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  1. You’ve managed to get hold of some Lettuce??!?
  2. Mark’s and Spencer’s do a non alcoholic Czech beer which is decent tasting (of the ones I’ve tried, this is my preferred on)
  3. Very late to this (and not sure how I’ve missed it until now) but recently binged The Fall with Gillian Anderson after being recommended by a friend. Really good and got us gripped (even though series 3 was very slow until the end). I’m sure it’s already been talked about in here, as had Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix which is also very good (not normally my type of program but was very good and the ending was amazing 🥲)
  4. I’ve got the top ones (and also don’t like using standard iPhone type earphones due to them falling out) and can recommend them. I use them when running and walking, and don’t have any issues at all. They look a bit baulky but they are lightweight and very comfortable
  5. My girlfriend is the same, she came home today from ICU shift, covered in heat rash from the head to toe PPE she needs to wear when entering the isolation areas to see the neighbours from the next two house sat in one front garden all day playing beer pong amongst other things.
  6. Tried sleeping nude but always wake up with betty swollocks
  7. Pair of shorts normally, if it’s cold then I’ll pop on a tshirt.
  8. That’s great, thanks for the heads up 👍
  9. I love this game after seeing it recommended on here 👍 4 RB’s on my second save with 86% achievement so far. Only downside if that is it distracting my work from home arrangement 😎
  10. Price looking good tonight, can see him reaching the final vs MVG (although I’m routing for a Wright Asp final)
  11. I used to drink similarly and the ‘turning’ point for me was my sisters (now ex husbands) stag do where I and my mate got far more pissed than anyone else - even the groom. The kicker for me was that I needed (and did) drive home from Bristol to the Midlands the next morning and I must have been far over the limit... That was a wake up call for myself and since then I’ve been conscious not to get in such a state - it sounds as though you’ve had you own ‘wake up moment’ @Bren24 so hopefully you can do what you need to do 😊
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