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  1. Thought this was magnificent: https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/zqc1ge/lionel_scalonis_full_reaction_after_montiels/ Can't begin to imagine the pressure that must be like.
  2. Anecdotal, but when I played we fell victim to this exact situation, but the injustice was worse. We scored, and then because the other team had an extra person in the field of play it got chalked off. We were livid.
  3. 3/10. Lot of fairly dull 0-0 games, few giant upsets but the reality is that nothing that happened on the pitch should overshadow the corruption and disgrace off it.
  4. Not sure what value any of your comment brings considering Henderson wasn't on the pitch when Sterling was, but you fight that fight.
  5. Replays here showed it pretty conclusively, with Henderson even visibly asking 'what was that for'. Seemed pretty obvious at the time.
  6. Think England have the edge in midfield on this one but France better in attack. Both sides have been very good at their best and very average at their worst, so hopefully both bring their best game and it could be a banger.
  7. Devils advocate a bit here but... he's not wrong. And this is what a lot of people in other countries see as an issue, whether you like it or not. British culture spent so long treating others like lesser people throughout history that it comes across as massively hypocritical that reparations for past misdeeds are not met, yet the willingness to lecture morality is given so freely without adequate acknowledgement. Now, it can be possible that you can be right now and wrong in the past, but to the peoples being lectured you've got to go a bit further for hundreds if years of mistreatment than to just brush it off as 'sorry, but look at our point now'. If you want to bring Islamic cultures into line with modern values you won't do it by shaming them.
  8. I mean we still look garbage on the pitch too, worst xga of any team in the tournament. We've just FM'd the group really.
  9. Is that a recent change? I don't see the point of us going back since we don't get any quality games there. Far better for everyone to just roll Oceania into Asia.
  10. I will trade Martin Tyler for anyone else mentioned.
  11. Title says backfires but everything I've read has praised them for doing so. Then again, I'm not reading garbage like the Daily Mail, so that could be the reason.
  12. Somehow this tournament has worse timing than a European one so I don't think I'll watch it much. Not actively boycotting but just hard to get excited about it given it's in Qatar and in December.
  13. I remember when a chunk of the user base first posted in here at age 14, this is nostalgic.
  14. Not quite true. Australia as a country only exists within the confines of the English law that permitted the constitution be created. Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) lays out the laws that states and the commonwealth are allowed to have jurisdiction on. Theoretically speaking the UK could veto any element of our constitution through an amendment to that law.
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