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  1. I 'm sorry, i wanted to say Raptor ! this loss vs Uerdingen was using Raptor. Players in Dortmund dont fit, so no big surprises, but still losing to a third tier team ... what a mess this ME. hope .3 will fix everything
  2. predator V4 not working at all with Dortmund :
  3. Hi TFF, I see the guys of FM Base are still mad at you, as they destroyed your tactic on the test area of the site, only a rating of 12/20... It obviously deserves way more. Keep up the good work, except for fake accounts
  4. I don't know if there is an army of fakes account praising the work of TFF on this tactic, but I'm real. And this tactic is clearly the best at the moment for patch 20.2. Great work TFF !
  5. Still playing 4231 wide on patch 19.1.1. Still good with latest patch ?
  6. Amazing tactic the 4-2-3-1 BEOWULF. Destroying the league and europe with AC Milan first season. Thanks KNAP !!!
  7. Hi Knap, Sorry if it has been asked, but what is the best match prep ? Defensive positionning ?
  8. Attacking mentality with underdogs team is not too risky ?
  9. The new one is still planned for tonight Mr Hough ?
  10. Hi SI team ! Just a suggestion. IMO I think showing disallowed goals is totally useless. It brings nothing to the game. Especially when in this patch, you have 3 or 4 disallowed goals per game. Thank you.
  11. Did not work at all for my Sporting CP side in Portugal. Keep loosing every games. Sorry Mr. Hough it's not 100% success I can't say nothing to you, you saved so many of my games with your tactics !
  12. Are the winger on the left has to be right footed and the right winger, left-footed ??
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