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  1. Cheers mate. Good luck in the collegiate system. I only really know it from following the NFL, and even there it seems confusing.
  2. I only had one Serie B capable striker, so I was on the lookout for a rotation/backup player. I couldn't help myself...
  3. I simulated. I loaded the Irish league, which starts in February, and then simmed until June I think
  4. For the first time at Palermo, my team is struggling. Started of Serie B with 3 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses (10 points) and 8-0 in goals. We met pretty decent opposition. Suddenly, the dreaded, inexplicable collapse happened. 1 draw and 2 losses. 2 goals scored, 5 conceded against worse opposition than the first 4 games.
  5. I can't check now, but I think they might have gone up via the playoffs. I am not sure though
  6. Not sure. Maybe regional? No, I don't think I have. Thanks, I am looking forward to Serie B. We are predicted 14th/20.
  7. I took the screenshots, but forgot to post the updates. I am done with my first season at Palermo. Things were tight all the way through, and we would have won Girone A and B comfortably. In the end, we won and promoted to Serie B. Our topscorer was loanee from Milan, Luan Capanni, who I have brought back for Serie B Gorka Elustondo continued to perform, but also continued to decline statswise, so he was not offered a new contract I made two late signings in the season, and they proved to be difference makers. First up, is playmaker Teddy Bouriaud who was signed on a free transfer. I also managed to bring in Fran Feuillassier from Real Madrid for 150k. He started of weakly, but soon found his form.
  8. Halfway through the season. Sitting in third place. Official goal is playoff, but I would ideally like to get promoted. Best players are still Folorunsho, Elustondo and Morganella, but this guy has been on the rise lately.
  9. Had a crash last night, but only lost one game, so that ain't bad. After 14 games, the league looks like this. My top performers have been. Bought for roughly 50k from Livorno. He has previously been with Palermo in Serie A, and has more than 100 games for the club. Brought in on a free transfer. He has been a steady performer in the HB role, but we need to find a replacement for him. Perhaps as early as next season. Cost me roughly 100k from Napoli, but has been performing nicely in the MEZ role.
  10. After roughly 15 games, I am currently in the lead in Serie C with my Palermo side
  11. Sacked at Chievo. Holidayed first season, and now managing Palermo in Serie C
  12. Not a bug. It's TV money, which is distrubuted after 11, 22 and 32 games I think.
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