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  1. Hi @knap What's your most efficient tactic using a target man ? Thanks!
  2. Hey @knap In the Argus 352, where do you put your best striker ? Striker Left or Striker Right ?
  3. Hey @knap What's your best tactic using inside forwards this year ? Thanks !
  4. Very pleased with black echo 4411. AMAZING tactic. BEWULF with target man also. wow.
  5. @knap What do you think of having the left striker in the latest version of you BEWOLF 442 as a target man ? TM works pretty good this year.
  6. I'm testing Mississipi with Boca. It seems OK, but strikers never score.
  7. What is exactly this Fire4312 ? Link ? Thanks and congrats !
  8. Cerber V4 is weak defensively compare to Annihilator !!
  9. I have to say Annihilator V1 is the best for me, even if it's archieved. Tested with severals saves, no doubt.
  10. I 'm sorry, i wanted to say Raptor ! this loss vs Uerdingen was using Raptor. Players in Dortmund dont fit, so no big surprises, but still losing to a third tier team ... what a mess this ME. hope .3 will fix everything
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