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  1. I lost the Super Cup to Real 3-2. They dominated possesion but I had more chances. 4 CCC to thier 1, so I know that my ideas are working going forward. I think my players may be a bit too passive in closing down my opponents, so I am going to try adding in a TI to close down more and see what that brings me in my first few league games. I am also struggling with having to play Ashley Young as a left back (Who hasn't seen that one recently?) and Chris Smalling as a CB. To be honest with you, the only reason Jones and Smalling are still at the club is the fact that they are English and I don't want to rock the boat too much in the dressing room. Using this set up, shamelessly plugged from someone not too far away, i have created a lot going forward. I am blessed at the moment with having some very intelligent midfielders in Carrick, Blind, Matic and Hererra. Pogba is probably my biggest problem, as I need to find a way of getting him into games more. If needed I can sell him however! Lingard and Mata on the right wing are interesting options. Both cut inside from the right, Mata will drop deep while Lingard will play 1-2's. This means I have a lot of natural variety on the right as they like to chose when to follow PPM's and TI's which I like to be honest. As I can move towards Fluid I think I will see even more out of them.
  2. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! you havent missed anything in FM19 mate. Count yourself lucky to still have the cash in your pocket. Having watched Barcalona absolutely wreck United on Tuesday and seeing the poor state that the squad is in I decided that a new FM18 save was needed. One where I actually planned out and implemented a philosophy, bringing through the youth teams in the right way to maximise thier ability and also my revenue stream. To that end, not one of my players will go on loan until they are 19 and have had a full season in the U-23's, to ensure that all personality and traits have been sorted out the way I want them to be. I have completely overhauled the coaching staff to ensure that I am at 4.5-5 stars for everything from the U-18's up, including Physio. I have a plan for training my U-18's. Tutor first, for personality and hopefully some traits that are useful. I am going to run the training on a 3 Week Tactical, 2 Week Physical, 3 Week Technical pattern, with individual focuses being assigned to match the 8 week cycle. I want to develop some well rounded players, able to compete physically in the EPL and yet also be technically very proficient and mentally first rate. No pressure there then.
  3. @axehan1 This is the kid that I had who was unwilling to be tutored by anyone on my United save. He has a confrontational and outspoken media handling style too... Looking at him and some of the other youngsters on that save that I neglected to develop, I feel bad. I got involved in the shiny big stars instead of really using the United Academy. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of youngsters given a chance but I threw them in too early with no rhyme or reason. I paid very little thought to the training of these kids, which is why so many of them have ended up going out on load at the age of 17 instead of waiting until 19 and getting lots of youth football and training. Reading this thread through, I might have to go and revisit my club to see if I can make ammends. I feel like I have ruined that save now, which is a crying shame to be honest.
  4. Very little I think mate. I had a young player on my FM18 United save who rejected all tutors. Dybala, Sanchez, Lukaku, Martial... He just refused everyone. About all I could do was tutor everyone around him to hope that the squad brought his personality up. I have been inspired by this thread to start a save espousing some of the principles @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! has been espousing... however I am starting my save with Greek 2nd Division side Aris. They dont have pots of cash, have no youth team of which to speak and a very unbalanced squad. It should make it a nice challenge bringing through some young guns there, with the eventual aim to be winning the champions league!
  5. If you are using a laptop and want to keep your cores running at its max boost for longer you can undervolt it. This generally will decrease the temps and let it run at highers speeds with less throttling, but I would follow a guide online before trying anything like this. As for the clock speed on older CPU's one thing that you can never factor in is the overall build quality. Mine is the i5 from the OP, which is overclocked but it is running with an NZXT Kraken X61 (240mm water cooler), 16GB 3200Mhz Corsair Vengance LPX RAM and a Asus Z170 Pro motherboard. Compared with your average currys build, or even something from a place like PC Specialsit or Cyberpower, I picked premium parts that perform well together. My CPU never breaks 65C, even playing some of the most demanding games around which means it can keep up its full speed all of the time, the RAM can keep pace and the motherboard helps smooth the communications path between them. I spent probably 3 weeks of intense research on each component that I put into my PC, from the fans to the CPU to the Mobo to the PSU. If I had the budget (or if I didnt buy my NZXT Hue + LED set, but my PC looks amazing when its on so its worth it right?) then I could have bought an M.2 drive with 3000Mb/s read/write which would have sent FM and general performance up even further. I think there is a decent enough collection of PC geeks in here to help you out when it comes time to build a PC
  6. Savic if he is available from Lazio, make sure you drive the price down a little first. Alternatively you can buy Fernandes from Benfica, who is also a great midfielder. I will be honest, Pogba for me is like Pogba in real life. He blew hot and cold all season, his attitude about transfer deals and new contracts stunk to high heaven. To be honest, in game and in real life, get shot of him. Savic and Fernandes are much more consistent and rounded.
  7. Have a look at the kind of goals that your IF(S) on the right is scoring. I found that playing the same way due to the support role he would just scoot in to finish off a cross at the back post, either from the FB or the IF(A) on the left. Something about IF(A) just does not work as it should in this edition to be honest.
  8. @SebastianRO I think someone might have been pulling your leg mate. I used a 144hz 32 In monitor with FM17, FM18 and now FM19 with no dramas whatsoever. The key could be Freesync, but I have had no stuttering or tearing in the 3D match engine and I set everything to high. It glides through the screens with no problems. Was the person who told you this trying to sell you a very expensive monitor or TV at the time? It could honestly just be that my system works well for the game and Freesync makes up for any big changes in refresh rate.
  9. @SebastianRO Some screenshots as promised! I have just used the default skin so that you get a good idea, I used your Benchmark A game for the screenies in tribute. Normal 1440p 125% Zoom 1440p With regards to needing more than 60Hz refresh rate, using a Display Port cable and running at 144Hz native is actually better for your eyes, especially playing a game like FM where you are doing a lot of reading. My wife moved from a 60Hz to a 144Hz monitor (actually she stole my 32" AOC curved 1440p!) and the difference in her eyes at the end of a day of working is huge, according to her at least. If you want any more screenshots, let me know.
  10. I played him in a couple of cup games and he was outstanding, I then picked him for a weakened league side and he was again outstanding. His development was out of this world to be honest with you, I think by the end of the first season I had gotten his posistioning up to 14. His composure and passing ability are fantastic. To be honest, I think he is one of those players in FM that just works even though his stats might not suggest he is that good.
  11. @SebastianRO I have an MSI Optix MAG27CQ, 144Hz Freesync monitor. I absolutely love it, colours are great and performance is amazing! I will grab you some screenshots tomorrow.
  12. @SebastianRO I have a 1440p Freesync monitor, so I am nailing my colours to team Red! The RX580 is one of the best value graphics cards on the market right now, it might not have all of the ooomph of the Nvidia cards but it is a steal for the performance/price ratio. I am also a big fan of the Vega 56 being flashed with a Vega 64 Bios, drives the performance up to GTX1080 levels at a much lower cost. AMD currently do the best combined CPU and GPU, and the way they are driving some of the technology developments (Vulcan API) and the intergration with DX12 gives me real hope that the next set of graphics cards and CPU's will be outstanding. To be honest, the next graphics card doesnt have to beat a 2080, just get close and cost a lot less! I was reading an article the other day that they are going to open up both types of VRAM for the new graphics cards, meaning that you can get performance versions alongside the more budget friendly ones which for me would be a great decision. Graphics will be the next upgrade for me, as the 390 is a good card but runs hot and could be easily upgraded. Looking at my performance in the bench tests I think I have another couple of years in my 6600K before I look to the next system!
  13. Cheers buddy! I built it from the ground up to be fast and work together well, so it's nice to see that it is holding up to some demanding stuff! It plays the Division 2 on high on 1440p with no dramas too! Looking at the results so far, it looks like the Ryzen 7 is doing some sterling work when the more you throw at it, which to me is where AMD chips shine. I wish AMD would really get thier act together because they have the potential to blow Intel out of the water. I remember back in the late 90's thier CPUs were amazing, lightning fast and cheap as chips. When I built my current system I was still waiting on the Zen architechture being released. I am going to wait for thier new graphics cards and processers, both done on 7nm dies.... could get really tasty.
  14. Bang on the same thing that happened with me and Pogba. Its one of the main reasons I have chinned off FM19 as you just cannot argue with batpoop crazy. IMHO, the interaction and dynamics is currently one of the worst things about FM, until they can code context it should be out of the door. Right now it's a huge part of the game, as it should be to be honest, but without the intelligence and subtlety that it needs.
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