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  1. Mr_Demus

    Premier League FFP

    Probably isn't since it changed during the international break
  2. Mr_Demus

    Premier League FFP

    I haven't renewed any contracts recently, and I haven't given out any bonuses. What's weird is that it goes up and down on a day to day basis seemingly
  3. I am having troubl understanding the FFP rules for the EPL. I get the thing about profits, but the wage one is hard to wrap my head around. When I look at my FFP overview, my wage total for the year keeps going up and down. If I look at it one day, I am projected to go 70k over. I wait 14 days, and then I am projected to stay well clear of a fine. Is it a bug or is it a mechanism that I simply don't understand?
  4. Mr_Demus

    Southampton, Top of the League !

  5. Mr_Demus

    Southampton, Top of the League !

    Kind of got something working. Finished 7th in the first season and reached the FA Cup final, which ended in a 2-1 defeat to Man City. Playing a 532/352 based on Cleon's brilliant thread about this setup at Sheff Utd. Bought Andreu Fontas and Moussa Dembele for the first team. Sold a lot of dead weight and wingers. Dembele was the most inconsistent striker I have ever seen. Huge dips and peaks in form. I have just started the second season. I have bought Jamaal Lascelles, Lewis Dunk, Thomas Delaney, Max Arnold and Andrea Petagna for the first team. Lineup for season 2: Forster - Cedric, Lascelles, Dunk, Fontas, Bertrand - Delaney, Højbjerg, Arnold - Petagna/Dembele, Austin. So far I have played 4 friendlies, where especially my defense stepped up big time compared to last season and 3 EL games. Beat Ventspils from Latvia 2-0 and 5-0. Then went on to face swedish BK Häcken and won the first match 1-0.
  6. Regarding training. I have read this somewhere, but I can't find it again. Is it something like, for players under 20 training is more important than matches, but when they turn 21 matches are far more important?
  7. Hey guys. I have already tried and failed once with my beloved Southampton team. I am ready to start over with a different tactical apporach. My idea is, that the team has some good players but overall they don't really excel at anything. The team comparison screen isn't very encouraging at least. So I thought, that I would try to create an approach where the players' qualities shone instead of forcing a lot of team ideals on them (aka: I won't use a lot of TI's). I have come up with three different aproaches: the one not showing is nicked directly from Cleon, so I won't demand feedback on that. The others are as follows. (Disregard the players chosen in the screenshots) This is the tactic I imagine I would use as a counter tactic. I have my GK PI's set to distribute quickly to flanks. My worries are if I will have a clear cut goalscorer. This one is my control tactic. I said I wouldn't use many TI's, but I feel like I would like a possession tactic, so I tried creating one. Just from looking at them, are there any obvious flaws? I know that I could try them out and I will, but if I can eliminate as many flaws as possible before starting games it would be great. I feel like I suck at tactics after reading this forum, as it seems you have to be able to look at every small detail to just create a working foundation. I really hope the tactical geniuses on here can send me off in the right direction.
  8. Mr_Demus

    Southampton, Top of the League !

    Can someone recommend some tactics that will work for Southampton? Please, no downloadable tactics from the exploit strata, but rather something tried and tested with Soton. I guess playing with wingers is a good idea, but in my mind wingers are related to 1 striker formations, and Soton have too many strikers on their books to not play two up front.
  9. Mr_Demus

    What aftershave do you use?

    I use an aftershave called Semprini! On a serious note. I don't shave
  10. Mr_Demus

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Can anyone recommend a couple of good central defenders for a lower mid table team? I have roughly £5 million to spend all in all, but would naturally prefer loans or cheaper options
  11. Mr_Demus

    How often do you wash your jeans?

    -When they are visibly dirty OR -I have done something leading me to sweat heavily in the crotchular area OR -Roughly after 10 uses Newly washed jeans are the worst
  12. Mr_Demus

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    I'll play the WC for a bit, then quit FIFA for time being. Packs and gameplay are kinda ridiculous right now. Bought a 125k pack - I know it was stupid, but did it for fun as I knew FIFA was going to be shelfed soon - my best player from the 30 all player ALL rare pack? De Rossi 84 regular. No specials, no good players at all. Stupid.
  13. I am really thick when it comes to tactics, so sorry if I sound stupid. I have read this article and several others, but I am not sure if I understand everything correctly. The roles you use, are they set in stone, or would it be better to change them according to my players skill sets? For instance, if my WB's aren't really suited for CWB can I change them? To me it seems that it's very important that they play like they do, but would changing them to WB S take away too much of their firepower?
  14. Mr_Demus

    Tabletop Gaming - oh dear I'm board

    Really depends on where you are at already and what themes you like. Good gateway games would be stuff like Ticket to Ride, Patchwork (looks boring, but is surprisingly good), Carcassonne, Takenoko or Splendor if you are two. If you are four players all the previous games except Patchwork will work. Also look for Dixit or Small World.
  15. Mr_Demus

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    What is the reasoning behind selling everyone? You won't carry over your funds to next years game AFAIK