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  1. Won the quadruple with Man Utd first season +93 GD,(114 scored, 21 against) 34 wins, 2 draws, 2 defeats, 104 points.
  2. The 442 seems to be very effective overall. I started a Man Utd career and didnt concede a goal until game 12 and even that came in a 6-1 win over Arsenal. Since then, 15 clean sheets in 31 games. If I was to nitpick, I'd say the strikers are the issue. It's very difficult to find strikers that can be overly effective as an F9, I did a search in fact specifically for F9's and the highest valued player on the search was 55k (so basically, a list of about 10 nobodies showed up!) Are there any recommendations for people who fit in the F9 role effectively? Rashford and Lukaku very hit and miss, brought in Aspas in the summer (Had never had him, thought I'd give him a go) flogged him in January without a single goal to his name, albeit he rarely started though). I'd been hoping for a change to the good tactics on here where one was created with 2 men up front so it;s a shame I can't get the best out of the strikers (and yes, I've tried creating my own with no joy).
  3. Part of me laughs at people who consider this whole thing to be a problem in their life (enough to go online and post about it at least) and part of me envy's those who consider this a problem in their life (enough to go online and post about it at least....)
  4. Nope it's not there, the game its self is there but the editor isn't and I know I have it on the other PC...
  5. Hello, can anyone help me with this please? I shouldn't have to buy it twice just because its a different computer, or should I ?
  6. Can it be confirmed that there are definitely no specific attributes required that makes one person better than another for this role?
  7. Guys, I've had Dybala on a few career games since the game release and I just cannot get him firing like everyone else seems to. The formations I tend to use involve just one man up front, the rest of the formation can vary - does he need a strike partner to get the best out of him? I've tried a variation of different player types playing behind him (Shadow striker, advanced playmaker etc) but to no avail...He seems to score in short bursts, so he won't score for a while, then he will hit a hatrick, then he will dry up again, so there is no consistency at all. Can anyone advise please?
  8. Hi guys, I'm sorry for asking what may be a silly question, but I wonder if anyone can help. When I start the game, on the main screen on the top left, it says I am on 17.3.2 version, however when I go to start a career, or go to editor, the only version there is 17.3.0. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks
  9. Hello, I downloaded this previously and have reinstalled the game on another computer, however it is now saying I need to buy it again? Please can someone advise. Thanks
  10. Why are you in the tactic download forum if that's your opinion? Anyway - I'm looking forward to seeing what Mr H has for us this time around!
  11. Thanks guys - Max Kruse certainly looks like my man but he's just signed for Dortmund ! How do I retrain for a specific role? The option in training is greyed out for me...
  12. Well I'm using the tactic Mr Langvatn 5-3-2 Spin the Wheel FM16 V2 tactic from the download section and in my first season it brought me the European Cup and FA cup, but I only finished 3rd in the league miles behind Arsenal and Chelsea and only 3 points ahead of 4th and 5 ahead of 5th, so it was pretty close towards the end. Anyway the point is that this formation has a F9, but whoever I play in the role is useless. I have tried different variations, for example playing a AM behind the main striker as a way of accommodating Mata but that didn't work either. The formation works really well in that I had the best defence in the league by a long shot and created a shed load of chances every game, conversion is the issue. You're right about Rooney, he's useless, 10 prem league goals, 4 assists, 1 POM and a 6.91 average rating, I tried playing him in a few positions and he just doesn't do it. Good shout, but he's on loan at Inter for a second season and the chances of them selling to me at a half reasonable price would be slim
  13. Hi guys, I had a look over the forum rules so I think I'm able to post this in here.. Who is the best player to play in the F9 role in a top team? I have looked high and wide and tried various players but nobody seems to fit the bill. Are there any top strikers out there where this role is their favored position? I am Man Utd and I would have thought Rooney would have been ok there but he performs terribly, as do any of the other forwards. Another question - which relates to the same thing, but can a scout be instructed to specifically find someone who's favored position is, for example, the F9? Thanks
  14. I have to say that this seems to be the best of the tactics that have been uploaded for FM16. Only issue's I am having so far are excessive fouls and bookings (which seems to be more of an issue with the game than the tactic) and despite creating significant numbers of chances in every game, the goal vs chances created is quite low (36 goals in 26 games with Man Utd). This can result in too many draws. I've tried to tweak it in the last 3 games due to injury and finding a place for Mata in the team, so I've made the striker position an Advanced forward and the position behind the striker to an Attacking midfield (focus on attack) role which is to accomodate Mata. This has resulted in 8 goal from those 3 games but obviously need to see how it works long term and not just over 3 games! KUTGW tho it's a good tactic
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