Just seems unnecessary.
  12. Got a similar feeling of dread and nerves i had for the Germany and Denmark games. I think the Ukraine game was the only one of the knockouts i wasn't absolutely bricking it. How do you guys who support teams who regularly get to finals do this? Its awful
  13. Definitely got to change it for Italy i think, that midfield 2 against Italy's midfield will be a massacre especially if they start slow again.
  14. I'm not sure about that one, Kane has gotten pelters from you for years both domestically and internationally. He's definitely you're most hated player surely.
  15. Tbf to EUH he usually just posts all game about anything negative for England and usually Kane and then has the decency to make himself scarce if we come out on top.
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