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  1. Wales Iceland would be amazing.
  2. Not even close. Italia 90 would like a word.
  3. Pardiola, your time has come.
  4. Kyle Walker Joe Hart :lol:
  5. At the point in which Ibrahimovic was playing for Juventus, Larsson was winning the Champions League for Barcelona. Even Henry acknowledged that. I think Larsson contributed more for Sweden than Zlatan did.
  6. Klinsmann is a terrible manager, so I would also endorse that. Can totally see Rooney and Vardy going for the buddhist statues at training camps.
  7. Here, let me help: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_international_goals_scored_by_Zlatan_Ibrahimovi%C4%87 Massive massive gap in competitive goals between 2006 WCQ and 2014 WCQ, and the standard of sides he scored against in that time was very poor. A three year goal drought in there as well.
  8. Is that a serious question? Henrik Larsson leaps straight off the page in my mind, and Sweden have had loads of players in top European leagues for most of Zlatan's career. Reality is, his competitive (World Cup + Euros) scoring record is nowhere near good enough for a player of his immense talent.
  9. Yellow cards don't come into it in any equation as a result of these games. Points/Goal difference/Goals Scored would decide each position.
  10. Don't see how, better goal difference than at least 3 other teams finishing 3rd.
  11. Ronaldo's reaction.
  12. This game is amazing. Could easily end up with 9 goals here.
  13. Harry might have just about rescued this if he can keep it going.
  14. Calm it down, given the number of exceptionally wrong posts you've made you should reign it in.