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  1. I'd say coming back from 3-0 shows decent determination.
  2. "found it" browsing a penis enlargement site.
  3. Literally the first person I've ever heard say 06 was poor. Probably the best tournament since 82.
  4. Final was decent. Overall quality through the whole tournament was really, really poor. Can't think of many moments where I was 'wow, that was outstanding'. Possible I didn't watch enough, but I found the tournament largely devoid of true individual skill or one truly great player.
  5. As a neutral party, at some point England need to identify how to break down decent teams and score from open play. Would be typically England now to have a repeat of the 1994 qualifying campaign.
  6. Doing a bit of a disservice there. That Australian side was bloody good and had Hiddink at his peak.
  7. Martin Tyler said the same thing on the coverage over here. I immediately felt a sense of dread.
  8. Also a 10/10 prediction this one. Between you and Scott the bookies must love it.
  9. Well looking stupid in the aftermath of a dumb prediction isn't new I guess...
  10. Best tell Harry Kane's teammate then.
  11. First World Cup I've had where I've not been able to take days off, and all the kickoffs now are midnight/4am. So, not enjoying it much.
  12. Only team I'd rate with a decent chance outside of those who have already won it is Belgium. Going for Spain.
  13. Odd wrong decision. There were some absolute ****ing howlers in the past. You can't excuse them or prefer them just because some ambiguous decisions happen that aren't so clear cut.
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