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  1. A couple of days ago, I realized that I had not read this forum for a while. What do I find? A 10 page Jimbo thread. I have read it all, and as per usual it's great fun. And (almost) in my backyard - please move to Denmark
  2. I used this for a season with great success. We finished 4th. This season though, teams seem to be more defensive against me. How do I tweak it to be more attacking? Could I switch DLF to attack, and usr positive mentality?
  3. Yeah, we scored a fair amount. Most goals was from IF, IW and MEZ
  4. Obviously, I don't know your players stats and so on, but I can show you a formation, that I have had success with. It's quite similar to yours. PI's: MEZ: Close down more IF: Close down more, sit narrower IW: Close down more DLF: Close down more, roam from position OI's: Always press full backs and wingbacks Always tight mark AMC Obviosly, your main goalscorer will be the AML with the ST dropping deeper, and acting as a distributor, so he needs to have good playmaking-like skills.
  5. I meant to add...if he wanted to keep the DLP/CM combo. Other roles, the CAR for one, could work as well.
  6. CM S is quite attacking. You want your two CM's to be holding. DLP S and CM D would be better
  7. I am not great with tactics, but I will try anyway. Counter and possession are, in my mind, not logical mixes. Your ST, AMC and AML alle kind of compete for the same space. Change the role of the forward to a PF A or DLF A, maybe CF A. Drop AMC to support. You have your attacking back on the right side, but your backtracking mid on the left. Switch positions of the MC's. Drop LOE to standard.
  8. Is it called take more risks? I can't remember. Cool. Thanks a lot. Will take a look at it
  9. If I were to invert? the formation, and move the AMC to the DMC position, what would then be a good setup? I guess that would solve somethings, as I could have a powerhouse in the DMC and some more creative players in the MC strata.
  10. I have removed both instructions, and told these two to be more expressive. Yeah, I identified that as well. I had a defensive minded CM, but he was sold after the Spanish transfer window closed, so I had to get by. I have brought in a more defensive minded midfielder to play the CM D. I have also bought two players for my B team, who are more defensive minded, and would be decent enough to step in if needed.
  11. If I switch duties, so it becomes DLP S and CM D. Is that better? And right back to FB A? I use WBIB to counter the effect of be more expressive, as I think you have mentioned in the past. But could I remove both instructions, and tell Marcu and Oscar to express themselves via PI?
  12. Yeah, I am. The lower LOE was an oversight from an experiment. I do not play with this. I have also removed counter.
  13. He plays every game. I just switch between AMC and AMR. I have sold Gelabert, as he was not performing well, and I got a really good offer. So I will look into buying a fast player for the AML position. I know Germerson is not an ideal choice for that role, but I know that he needs to start. I might look into retraining his position or something like that. Thanks for the advice so far.
  14. I did try with a combo of DLF S and AM A, but it was even worse penetration wise. I have played the front 4 mostly like this IF - Gelabert/Oscar AM - Oscar/Mendez/Marcu IW - Marcu/Mendez DLF - Moreno I had not considered the CM S issue, so I will look for one in the transfer window. Counter attacks against us actually haven't been that bad, but it could definitely be something to watch out for.
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