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  1. Might do. Only way to find out is to try it.
  2. Some screenshots while I am here.
  3. Here you go. Start most games with Positive, use Attack against weak opponents or when you need a goal and Waste Time to see out games. When away to big teams I suggest starting with a Cautious mentality depending on who you are playing as (not the waste time tactic just change mentality from Positive to Cautious), as Rangers this has got me away wins at Inter, Dortmund, PSG and Bayern to name just a few. The changes I have made to the original tactic is adding Complete Wing Backs with Overlap instead of Under, changing to a Standard Defensive Line which has cut down on conceding on
  4. I will do. At work just now and I'll be busy drinking tonight. But I will do at some point
  5. Had to settle for a Treble, knocked out PSG in the Semis and lost the final on penalties to Man United, absolutely destroyed them as well, 60% possession, 33 shots on goal, hitting the bar and post several times. I hate De Gea as well . Loving this level of achievement with Rangers playing possession football and scoring gloriously beautiful goals, last few years has been exploit tactics and set pieces so it is a nice change indeed.
  6. On course for another quadruple in season 5. Incredibly I'm into the Champions League Semis against PSG. Won the group then knocked out Dortmund and Inter so far. I'll report back later! But a great season regardless, Rangers up to 15th in the European rankings 😄
  7. Yup on 21.4. The only change I made is Complete Wing Backs on attack to get the best out of Tavernier and Barisic. I use Positive mentality against Celtic and in Europe against big clubs and switch to Very Attacking in most other games in the league and cups. To hold a lead I use Cautious, switch wing backs to support and Waste Time. Getting it fluid and your team cohesion to excellent makes a big difference. I have found you can make small tweaks without losing the possession and movement. It is an excellent base tactic. All credit to Panneton0.
  8. Done the quadruple in Season 4 with Rangers. Beating AC Milan in the Europa League final. Excellent work.
  9. I dont know what happened as I didn't change any instructions but my wing backs are now crossing and creating plenty of goals and chances. Maybe they read this forum The only difference I can think of is that team cohesion is now maxed out.
  10. Loving the game this year. Only thing is my wing backs getting to the byline in space and waiting until they get closed down
  11. Worth a try. I have changed the inverted wing backs to Complete Wing Back Attack and it hasn't affected the possession stats whilst adding a new dimension of width in attack. I play as Rangers so having Barisic and Tavernier it made sense to play to their strengths and they both hit ridiculous stats for goals and assists first season.
  12. I'm working on a control tactic for when the game is won. In my experience most are being conceded when the AI goes for it in the last 15 minutes. Something deeper that controls possession to see out the game. Shouldn't need too many tweaks.
  13. With only leaving two players back it is prone to counter attacks. Especially if the opposition have two up front. First ten games in the league I didn't concede a goal and hardly a shot on goal. Then Dundee United played 4-4-2 and I won 6-3, all three were long ball, flick on and then clean through. Dropping the defensive line stops the tactic working properly. I'll have a think about it. May well be if you are winning then who cares I suppose? I suspect changing the full backs or BWM to defend would effect the shape too much so I'm not sure.
  14. This tactic deserves way more attention. Started a new Rangers save after the update and it is a joy to watch. I can't wait to see it once my team cohesion has improved.
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