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  1. Kris Boyd for Rangers in FM 08 I think it was got 110 goals one season. Promptly sold to Bayern for insane money as I recall. Only other 100 goal seasons you are talking Champ Man 00/01 and 01/02.
  2. When managing a national side I want to be able to rest players between games so I dont have to play two different starting elevens.
  3. Absolutely smashing it in the 2nd season of my Rangers save with this. Switching to Cautious mentality when underdog and have beaten Juventus 4-1, Benfica 5-1, PSG 4-2 and in a crazy game Dortmund 9-4! I love a 4-3-3 with three strikers.
  4. Yup. Once the tactic is fluid you are still smashing teams with Cerber v5. TFF might not have to bother this year
  5. Just looks like the usual standard of Man United defending to me
  6. Thanks for the ideas in this thread, has really helped me to accomplish the style I wanted for my Rangers save.
  7. The football my team is playing now that I have my tactic settled and a bit of cohesion is fantastic to watch, one touch pass and move all over the place. Once the creases are ironed out this should be the best version of FM ever.
  8. It has re-appeared in preferences for me since the last update. Still not available on the match UI though.
  9. I've noticed this since the full game launched. It was there on Beta. Is this a known issue or are we both suffering collective blindness? Love the game by the way.
  10. I average a goal and an assist every three games out of mine. I rotate Enis Bardhi and Vasco Sousa in that position. Both very creative players. Bardhi averaged 7.71 and Sousa 7.86 last season.
  11. Carles Alena from Barcelona is great in the CM role for me. Depends what level you are playing at I suppose. But in Cerber they will create and score goals from that position.
  12. If a team is sitting in try the attacking version. In my save I have to use it often as almost everyone plays defensively against me now.
  13. Cerber V4 for me. 4 seasons with Rangers and we are the biggest club in the world. Won the Champions League 2nd season and runners up in the 4th.
  14. So back to the tactic. More records fall to Cerber v4. The wins in a row reached 42, still unbeaten though.
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