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  1. Hi Knap community, I want to start a save with Valencia CF, what's for you the best tactic in Knap universe to have success ? Thank you guys !
  2. @knapwhat do you think of all theses strikerless tactics ? Seem to be the answser for this patch 21.2 ?
  3. This tactic looks very good. Some nice combinaisons. But, god, the central defenders are so dumb in this totally ****** Match engine .... it's barely playable...
  4. Hi, No, it's a save with the real game. It worked in the first place, and then nothing
  5. Hi guys, I boiught the in-game editor from Wotkshop, but it does not appear in my saves and when i try to go on the workshop from my game, I have error - code 1000. I restart evrything several times of course. What is the problem ? Thanks
  6. where can i find the DL link for Cerber V5 ? It's only V4 in OP ? Thanks guys.
  7. Hi @knap What's your most efficient tactic using a target man ? Thanks!
  8. Hey @knap In the Argus 352, where do you put your best striker ? Striker Left or Striker Right ?
  9. Hey @knap What's your best tactic using inside forwards this year ? Thanks !
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