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  1. Scandinavians.. Look at Sebastian Hausner, Benjamin Hvidt, Mikkel Møller Lassen and Casper Højer from AGF. Jeppe Pedersen, Mathias Ross and Lucas Andersen from AAB. Tochi Chukwuani from FCN. Among others
  2. I am totally aware of that. It has also surprised me, that it worked last season.
  3. This is my setup. I build it myself, and it worked pretty well last season. We were predicted 4th and finished 4th. Last season, we scored plenty of goals and actually didn't concede many, so I would say it was a good season overall. Now, I am 7 games into the new season. We have scored 3 goals and conceded 3 goals. It's still solid at the back, but we don't score. As I see it, we actually create a lot of chances. Also, decent quality chances from inside the box. 9 of the 11 players in the starting 11 are the same as last year. I sold both my backs though. Any idea, what could have h
  4. You're making me nostalgic. I had a fantastic Dafuge save with Hereford on FM16 or 17 I think, and this thread makes me want to relive the magic of the best save I ever had. I have downloaded the England to level 11 DB (which I assume is the one you use) and looked at teams in the 7th or 8th tier. Still haven't pulled the trigger though...
  5. I just finished reading this (thank you, paternity leave). Excellent stuff. Bit late to the youth intake party, but could it be that the game simply populates weirdly? Portsmouth has 1.6 million people. 800k are men (made up numbers), 40k are between 15-19, 20k play football. Portsmouth are looking for players above X CA/PA and has a pool of 20k local lads. They will take the 14 who has a PA/CA of X+ and fill up with guys from the outside. Irchester has 5k people. 2.5k are men, 125 are between 15-19, 60 play football. Irchester are looking for players above Y CA/PA
  6. How would you apply a split block to a team with a False Nine? My setup is False Nine, IF, IW, CM, AP. My thinking is, that setting the F9 to close down more, could result in him ending up too far up the pitch instead of going deep. So far, I have used the IF, IW and AP.
  7. A split block is where you leave the team pressing to default, but ask your forward players to close down more. If you are a good team, you can probably use your 5 most attacking players (CMs, Wingers and ST)
  8. It should work fine then. Maybe I am thick, but tagging birth cities would just give you extra work, that is kind of already done for you, right? Or, do you need additional info, that the "search for Basque nationality" filter doesn't give you?
  9. Basque Country has a flag, so they show up as having a second nationality. If I read your question correctly, the game already does something similar for you.
  10. Yeah, but apparently the team is not good enough to play any style. If I should follow every single piece of advice in this thread. I spent 4½ seasons, and I could get things to work so-so, but it never came to a point where I felt something just worked and clicked, and I could actually enjoy the save. I ended up going into every game only looking for tactics, and not actually enjoying the matches because I needed to focus so much on how it played out. When you play more than 100 matches like that it gets tedious. Another problem I faced is that the Danish league is unbalanced. I tr
  11. How are Parma's finances looking after season 1? All those incoming transfers look to take their toll
  12. Which leagues would you load with Cyprus? I was thinking Spain, Portugal, Greece and perhaps Serbia at least
  13. I have only briefly looked at the squad and league. Might start proper later, and give everything a good look
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