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  1. Text on side panel gone

    Hello. I recently upgraded my laptop, and it's great, but one thing annoys me. On my old laptop, the panel on the left would have icons as well as text. On my new one, I only have the icons, which I find very annoying. Is there a setting that I could alter to make the text reappear?
  2. After the 18.3 update I am thinking of going for a Championship team. I can't settle on a team though. Front runners are Fulham, QPR and Derby with Norwich, Wolves and Ipswich in the mix as well...
  3. information bar missing

    On 1366x768 (or thereabouts), full screen and 100% zoom the bar is gone. On 95% the bar is there. But the text is painfully small. This has never been an issue before the 18.3 patch.
  4. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    All fair that they can't be fixed now. The Bundu thing though, you told me on thursday was already fixed. After reading up on the Pusic transfer, I actually tend to think it's a permanent, short team deal
  5. I am having this issue as well. Wasn't a problem on earlier versions. Resolution is 1366x768
  6. information bar missing

    I am having the same issue
  7. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Martin Pusic is on loan at AGF. In game his transfer is permanent - https://www.bold.dk/fodbold/nyheder/avis-agf-lejer-martin-pusic-i-fck/ Also, Mustapha Bundu still has no work permit GK Kasper T. Kristensen is missing from the squad. He has appeared on thefirst team bench this spring. At Silkeborg IF Alex is injured for 10-11 months, but he has appeared on the bench this spring. Andrew Kakooza and Kevin Nauta has left Holbæk - https://hbi.dk/nyheder/2018/optimistisk-manager-vi-har-en-fin-trup-til-foraarets-kampe/ Emil Bjørn has left Greve to join Holbæk Sebastian Ellefsen has left Taastrup to Join Holbæk
  8. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Just wanted to make sure, that you hadn't missed him. On another note, will the Mustapha Bundu WP issue be fixed or is it out of your hands?
  9. [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    By no means a follower of FCN, but I have read somewhere, that Jonathan Amon is quite the talent, and that they had to hide him in Ghana until they could sign him to a pro contract. In game he doesn't seem that good.
  10. Feedback on tactics

    Cheers. I will try out your changes, and se how it goes. I have the guys for 2x CF, but the BWM and A is a problem in my current squad
  11. After a spell in Serie A, I got the job at Dutch top team PSV. So far we've done okay. We are quite good in defense. Obviously I alter it a bit depending on opponent, but this is the base. What I want from the forum: how do I get my team to score more goals without compromising our strong defense?
  12. I can not remember, but if that is the case it might be a case of me not reading properly :/
  13. Hello all. I am in my second season with Chievo. It is not the best team, but I still feel that I underperform, so I turn to you for help. I want to play possesion football, with a focus on keping the opponent of the ball. Entertainment would be nice, but I'll take a 1-0 over a 5-3 win everyday. My setup is like this. Altering between control and standard mentality. My DM alters between S and D (mainly playing S) My WB's alters between S and D Are there any obvious flaws or anything you could recommend to make my tactics better?
  14. Not exactly. I have loaned him out, but he still has the icon next to him. I hope that will suffice. I have uploaded as "Chievo nonEU transfer"
  15. Playing as Chievo. I recieved an e-mail before the start of the 18/19 season stating, that I could sign two non-EU players from abroad. I bought one from Paraguay and some EU players. When I try to sign a serbian striker it says, that I have already used both of my non-EU transfer slots. And when he arrived, I couldn't register him because it kept saying so.