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  1. I belive IRL that United are looking at tying him to a deal around the 150k p/w mark, plus whatever bonuses he will get. So its not a massive stretch of the imagination that in FM his demands would be distorted by what Sanchez is paid at the moment. Edit: Didnt mean to double quote you lol. Just responding to the wider conversation
  2. So I cant really comment on what he asked for as I am not a Chelsea fan, but he belives he is good enough to play for this Chelsea side now. In fairness, some of his performances so far would back him up. Given the wage structure at Chelsea might lean towards the bloated side, he could well be looking for parity with other players in a similar playing bracket as himself (Loftus-Cheek etc). Rashford broke into the United side, got games and then got a decent contract for a player of his age. I think the difference between them is that United have had a history of at least giving the acadamy graduates a chance... Chelsea not so much. So it could well have been a power play of "play me and I will take a lower deal" opposed to anything else. When you look at some of the English talent playing abroad or getting starts in the league (Declan Rice, Rashford, Lookman, Sancho) you can understand his frustration when ageing players are getting a game ahead of you in a team that is crying out for a good pacey player who is good on the ball. In this case, the way FM models some of the player contract demands is pretty accurate. However you can bet if you gave him a good deal and played him a bit, he would be in your office 6 months later in FM demanding a new deal at 300K per week.
  3. With a couple of points in technique, finishing, composure and off the ball I would say you have a cracking striker there. Great Leadership, makes good decisions and anticipates situations well. He is also fairly quick without being blistering, but enough to trouble defenders. Get his determination up and you could have a really good squad player on your hands. I said it in another thread on CA/PA, one of the best strikers i ever had only had a 165 potential, and he made Messi's goalscoring look pathetic because he had exactly the right spread of attributes for a striker. In your case here, a higher PA would just potentially give you more points to round him out a little more (better passing, bit faster, maybe train his other foot etc).
  4. Yes. De Ligt after one season in my United save wanted to be a Key Player on 3x the wages, despite being on a 5 year deal. You don't give it to him, the whole squad goes into mutiny. Pogba wanted to go to Real Madrid, I quoted them a reasonable price given his form, season awards etc. They decided not to pursue it, he kicks off, half the squad follow suit. I love so much about FM19, the training is excellent and I love working it into how I want my team to play in certain ways. I actually like the new mentoring system and I feel that it is much better than the previous way of working. Scouting is a joy, and really works well to find the right players when done properly. I can even overlook the issues in the ME to a degree (of which many have been covered in this thread and others). The one thing that I hate, that has caused me to uninstall FM19 is the dynamics and interactions with your players. It needs to be burned out in cleansing fire, because right now it is not fit for purpose. I absolutely detest it. Answering pointless questions pre-match in a big game against Arsenal about some jobber at newly promoted Leeds being placed on the transfer list? Who gives a rodents bottom! Players want new contracts so often I wanted the board to have a revolving door option for the managers office, so they can just glide through and out while my secretary gives them 3x the pay every time despite them already being on good deals already (and key, actually playing the ammount that is stipulated in the deal).
  5. So if you have a good read through the thread, there are quite a few ways you can try to skin this cat. Untick WBIB as a start, then add in a lower tempo with be more expressive perhaps. This means your players should take the appropriate level of risk when passing into the final third but do it in a considered way. You can try upping the mentality which will increase passing length and tempo slightly, but increase team risk at the same time. You can tinker with PI's to make your front 4/5 take more risks or get further forward to support the attacks. Change roles, maybe go from an AP(A) to a CM(A) to provide more of a physical presence in the box. I am glad that it is defensively solid for you. I would note that both my CM's, IF's and ST have Roam from position ticked, so that they move around the pitch more to offer passing options, which is probably why I have decent possesion in the screenie below (I played this against a parked bus) who were deterimined to keep the ball with thier formation and not venture forward. I didnt change anything in this tactic during the match either, which I probably would have done for real as we were rushing things too much, hence all the blocked shots. I would rather have had 15 good shots than 27 bad ones, which is normally where I sit in a game.
  6. Sorry, I should have clarified that based on his scoring ability and overall rating across 6 seasons I would have thought it was at 200 rather than 165! I didnt develop him in that game, I started off as Altrincham, got them to League 1 and then picked up the Bolton job when they were managerless and top of the Championship. I brought him in to replace Ricardo Vaz Te who scored 50 goals in our promotion season (went to Man U for 65 million!). I didn't mentor him, but his attributes and more importantly his under the hood ones (consistency, proffesionalism etc) were just perfect. If I remember properly there was a really good training system in FM05 which probably helped him reach his full potential with me. I think the key takeaway from this (amazing!) discussion is that the right attribbutes in the right place make the player. A higher PA just gives a player more room to have a greater and higher spread of attributes. A higher PA can also allow a player to pick up a prefered move that you really don't want him too. I guess the big one would be the difference between a proper BPD and a good defender (Ferdinand/Vidic) is one has a higher PA where he has greater attirbutes in technique/passing/composure/decisions but they have similar physical and defensive skills (heading/tackling/marking/posistioning/anticipation/speed/jumping). Lingard is a good player because of his intelligence and hard work rather than flashy techical skills or blistering pace. As @optimusprimal82 said, he isn't the quickest, nor the best passer but he is good at both. His hard work and consistent performances combined with great off the ball movement are what mark him out in this United side IRL, the same in game. I would prefer a player with high Work Rate, Teamwork, Determination and a good personality over someone who is technically a bit better or a bit faster. Generally players who are rated highly in those 3 attributes I find are more consistent in thier performances, which can offset a lack of skills in other areas.
  7. So I just did a test of a tactic that I was discussing in @herne79 4-1-2-3-1 thread. It seems to conform with some of the observations that @optimusprimal82 has made to be honest. This was a pretty bland and and vanilla tactic in some respects, but playing against a team determined to sit deep and not do anything at all (The reputation equation at work again?). Just look at those crosses, for a team that wants to keep the ball that is just disgusting. David Moyes level of incompetence. But it is compounded by the fact that Crystal Palace are apparently a team full of Ngolo Kante's based on those tacking stats. 22/24 tackles won, and I dont even dare imagine what my completed dribbles stats were. My goal came from a corner, Pogba missed a penalty and the one other CCC was Lingaard playing as an RMD got played through by Savic for a one on one (which as it was a one on one, he missed). Some positives, but a hell of a lot of negatives to be honest.
  8. The one shame of a digital age to be honest. It always made for something to read on the toilet to help clear something up. The manual used to do a cracking job of explaining all the attributes.
  9. I have just thrown a quick JPG up with an example of how I might start to build a tactic (please ignore players, I am just using this for illistrative purposes) to match what you might be thinking of. So I have an attacking CWB on the left who I am expecting to push beyond Rashford, who will be cutting inside into the box. I have 2 CD's on defend, as I have a DM on De in front of them who will be there to recycle the ball. An IWB is used on the right to move into midfield to help support retaining the ball as I am using an AP(A) who I am expecting to get forward to be a danger in and around the box. The Raumdeuter (space exploiter) is in there to make runs into the box to try and get on the end of anything the IF or CWB provide on the right while supporting the AP by making runs in behind the defence. The Carr is there to shuttle between the lines and provide some defensive support to the left back who is likely to spend his time camped near the opposistion box and for the lazy IF (As there is no other type of IF in this version of FM ;)). The AP is there to move forward with the ball, create opportunities and potentially get in the box to score goals as well. I have picked a CF(SU) as I want a goal threat who can link up play at the same time, someone who is as adept at playing the ball into the path of the RDM and IF as he is at finishing off crosses. The next portion is to examine each player you pick and how they fit in. PI's can have a huge influence (God damn Sanchez and his desire to dribble more than a teething baby!), and will change how the role plays. I can imagine that Mata with his intelligence and drops deep to get the ball PI might make a very unconventional but effective RDM, or Lingaard with cuts inside and plays 1-2's. Your wing backs will be the key point of failure here. An IWB who wants to get forward as much as possible, hug the touchline and cross more often will find himself in no-mans land more often than not. So you might instruct him to be a NNFB, just to curb his attacking instincts and keep him back to support the midfield by gettting him to stay narrower when you have the ball. For TI's I have started sparce, with a balanced mentaility. I don't want to up risk taking, as I don't know how much risk my players will naturally take (remember PI's play a massive part here!). Work the ball into the box is a given as that is what we want from Tika-Taka, patient probing. This reduces our tempo and passing length slightly, which means we can leave those set to default for now. Low crosses as I want my players running onto the ball for a potential tap in rather than trying to head the ball. In transistion, I just want my players to counter press (5-10 seconds of pressing to try and win the ball) before reverting to a defensive shape. I have left counter off, as if the opportunity is there they will counter, if not they should default to keeping the ball. Distributing to centre backs and full backs just to see what works, and to avoid the press by giving your keeper options either side. A higher defensive line and higher line of engagment compresses space a little, and tells your pressing players to press that little higher without going full out to start with. A tactic like this should see at least 3 games (as per Cleon), but you should feel free to change things up if you see something you dont like. if you are struggling to keep possesion, change passing length or tempo. If you arent creating enough chances, tick be more expressive to see if that increased risk helps (I would probably uncick WBIB at that point though). Be slow and methodical, and you should start to see resultsl. Make notes of what works and what doesn't, and watch the full match. Pick players, and follow them for a time to see what they do and if you like it. There are issues with this ME, but that doesn't mean you cant be successful with your own creations if you think about it and test in the right way.
  10. I would say way way too many In Possesion TI's there mate. Looking at it, you have pretty much 3 playmakers in the middle (Half Back is a bit of a strange playmaker/defender), 2 BPD's who want to pass the ball, IF's on support on both sides and a F9 who wants to drop in and around. Not one person is attacking any space, in any way shape or form. Have you tried watching a match in full? I would imagine your AP and DLP spend most of it passing between themselves while your front 3 do very little. You are asking your team to play very slowly and carefully (tempo), only pass to someone nearby (shorter passing), to work the ball into the box (yet more short passing and lower tempo) while trying to take more risks. If you have no one trying to get in behind or move in from the sides, how do you take more risks? Your team are basically being told to be very cautious with the ball, to take thier time over every move and only keep the ball in close proximity while wasting as much time as possible. Your wingbacks should naturally try and overlap, check thier PI's to see if they have got the get further forward trait. If they do, you dont need to change up the risk by having them bomb on even more. Start with an idea of how you want to see play unfold. Give it a balanced mentality, then pick some roles. Once you are happy with your roles, add in a couple of TI's that you think you might need (hint, you dont need to drop tempo and passing length, one affects the other). Remember work ball into the box will affect both passing length and tempo by reducing them slightly. If you want to counter press, you don't need to go full balls to the wall on pressing. Select players can press harder, but your team will naturally try and win the ball back with counter press for a few seconds before reverting to shape. You are basically asking them to chase the ball down regardless at the moment, which will probably see your team running round the pitch like a mob of 11 schoolboys chasing the ball. If you think of Tika Taka as Pep played it, Barca kept the ball recycled at all times, always had an out ball and would move up the pitch until they would probe. They were not adverse to switching play to the other flank to exploit space, with Dani Alves bombing on to great affect when Messi cut inside from the right. there is no reason you couldnt do the same with your team with your left back as a CWB on attack pushing past Hazard who is going to command a lot of attention. You should get loads of space that way. I would then think about a DM(De) for Tonali, who naturally brings the ball out of the defence and dictates the tempo of play a la Biscuits. You probably need to think about a CM(Su) or Carr on the left at that point, because you dont have peak Xavi or Inniesta. A DLP on support might work if they have some good defensive attributes. Mentality plays a big part here. You can be really positive going forward on a cautious mentality when you are looking to keep the ball and move forward, as long as your players have the PI's and your TI's complement that. Cautious just reduces the risk the whole team takes, you can still have players that are paid to take the risks with the passing do the damage (Look at Pogba at United under Ole, he is taking all of the risky passes on).
  11. Spoken like a true Stoke fan . As an aside, back when I played FM05 I bought a South African player called Lebohang Mokoena, who played as an AMC/ST. His attribute spread was amazing, quick, agile, great in the air and a deadly finisher. Everything was perfect with him, even turning down 60 million bids from Liverpool didn't bother him. When i finished with my save I went to look at CA/PA in FM Scout for a giggle to see what sort of players I had bought in as regens and he was only at around 165 PA, yet was the leading goalscorer in England and Europe with Messi/Ronaldo levels of goals a year. My regen spanish keeper that I picked up for 3.5 Mil was rated at 145, yet was utterly filthy, world class. People get hung up on CA/PA, it is something I used to care about, but care about less and less these days. You can see a player there, or you can't. I appreciate you want to edit your DB to be more realistic, but dont get hung up on the CA/PA, as santy said think about the attributes.
  12. I feel you buddy. I finished the first 12 months of my United save and I just haven't been able to go back to it due to issues like this. I will head on across to the bug forum and drop the save in there tonight, as I am going to play a little FM I think. I still have to resolve my ongoing war with Pogba about his valuation...
  13. Pogba is being a pain in my game. Barca made a bid for him, I basically told them I want 80m upfront and then another 50 across 3 years with some high games clauses in there etc. Came out to around 150 mil, which given he was the players player of the year in the prem and a champions league finalist isn't too shabby. They pulled out, which is fine. He then had an almighty fit about not getting to go, and it got worse when I told him I wanted 150m. He said something like 87 was more likely, and I told him to rod off as he doesn't call the shots. I am happy to let him rot, as I can sign Gedson Fernandes and I managed to get Savic (For 90m in total, City were sniffing around so I had to fight them off).
  14. I sharpened my pitchforks and got the torches out just for you! FM05 was one of my favourites, changing from CM 03/04 (Which was also amazing!) and moving to a pure SI game. As I can't have '05, I went for '08 instead. I still play it on my laptop when I am out and about.
  15. I am now fully on board with the contract annoyance train. De Ligt, started approx 40% of my games last year, Rotation contract, with step up clauses for number of games played. Start of second season, wants to be a key player on 3x the salary. He will accept nothing less than this, despite me re-loading and trying any number of set ups to try and get him to agree to lower. At 19 years old, he wants to be the key defender for Man U despite being behind Bailey and Lindelof, neither of whom have Key Player status. Realistic? not a chance. Personally I would like to have an option to repeatedly kick the player and agent in the nuts repeatedly until they crawl away crying. Light injury for 3-5 days :D. But the amount of players who want unrealistic contracts 6 months after signing a new 4 year one... The only players I can think of who signs new contracts every few months is Messi and Ronaldo at thier peak... for obvious reasons. I like the thoughts and ideas behind dynamics and player power, hate the implementation.
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