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  1. I doubt there will ever be a Estonian newgen with world-class potential. If there is, then the odds in the game are 1 in 1 000 000.
  2. Role name: Wide Forward Playing position: AML or AMR. This role will be a mix of Inside Forward (Attack) and Poacher (Attack). The player will stay deeper than the Poacher and closer to the centre than the Inside Forward. The player does not need to be creative, nor be able to dribble. The players main role is to score goals. Default tactical Instructions: Get Further Forward Shoot More Often Sit Narrower Key Attributes for role: Finishing, First Touch, Technique, Anticipation, Composure, Off the Ball, Acceleration and Pace.
  3. I had a save in Football Manager 2019, where I had won the 2020 European Championship with Estonia (by saving and loading) and performed well in the 2022 World Cup and 2024 European Championship. However, most of the players at that time were retiring, with no quality players to replace them and the average Estonian Premier league level kept declining each year. I suggest sigames increase the average Newgen potential ability in weaker nations, but make it harder for them to reach their full potential if training conditions are poor (meaning, once a player reaches a CA around 80-90 it woul
  4. I do not own the latest Football Manager game (meaning I could be wrong). However, from what I have read on the internet, there is currently no way to avoid the negative impacts of Covid-19 to club finances (Football Manager 2021). I know that sigame tries to be as close to realism as possible, however I think that I am not the one who does not buy the game for that reason. I suggest a new option to be added at the start of the game: "Turn off Covid impact on club finances", just like the "Add key staff", "Disable player attribute masking" and "Disable use of in-game editor" options.
  5. OK. I compared my own Football Manager 2018 save game files with genie scout (2018 and 2035 season). Seems true as far as CA and PA is concerned. However major African nations (Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Senegal and Cameron) have very weak overall abilities. May be because only Germany, Spain, Brazil and Senegal are loaded.
  6. The newgens usually have low PA and each year the overall amount of good players declines. I think that there should be more 140-160 PA newgens (players who have decent potential, but will never become world class players). As it is, the majority of the players only have 120-135 PA. Although the number of 160+ PA newgens is realistic, the 140-160 PA amount is unrealistic. Another thing to keep in mind is that although some players from smaller countries could have high PA (145+), they usually start out with very low CA (around 60) and take very long to reach their full potential (even if
  7. PA is only the maximum the player can reach, if he is lucky. Only a few players with 170+ PA ever reach it. In my opinion, the CA in the game, as the game progresses, each year makes a massive drop and negatively impacts the game (for me). In my 2035 Zaragoza save (FM2018), all my players are regens and their average CA is around 140, with only 1-2 having over 160+ PA. Also, the squad won the last champions cup and spanish league.
  8. How do you create this detailed regen? There is little information on how to create it on the internet,
  9. A good new feature for Football Manager 2020 would be an external newgen editor. This editor will work like the official Football Manager Editor, however player faces will be generated and players will appear in the youth intake. The idea is like this: #1: You first load the game database in the editor. #2: You add a new newgen to the database. #3: You add the player information/details, such as: player name, appearance (ethnicity, hair color, hair length), nation (nationality, second nationality, city of birth), birth date (day and month only), year the player will ap
  10. It is very unrealistic for AFC Ajax (in Holland) to produce players who have a natural playing position as sweeper, wing back or regular side midfielder due to them only using the 4-3-3 formation in their youth levels. So I suggest that SI adopts newgen formation templates for clubs. This is how it is going to work: under clubs, you can select two newgen formations (main formation and sub formation). The main formation is for the natural playing position, while the sub formation is for the additional playing position. For example, if Ajax has main formation as 4-2-3-1 Wide and sub fo
  11. What most low level youth players are lacking is the right guidance and opportunity to reach their full potential. If a African millionaire buys a small 3rd League club in Nigeria and hires the best coaches for the team, do the players at the club still stay at 15 PA? At least I do not think so. Although a 15+ age player has already their potential set, a player from Nigerian 3rd league can at least reach the level where they can play at the Nigerian top league (with the best of them at their peak reaching 60-80 CA). The next generation of players will have higher potential
  12. The PA values for annual youth intake is far too unrealistic. A players potential should not be determined by the reputation of the club or its training facilities. Although I do agree that higher reputation clubs attract more talented players, but what if a talented player joins a low level club only because it is the only club in that region. An example of a low level club (at that time) producing a good player is Ebedei in 1999-2000, which produced Obafemi Martins (when at the time the youth facilities were rated at 1). I suggest that SI increase the minimum PA of regens to 20-50
  13. I am not trying to say that Ebedei produces bad regens, what I was trying to imply was that even low league Nigerian clubs could produce players who have the potential to at least play at the Nigerian top league (I am not expecting them to produce English Premier League players). The example of "classic Ebedei" was in order to show that a club who at that time had low youth training could produce a player who had 170+ potential.
  14. In 1999-2000, Ebedei did not have decent youth facilities, but it still managed to produce Obafemi Martins from its youth team. Even in Football Manager 2006, Ebedei has a youth academy and youth setup rating of 1.
  15. At least that way the Lower league clubs will produce regens with 40-60 PA instead of 5-15 PA.
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