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  1. I have been using this setup, with a couple of alterations. My striker scored 7 goals in 4 games, when the CM A was out of his way. The MEZ/CM//DLP combo isn't perfect though, so that might need a few changes. First, I'll try changing MEZ to BBM. Thank you for the advice. It has really worked well.
  2. I have tried: IF A/PF A, IF A/DLF A, IF S/PF A, IW S/PF A, IW A/DLF S. The only one that has lead to goals from the striker is IF A/PF A. But that was without the CM A. So some of the less successful combinations, might work if I alter the CM A
  3. Regarding the part about IF A/PF A - Last year my IF A and PF scored a lot of goals with a CM S. As soon as I changed to CM A, they stopped scoring. But a CM S gives me no penetration from the CM strata at all. It looks decent. Might give it a go. If you move the DLP to regular CM, what would you play in the DM position?
  4. Tactics that I have been using this season: GK: Defence: Midfield (DM/MC): Strikers/Wingers: So these are my players. If anyone wants to have a look, it would be very welcome. Lunetta has played left back, because John Kitolano has been out for nearly a year. Also, my board sold my starting right back 12 hours before the transfer deadline, and I couldn't get a replacement in in time, so Gregersen has played full back. Lauritsen scored 22 goals in 27 league games last ye
  5. First season. Tactics was the one in the OP. Predicted 5th. Finished 7th. Second season: Tactics is the one suggested by ED, as posted by me later in the thread. Predicted 5th. Currently in 11th place after 10 games, and I still have all the top teams to play in the first round of games. I am not seeing much tbh. My strikers efficiency has falled of a cliff, and his conversion rate is terrible. We create chances, but not of a great quality compared to last season, as there are less highlight worthy chances for my team. Players, who have not been instructed to play short
  6. I don't get this game. I can't get anything nearly successful going. Above average squad. Simple tactics. Crap results. My tactics makes sense. I am pretty sure it fits my players. My striker has gone from 22 league goals last year to 1 goal in 10 games. We create very little of quality. I don't understand.
  7. Cheers. Will try that. A very sincere thank you for taking the time to help all of us lost people on here.
  8. To make build up more patient, but not a possession based setup. Would it be better to just move passing to standard/mixed (whatever default is called)? I had shorter passing in the stup in the OP as well, but I forgot to add it in the screenshot after tinkering.
  9. That looks really good, and not far off my current setup. I will try that out. Let's entertain the thought of a more adventurous setup. How would that look?
  10. This might play a part. Never thought of that. Yeah, I thought of that. But pretty much all of their CM's are similar in mold. Playmakers who, at best, are decent at defending. I thought, I'll bring someone in mid season, but then I had success and didn't want to change a lot. My striker scored a ton of goals, so I am reluctant to change his role, as I worry he will be less of a threat. But I will experiment with a IF/DLF and a IW/PF combo to see what works. WB S could be better I guess, but then I would be better off changing either the DM of MCR t
  11. I play as Odd in the Norwegian top league. My first 20 games my record was 11-8-1 38-17 (1.9-0.85 pr. match) Last 10 games: 3-0-7 14-22 (1.4-2.2 pr. match) We dropped from 1st to 7th in that span. So frustrating. Obviously, my goals scored dropped a bit, but goals conceded went through the roof. Two of my defenders are pretty old. Could their physical decline lead to the downfall of my style of play? Or were the first 20 games simply a fluke? It clearly has it flaws, as I apparently suck at tactics and likely the game in general. I tried going basic o
  12. This is what I am at now after suggestions from the thread. I have removed all PI's.
  13. I switched the roles, so it's now WB Auto on the right and FB S on the left. I didn't think of it as particularly demanding, but used it to not just hurl the ball upfield at every moment. A split block. But that is maybe not suited for direct styles? As I said, I am in very unknown territory here and kean to learn something about direct plays. I always found myself creating possesion tactics, and I wanted to expand my horizon.
  14. I will look for something else than a playmaker. I have switched full back roles. WB Auto on the right and FB S on the left. POOD was to counter hoofball, but make things a bit more patient.
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