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  1. Well i want to have possesion but not only make passes to the letf and right. i want to my team make combinations throw the midle or flanks
  2. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english!
  3. thanks for all the help. well, what i want to do is something like this: i want my RW provide wide and the RB to become more a 3rd CB than to go up in the pitch. my RCM will provide passing options for the winger and help the defence too. on the left side the LW wil go throw the midle and while the LB provides wide options and overloads. i want to "hurt" the opposite team through the middle with combinations. on FM language i think its something like this:
  4. Hey guys. Im managing Napoli. we were doing well (2nd place) but from December our results went down. What am i doing wrong? thanks in advance and sorry but english is not my native language
  5. I am using this trainning schedules - and my tactic is the one in the image. I suposed to dominated most matches but sometimes my players cant score goals, they miss clear chances in front of the goal and my wing back and winger dont make crosses and when they make there is no one in position to receive the ball. What am i doing wrong?
  6. I am managing SL Benfica and i am one of the stronger teams on my championship. But i have a young squad and im using this training schedules - sometimes my players miss clear goals chances. i dominate most matches but my players miss too much EDIT: i open a new topic for my last question
  7. What changes do you recommend in this tactic against stronger teams? Sorry for invade this post!
  8. I want to mean tactic! Thanks. I am using the schedules from fm korea (for the first time) that you can find here on this forum and i am struggling a little bit. i think it could be because of the training schedules
  9. hey guys. does trainning schedules affetcs how our formation can work or not? Sorry my poor english and thanks in advance for your help!
  10. after some changes my tactic is as in the image. the internal level is going very well. but in the European games, against manchester city, I was cheered by their side defenders. considering that I use the wide defensive width how did they manage to drill through the wings?
  11. I've made some changes and i end up like this. i still have some doubts about the striker role but for now i will continue with the complete forward
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