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  1. Fun fact: in Danish "Druk" means binge drinking
  2. Mr_Demus

    [FM19] French Lingerie.

    Perhaps they are called 37, because that is their all-time attendance record
  3. Why is there a guy making 56k a week? Are Bhutan finances screwed as well?
  4. He spends an average of 4,3 years pr. country, so if he keeps up the pace, he should be done by 2827.
  5. Wasn't there a bug in FM17 or 18, where TV Money in Gibraltar went ballistic because it became a part of the PL deal or considered British or something like that? The amount of players with English as second nationality could suggest this could be the case
  6. Can you post a screenshot of the most expensive transfers ever? Or is it not possible to see such a list
  7. Playing as GKS Katowice in Liga I (second tier) of Poland. I was about 300k in the red at the end of the season. I look at my finances, and now I am £1 million in the black. My main income is listed as grants, but I recieved no message. Where do they come from?
  8. I do not want to, or need to, elaborate. Goal keepers, on several occasions, pick up passes passed back to them from their own defenders.
  9. This is wonderfully weird... You should perhaps take a look at a former St. Pauli player, Davidson Eden. Christened Davidson Dropo-Ampem, he changed his name to eden because of his christian faith. You could sign him for the B team with hopes of making him a staff member.
  10. Mr_Demus

    Defenders always heading ball

    On my saves so far I have noticed a tendency. In a lot of situations where a long ball or a cross is launched towards my defenders they choose to head the ball, even when it would have been way better to just let it pass. For instance, a cross is delivered towards the far post, my defender decides to head it from the touch line right into the feet of a forward, instead of just letting it go out for a goal kick. Several goals have been conceded due to these very stupid decisions. It has happened on several saves and with a vast array of different defenders.
  11. When you reach M, people have most likely settled on Mars, so you would need a league for that. The Elon Musk SpaceX Super League!
  12. Will you retire at some point, and hand over the reigns of the save to Makoto Nakamura Jr. or Makoto Nakamura III? Or will he manage until he is older than time itself?
  13. Mr_Demus

    [Spain] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Not sure if it belongs here, but it seems appropriate. I am playing as Castellon in Segunda B. We won our group and are playing the promotion playoffs. After winning the first of two legs, I could choose the team talk "congratulations on promotion"
  14. So, remove the high engagement, high defense? Change AP-A to CM-A? Change CM-D to DLP-D? Along those lines?