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  1. blueglobefootball123

    The OTF gym/fitness club

    I really struggle to get enough protein in my diet compared to carbs - anyone have any recommendations for a high protein diet to follow? I count calories religiously but think I eat too many carbs (over 50% of my diet) and not enough protein (~25%). My understanding (which changes depending on what I read :-p) recommends 40%/40%/20%(fat)
  2. blueglobefootball123

    Cryptocurrency Thread

    Thanks for the quick response
  3. blueglobefootball123

    Cryptocurrency Thread

    What site do you use to buy these? Is it correct that these can only be brought with BitCoins?
  4. blueglobefootball123

    Flake News Thread

    Snowing pretty heavy in Wolverhampton
  5. blueglobefootball123

    Pet Thread

    My black lab who will be 7 next April has been limping terribly lately, especially after running (her favourite thing in the world is to chase a ball). We took her to the vet weeks ago and they said it was ligament damage so prescribed some pain relief medicine and lots of rest. The limping stopped for the most part, but I noticed after she was sleeping and woke up, she'd temporarily limp again. The next time I took her to the park with a ball the bad leg came back so I took her back to the vets for x rays. The result is that she is riddled with athritutus in her right hip and left knee (with early signs of it developing in her right knee too). She now needs a course of injections over 6 months, has been prescribed some special (very expensive!) food and I've been told I can't go jogging with her or let her run again I'm gutted tbh as she still acts like a puppy and I feel I'll have to restrict her having fun (running and jumping around). When she was younger she was over weight (for the last few years ive kept this in check) and I've always struggled to walk her regularly each day due to work etc so I do blame myself to some extent. Hopefully the injections will help her.
  6. blueglobefootball123

    The Betting Thread - Money won is twice as sweet as money earned

    Followed a combo of both really - it was a fun day out nonetheless :-p The weather was wet all day so I guess it made for some unexpected results. A Bold Move coming in third was a big shock as he was a heavy favourite (and really well backed by a couple of people I was there with :/) Thanks again for your tips 👍
  7. blueglobefootball123

    The Betting Thread - Money won is twice as sweet as money earned

    Thank you @DeafParrot and @WLKRAS for the tips 👍
  8. blueglobefootball123

    The Betting Thread - Money won is twice as sweet as money earned

    Hi all, I'm going to Worcester races this Sunday, if anyone has any tips they could share (or fancy taking a look at the card) it would be much appreciated
  9. blueglobefootball123

    Easter weekend plans?

    House warming party Monday then travelling to sunny Blackpool 👍
  10. blueglobefootball123

    Happy New Year OTF

    Doh! That'll be the whiskey!
  11. blueglobefootball123

    Happy New Year OTF

    Happy New Year to you all 👍 Just me and the dog tonight (plus whiskey and beer) as my girlfriend is working tonight, but looking forward to 2016 and moving into our new house on the 6th \o/
  12. I think a big problem with over eating is people don't understand what calories are in what food. This was certainly my problem and some friends who are overweight seem to have the same. Counting calories (or more so, understanding how many calories were in what food) was a huge step in my weight loss. Also, in regards to cooking healthy meals, preparation is the the key and I love to cook but if I get home from work and don't have ingredients to make a nice meal I inevitably turn to eating some junk food
  13. blueglobefootball123

    Anybody here getting Sky Q later this month?

    I think I'll give them a call next week and just ask to see what they say. Will report back 👍