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  1. What you could do is to look for bargains in countries that once belonged to the Ottoman Empire or a Turkic nations like Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and so on. So you can create a Neo-Ottoman team with a strong Turkish core. But South American talent is always good.
  2. Kasimpasa is an interesting project. The clubs comes from the part of Istanbul Recep Tayyip Erdogan comes from, their stadium is also named after him and I think they were supposed to be Erdogan's club until Basaksehir arrived. Your approach sounds interesting, especially with you going to make use of Turkish talent. I'll keep following!
  3. Hi there! I've been reading this forums for a long time and the tactics section in particular. Over the past years, I've been reading threads that went into the direction of replicating Pep Guardiola's tactics, Total Football or simply producing possession tactics. So naturally, I read your thread with huge interest and tried to implement your tactics into FM. Now I've got to say, I'm using FMT17. Why? Simply because I've got an old laptop and haven't been able to afford a new computer, let alone FM21 so far. Plus I like the more streamlined gameplay of Football Manager Touch. Now I under
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