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  1. I have reached the Qatar World Cup break with Parma. 1st season we struggled mightily, but a late season form surge lifted us into 13th place. We had one the worst defenses, and I had serious problems with getting my 532 to work. 2nd season we started great, fell off, ended well and jumped into 11th place. We conceded 20 less goals, so our defense was greatly improved. We tinkered and changed tactics a lot. 3rd season started off poorly, so I tossed everything up in the air, and drastically changed our 532 setup. It has improved our goalscoring, so we go into christmas in
  2. I would worry, that you would get caught out of position a lot. The BWM will close down, the Regista, the CWB and BBM will go forward. So if you get hit on the counter, you might only have 3 players in defensive positions
  3. I have thought about that, but why isn't a problem when we play at home? I have removed press more from the two CM's and that seems, so far, to work.
  4. They have used different formations. I have just faced Milan at home who uses a 4231 and drew 0-0. It seems to have something to do with playing away. I have used the latest tactic for 9 games. Home Played 6 - won 5 - draw 1 - lost 0 5-0 Away Played 5 won 0 - draw 0 - lost 5 5-11 7 of the 11 conceded has been long shots. From about 20-25 metres where my DM should be.
  5. That might work. I just did a little counting. From the last 16 goals I have conceded, 8 have been long shots. 4 of them have come from players with long shot abilty below 10. Funnily enough, thay have all happened away from home
  6. Thing is, that they come from players who don't score goals and who have terrible long shots. Against Verona, as an example, a player with 0 goals all season and 8 long shots ability put it into the top corner from 25 metres. I actually manage to keep the main long shot threats quiet, but players like the Verona guy I obviously wouldn't consider a threat.
  7. How do I avoid getting ounished by long shots? I could push up my d-line, but I would really like to avoid that. Players with 8 or 9 long shots are drilling them into the top corner, because we allow them the space. Could I ask my DM to hold position?
  8. Great, might give it a look, if my latest alterations doesn't do it
  9. The high press and the libero, I think, was what made me not look too closely. I have never played a libero, and playing high press as a poor team is not a good idea, I think
  10. I have read that thread, but as I remember it was based around a playing style, that wasn't really for my players. But a) I didn't read all of it thoroughly b) it was a while ago, so I might have missed something
  11. Cool. Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to give an in depth answer. I will try it out. Most likely, I will end up using the DMC one the most
  12. So, like this? No other TI's? I changed the AF to a PF A and put the TM on A, but obviously he can switch to S. I was able to ask the two CM's to press more. How about the AMC one?
  13. Sure. I can see how it gets confusing. To recap. This was my starting point. It did below average in terms of results, and we scored very few goals and created very few chances. It was decent in defense though. (Disregard who plays where) Then, taking the advice from Sneaky Pete in this thread, we tried this formation. It had a couple of decent results, but then the same problems started occuring. Few chances, and few goals (none actually). Also, there was a huge gap between the lines that was too easy to exploit. The DM's were dragged out of position because
  14. I consider myself a reasonably smart man, but I guess I am too stupid to play FM...
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