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  1. Honestly? You have already started the save over a second time, so why not play through until you are the truly dominant team in world football with no one ever having a hope of catching you. See if the new stadium and next generation are good enough to get you there, or press on for even more and a bigger stadium etc. Just edited to add I was just browsing through this thread the other day and saw how much rubbish I have written in here, alongisde so many good ideas from yourself! I looked at the Guardiola style "free 8's" again and it made me take a look at another Portugese team - Spor
  2. 1. I want my U-23's to be able to field a full team without calling on anyone from the U-18's ideally - I want those guys training as much as possible as thats where the biggest gains are. I use the younger players who are on the fringes of my first team in the main squad but set to play for the U-23's alongside anyone who need match fitness. My U-18's, the ideal for me is 2 players for every position, allowing rest and rotation and covering injuries or the occasional U-23 call up. Once past my first youth intake I will go and actively sign players to play backup in my U-18's, even if I know t
  3. @Matty99 AF can work fine in any tactic, as they will push the back line and force them to hold as they know they have someone trying to take advantage of any weakness and mistakes. What it means for your tactic is that the space for your IW and IF might be infront of the defence rather than in behind (i.e along the edge of the 18 yard box). However, if they are good at dribbling and/or long shots then they will certainly profit from the striker forcing the centre backs towards thier own goal. Clever movement from the AF will also mean that there is a possible through ball on for him. Wit
  4. Mentality simply refers to the ammount of risk your team takes. That is everything, from passing to shooting to positioning. You can create a very attacking but risk free side with the right duties and a "lower" mentality, just as you can play a risk taking ultra conservative low block if you choose. Your dad's tactic may well take advantage of high pressing against inferior sides, or his side may have a reputational inbalance against the Ai (i.e they dont consider him as strong so they attack more). If you are simply putting everyone on defend or support, selecting the most conservative
  5. Personally for a False 9 my holy trinity is Anticipation, Off the Ball and Decsions. Knowing when, where and how is key for a F9. I would want all 3 to be around 15 in the prem, at least. Then Passing, Vision and First Touch as the next tier of importance, with a prefered physical preference of Acceleration and Balance, to make those quick sharp runs and turns that drive defenders mad - It looks like your new lad from Madrid will fit the bill nicely with a bit of training. However, with the players you have right now have you considered a TM(Su) for Beljo? 6'5" and jumping reach 17, strong eno
  6. Do you have any standout players? F9 is a bit of special role if you are using it as intended. TM(Su) or DLF(Su) could give you more of a figure for holding the ball up. Just some tactical considerations from my POV, IWB behind a W(A) - worried that the winger will have no one to pass back to if you are using shorter passing. Also if he loses the ball in transition then your IWB is out of position to try and force the opponent outside. If you want that particular midfield combo I would maybe swap the DLP and the BBM so the DLP and the WM provide cover across the centre of the pitch. WM is
  7. He isn't always around at the moment mate, so it might take some time for him to get back to you. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! If you get time mate, I think he wants wants masters help
  8. The 4-2-4 you shared has been a revelation in my United save. At the end of October, unbeaten, top scorers in the league and 2 draws (Real Madrid, West Brom). I only started it out of curiosity, but I have really enjoyed it. I love how it works, it does have its weaknesses, but it has really made me appreciate having 2 quality strikers on the pitch being supplied by quality wide men. Its made me question some of my role choices now, also the formations I use so thanks!
  9. Too much then? I love how you tinker with dominant formula and end up with something even better. Hats off to you mate.
  10. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! That PSG tactic is witchcraft! After taking a look at it the other day, I booted up a new United save just to see what it would be like. Safe to say I am impressed. Defends like a 4-4-2, attacks like a 3-1-6, it's made Mata into Messi lite. In my 3 pre season games (no mark eastern European side, Gent and Bayern) I won all 3. The best part is, I have conceded 1 shot on target across all 3 games, a Robben long shot late in the second half. I beat a decent Bayern side 2-0 and it should have been more. I am once again sold on 2 strikers! What I have found is tha
  11. First up, I love the shape that you have here. Strangely, I think it is one that the Manchester United squad on FM18 could work with - Sanchez for Neymar, Lukaku for Ronaldo, Martial for Mbappe and Mata for Messi. Pogba obviously and Matic or Blind in the HB role. As for the sponsorship, I looked on a save where I was 4 years in at United and I was getting around 240m per year, small increases year on year. I had Dybala and a fair few wonderkids in my ranks, alongside Pogba and Sanchez still. I think it might be something that is baked into PSG - a bit like real life where a random compan
  12. So you have gone back to basics and you can see how all those support duties work together . Glad it is working out for you mate, sometimes taking a step away and a getting a whole new perspective can be a help. Stragely enough, when you were talking about a player holding up the ball in the wide areas I thought a TQ or AP may help you, but didnt want to throw yet another option into the mix for you. If you find you are needing more attacking duties to get the penetration you want (like 4+) then its probably time to think of a higher mentality and more support duties again.
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