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  1. I see. But is there a way to add it to the country without going through the assistant and selecting teams? Just leaving it as it is. In other words, I just want to change the current competition dates, not the format itself or the teams involved.
  2. How can I edit the Viareggio Cup? It's listed as an italian tournament, whoever, when I follow the usual way of editing advanced rules in the country, it does not appear there. I've tried moving it to another country, but to no avail. Help would be appreciated.
  3. It's here. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1916737798
  4. Can I get your file? I'm not an expert and I thought modifying the official one would be easier than creating a whole new competition. However, I'm not able to do it.
  5. I'm having a similar problem. How can we edit the Club World Cup in advanced rules so that the changes made are properly saved? Assigning it to an existing country doesn't work.
  6. I have now successfully rerun the test. I'm in Jan 2028 with no crashes and no scheduling problems, so that was just an accident.
  7. I can confirm with much relief that the schedule problem is apparently solved by the way described above. However, in the 2024/25 season (on December the 13th) I have suddenly experienced a crash dump. I do not know whether this is due to the database modifications or a problem associated with the newest patch, as many people seem to be documenting similar crashes in the forum. I would try using the method described above (i.e. setting both dates to June 11th).
  8. I have tried setting BOTH dates to june 11th (2013 in the case of setup date, as it forces you to enter a year) and the third season is now scheduled properly. I will go on with the test for several seasons to see if the problem is solved.
  9. After reading this I've tried editing the file to bring forward the UYL final to April 22nd (as in the real thing), and also stretching the range of the competition from August to April, but to no avail. Whatever the format, there is no third season scheduled. I've also tried using Nyon as the final venture to avoid clashes with first-team games, but nothing seems to work at the moment. It just won't get past the second season.
  10. Any help from the developers would be much appreciated.
  11. When I enter a player's profile and then go back to the squad screen, the game keeps ignoring the way I sorted my players. It's very annoying having to sort them every time I exit the squad screen. EDIT: I have noticed this only happens when the side selector menu for the different squads is locked on.
  12. As Chelsea, my U23 manager keeps ignoring my petition of playing senior members. In addition, he sometimes uses only U18s for U23 fixtures for no reason. EDIT: I have now learned that the 2020 version introduces a new U23 and U18 selection system, much improved. So, no bug.
  13. Let's hope they get this solved as this was fine before FMT19.
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