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  1. In my save I got a first team squad limit of 25 introduced, 17 are allowed to be foreign. Work Permits remain the same other than a minimum wage requirement which is 8 grand for first team players and 3 grand for reserves or something. Hasn't changed my game much as I mostly use Scottish players anyway.
  2. Yeah on starting the game I noticed the FM19 ad.
  3. Just had a small update of about 9.7 mb. What was it?
  4. 3 seasons in with Rangers using Argus when underdog, Pilgrimage when favourite and a SUS tactic when needed. Haven't lost a domestic match for two and a half seasons and got to the Champions League Semis in season 3. Using mostly Scottish players as well, excellent work Knap.
  5. My assists across the seasons have been roughly a quarter each from crosses, passes and through balls and the other quarter from set-plays and opposition mistakes. My team are doing all the things I want them to do, no complaints here.
  6. Yup, 26 is the most I have been allowed.
  7. I'm doing exactly that and have 19 wins and a draw in the first 20 games. So....
  8. I think you should be ok, in fact several older games of mine that weren't working on 8.1 have started working again on 10 thankfully.
  9. "like not being able to rest players between matches in International tournaments" I would like the option to rest players introduced to the International game, you are faced with having to change 7 or 8 players from one game to the next which is totally unrealistic.
  10. I had a season with Rangers where I drew the opening game 1-1 with Aberdeen, wasn't overly upset until I won the remaining 37 Long unbeaten runs have been achieved, but I've yet to win all of them. Well done!
  11. Depends on the player, some take a few months to become natural and others a couple of seasons. But I assure you I do it all the time and have at least 6 in my first team squad.
  12. Chalobah, I signed him for Rangers from Chelsea for free and then sold him back to them 2 seasons later for £48m. Not bad business
  13. I haven't in this version nope, seen two attempted, one fresh air swipe and another that hit the corner flag
  14. I had 47 assists from the left flank and 27 from the right in the season after the update, so i would say crosses are fine
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