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  1. My first year as a Bolton manager has passed. Took over 1/1 2019 with Bolton placed 23rd in the Championship, but also taken over by a Korean tycoon. I didn't really see any money though, and we were relegtated to League 1. And then came the money. We are now 1st in League 1. 10 points ahead of second placed Portsmouth and 18 points ahead of 3rd place Nottingham Forest. I have tried to sign only players who will be good enough for the Championship and loan signings.
  2. Mr_Demus

    Players are angry with loan suggestion

    I do not have a save before interacting with the players. The players in question are Jake Turner and James Aspinall
  3. Playing as Bolton. My 5th and 6th option at keeper are somewhat talented, so I thought I'd send them out on loan to gain experience. Both of them become unhappy when I talk to them about gaining invaluable experience. Surely young guys like this, with no shot at the first team should be willing to go on loan?
  4. I think I may start with Bolton. While simulating another save to see if any tycoons popped up, Bolton was bought by a Korean tycoon. On January 1st 2019 Bolton are placed 23rd, so it will be a challenge, but an immensely fun one with all the money to spend.
  5. I can see that there are a couple of teams with "willing to listen to offers" in the EFL. Blackpool, Charlton, Grimsby are among them. Can not remember the other two right now.
  6. Mr_Demus

    FM 19 Tycoon takeover thread

    When you do it like that guide shows, then won't all future takeovers in that country be tycoons? Or at least the likelyhood will be greatly increased. That could warp the balance of power I guess. Or maybe I am stupid.
  7. As always, I too will venture into the EFL at some point. Already narrowing down club choices. Are there any clubs that are likely to be taken over within the first 6 months or so? I fancy managing a club with a chance of a tycoon this year.
  8. Mr_Demus

    FM19- Bundesliga Thread

    Will my II team coach buy players for the II team?
  9. Mr_Demus

    dafuge's FM19 challenge

    Last year never got me going on this challenge, but I think I will join in again this year. I have, however, a rule for myself that says, that I will only make a starting post if I complete one season. That way I wont commit to something I can't get into. Will need to study eligible teams, to find out what I want. EDIT: I load up Belarus league, as they start in march 2019, so I will only have to simulate 3 months. Makes it a lot faster.
  10. I haven't checked it myself, but that seems to be the talk of the town over in GD
  11. It seems that 3. Bundesliga has been added to the final release, if you want to go one lower
  12. Mr_Demus

    [Danish] Issues in Danish Translations

    Yes, but when you conjugate the verb into present tense it becomes "fører" - just like "løbe" becomes "løber". In this context you have to conjugate the verb into present tense otherwise the sentence doesn't make sense gramtically speaking.
  13. Mr_Demus

    [Danish] Issues in Danish Translations

    Actually, it should be "fører" if the above sentence is "løber"
  14. Mr_Demus

    [Denmark] Data Issues

    Problem is, if I remember correctly, as it is now the II team is the one that plays in reserve leagues, but all reserve players appear in the reserve team, and they won't get the same match practice.