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  1. I average a goal and an assist every three games out of mine. I rotate Enis Bardhi and Vasco Sousa in that position. Both very creative players. Bardhi averaged 7.71 and Sousa 7.86 last season.
  2. Carles Alena from Barcelona is great in the CM role for me. Depends what level you are playing at I suppose. But in Cerber they will create and score goals from that position.
  3. If a team is sitting in try the attacking version. In my save I have to use it often as almost everyone plays defensively against me now.
  4. Cerber V4 for me. 4 seasons with Rangers and we are the biggest club in the world. Won the Champions League 2nd season and runners up in the 4th.
  5. So back to the tactic. More records fall to Cerber v4. The wins in a row reached 42, still unbeaten though.
  6. Not yet! Last season one defeat in the league and one in Europe. But I have improved the squad again. Got Troy Parrott and Sergio Aguero. So maybe this season! 😅
  7. I've taken Scotland to Semi Finals using Cerber v4
  8. End of season three with Rangers and Scotland. No Champions League win this year, but a Quadruple and Record Wins, Points and Goals in a league season. Cerber V4 continues to work wonders.
  9. Just lost 2-1 to Brazil, we should have won. But 2 years unbeaten with Scotland is pretty good 😂
  10. As well as my success with Rangers, for anyone wondering about International level with Cerber v4.
  11. Because now you are a top team everyone will sit in and counter attack.
  12. I've had 18 clean sheets in a row using Cerber V4. I've found it much better defensively.
  13. Oddly I'm the opposite. Switched to Cerber V4 and have won 14 in a row, conceded none and scored 55.
  14. Both AMC I have are lefties and both CM are right footed and I'm smashing everyone. Don't think it matters to be honest.
  15. Well I switched from Cerber V3 to V4. I won 6-0 then 6-1. Hope this keeps up 😅
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