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  1. Dulwich Hamlet 2025/2026 - Vanarama National League Once again many points and many goals, but also a fairly jeaky defense and a keeper who didn't play to his standards. But we still managed to gain a second straight promotion. I am excited for League 2, but I fear that the financial and reputational gap might hinder us. I think we have might have rised too fast, and ideally, I would have liked to stay in the National League for another season. We will take it as an experience. Once again, we crashed out the FA Cup by losing to inferior opposition in Banbury in the first round proper. The FA trophy, however, was a success as we managed to go on and win it. Our key players this season were new man from Crystal Palace Roshaun Mathurin who bursted onto the scene from his inside forward on the left. Loanee Ethan Brierly from Brentford became our assist king from his DLP role. Unfortunately, he wouldn't join us at the end of his contract. Former Man U player Sam Murray was a constant threat from left back. Last years star Victor Akinwale, still scored goals, but struggled a bit more. He didn't really develop and wanted to be a star player, and I simply didn't feel he was worth it, so we let him go. Our stadium, Champion Hill, didn't fulfill the requirements to play in League 2, so for the next two years we will groundshare with Leyton Orient at Brisbane Road, while our new stadium is being built. Previous season goals: Mid table in Vanarama National Exceeded Sign key players to new contracts Accomplished Progress to the FA Cup proper Accomplished but still disappointing Goals for next season: Survive in League 2 Have a run in one of the cups Nurture finances
  2. Dulwich Hamlet 2024/2025 - National League South Our first season was a huge succes leaguewise. Finished top with many goals and many points. We were strong throughout the season, and never really looked like a team that wouldn't contend for promotion. Our professional status, our reputation and placement in London has helped us a lot. Vanarama National League South We used some of the players who were there when I took over, but I brought in a lot of quality players who helped shape the season. Former Brentford player Kyrece Lisbie, the son of former Charlton striker Kevin Lisbie, was an absolute beast from his role as a winger on the right. He is already drawing the attention of League One and Two sides, but I hope that we can keep him. Another young man, this time from the Crystal Palace academy, Victor Akinwale, banged in goals for fun as you can see. Surprise package was a guy I brought in from Hull. He was never meant to start, but he kept playing well, so he kept his place in the starting XI. Rajdeep Palit. The cups weren't very exciting. In the FA cup we fell to mighty Sholing in the second qualifying round in a match we absolutely dominated, but couldn't score. In the FA trophy we managed to beat Hampton & Richmond and Hendon, before we lost to South Shields, who ended up promoting from VNN, on penalties in the fourth round. Goals for next season: Mid table in Vanarama National Sign key players to new contracts Progress to the FA Cup proper The board is looking into places to build a new stadium. Could be good, could be disastrous.
  3. Better post my official second attempt starting screenshot. I am halfway through the season and having a blast
  4. Merthyr was a failure Have restarted with Dulwich Hamlet. Post will come soon
  5. I will attempt this year after sitting out for some years. Don't know how far I'll get, but here goes.
  6. @Francis Mooney posted a gif of a bear waving, also known as a bear greeting. An anagram of "bear greeting" is Beta rig green. Green light has been given. It's now
  7. Also, you look like you want to keep the ball - WBIB and POOD, but you also have pass into space. That to me seems counterintuitive. I would remove pass into space. I would move the two CM's into DM's as BWM D on the right and RPM S on the left. Change one WB to WB A and the opposite winger to IF A.
  8. I don't know how good he is on 23, but Edvin Tellgren turned out pretty good on my Hammarby save on FM22
  9. My advice would be to have an ATT/SUP combo on the flanks - eg. FB S and IW A on one side and FB A and IF S on another. Or another combination. Also, one playmaker should be enough. Perhaps change the AP into BBM or CM A
  10. Hello. On FM22 I ended up with a very succesful 532 formation, that lead me to a Portuguese championship with Estoril Praia in the third season and winning the Conference League with Hammarby in 2029. I have tried it on FM23, but the added focus - or what you want to call it - on DM's seems to have made it not as effective. MEZ was mainly on support and WBL was mainly WB A How could you update this to suit FM23 better? Of course I changed things up sometimes. Mentality to positive, playing a flat three in midfield and more. I have thought something along the lines of: GK/Defense stay unchanged DMCR - BWM D DMCL - DLP S or RPM S Front three unchanged. Mentality to positive for starters. Would that be viable?
  11. I have deleted the original one, but as it happens in every save you start, it will be easy to reproduce. I'll find the answer to the other question later.
  12. Did not know that. Thanks for clarifying.
  13. As far as I can see it concerns Amstetten FAC Wien Horn Kapfenberg First Vienna
  14. Hi. It seems a bit weird to me, that Fredericia across three teams only have 20 (?) players. No youth team, no useless reserves on amateur contracts. Nothing. Every other team I have seen in Denmark has useless players filling up the numbers. Even teams in the lower tiers.
  15. Hi. I started a save in the Austrian second tier. Tried with several teams. Same issue. They have a senior squad and an under 18 team. When I go to squad registration, some players I don't have in either team is there to register. They are apparently playing in the clubs amateur team. Problem is, that I can't click said amateur team as it doesn't seem to exist and they don't appear in affiliates or anywhere. Surely, this can't be on purpose?
  16. If you load the German league (especially) but also Dutch and maybe Belgian, then there will be some decent players with a Turkish passport.
  17. 1) kudos for an excellent manager name. 2) Singapore must have the coolest club logos
  18. You probably know this, so apologies if I am being obvious. Height counts as a base for the jumping attribute, but does nothing on its own. A 5'8'' player with 10 jumping will jump as high as a 6'4'' player with 10 jumping.
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