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  1. Any suggestions for best price in 2019? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. yes, the Steam issue was what I was most concerned about. Does anyone know the latest situation using Steam for activating FM in HK? Still a problem or resolved now? thanks
  3. Hi All, There is a chance I may be relocating to HK in the near future. I seem to remember there being some issues buying/activating the game there. I wanted to know if this was still the case, and what the workaround(s) would be. cheers BM
  4. +1 I’ve had blue screen of death & crashes as mentioned above and the ‘football manager has stopped working’.
  5. Boston United (Lincs). Unmanaged at the start in the lowest English league. Me & a friend starting at the same place and seeing where our careers take us.
  6. Is there any way to retain set piece takers between tactics? I’m sick of having to reassign the same corner/freekick takers every new tactic
  7. Thanks @FrazT, I guess the point is that I start a career game on day 1 & that's it. I don't want to have realised I made a mistake in a few months (real time) and have to take steps to make it usable. Slightly complicated as a friend & I want to start with the same set up and see where our relative careers take us.
  8. Just FYI, for anyone looking at this, the star rating between FM17 & FM18 doesn’t seem to have changed significantly between versions.
  9. Thanks all. Really appreciate the feedback. Basically a friend & me want to start with the same team, same set up & see what happens in a journeyman save. We would prefer as many leagues as possible - as @SpikeHughes says, to have career options. thanks again
  10. Thanks both. 2* for me is also 80k players @judicious when you start your game with 125k players, what star rating does it give you?
  11. Should mention that 30 countries on large data base = just over 100k players
  12. Hi All, Starting my main save upon midnight release, however just wondered how much I should read into the performance star rating & how accurate it is. My computer is a fairly decent spec, I can load up 27 countries before I hit 1 star. my question is, will loading that many countries hamper a long term save? Would subsequently removing counties/leagues improve performance? Does performance degrade over time? What are your experiences? thanks
  13. Does anyone have, or know where I can find (online) a list of the league reputations of the playable leagues in FM17?
  14. Hi All. It's that time of year again... A lot of advice/purchases seem to be going down the laptop route, however I'm looking for desktop advice. My current computer is really on its last legs - the last version of FM I played on it was FM14. Anyway. The advice I'm looking for are the elements of the computer that means I can run FM17 (and beyond) to in a sense future-proof it as far as possible. While I am interested in the graphics, I tend to revert to text only and running a high number of leagues/big database etc. Beyond FM, iTunes & browsing, a bit of excel. Thats it really. Budget in the 500-800 region. Any advice on what I should not scrimp on, and areas I can be more frugal, would be appreciated. Thanks
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