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  1. I'm not in it, I can't comment! But I like the fact that it's there. I am only commenting as a simple outsider looking in at something that needs a little love. Hell, when you compare it to one of my fave versions (FM08) the level of coding is just through the roof. I appreciate how much work goes into making this game and making it better and also how much testing goes in. I fully agree that highlighting issues isnt the same as fixing them, only the bods at SI can do that. But it is because of that I feel that something has to give in the release cylcle here. Year on year is pushing it so so hard, given the level of coding etc they have to do just to make the game work, never mind adding stuff in and replacing a billion different styles in the ME. I guess its hard to play both ways. As a fan I want to support SI, as I have been doing for years. As a paying customer I want the best game I can get my hands on. It will get to a point where my wallet overides my fandom and I just carry on playing the versions I enjoy. I don't want that, as I don't want to be stuck in the footballing past, and I want SI to be sucessful and create amazing games that get us year on year.
  2. Everyone wants different things, and I think SI do a good job of replicating most of what people want or are interested in. There are some outliers (such as the wailing and teeth gnashing over the German 3rd div, the biggest non issue of all time) but mostly people get what they want. Often we get what we don't really want too, with things such as Dynamics coming into play. However everything is tied in together and gets better most editions. Personally, I hated the team shape stuff (Fluid, Structured etc). It just did not mesh with my brain at all, but I worked through it and still managed to come up with some half decent tactics. I think the way they have taken the tactics creation side is amazing and a huge, huge leap in the right direction. It lets everyone understand a style so much better when you have roles suggested for you with instructions already baked in. You don't have to guess and you don't have to suffer. Pick your system to suit your players, and away you go. As I alluded too earlier however, I feel that some of the systems and the change to the way tactics are made now may be why we are struggling with the match engine replicating certain styles. But it is down to SI to try and figure that out in a mountain of code. I think the only thing I want to hear from them regarding this is that they are looking to another patch to update the ME if they can to try and work it out. I am not interested in the breakdown of how, what and why so much as "guys, we hear you all, we will try and fix it". They took a huge step in the right direction by implementing the public beta, but with time pressures probably didn't get to implement half of what they wanted to do. A lot of the complaining on the forums here they can ignore anyway, but there are constructive gems in this thread and others. There are a large number of people who would appreciate feedback or discourse from the developers, and still remain civil, but I get that its bloody hard to do with the way things can go around here. One thing I will say on this to everyone who doesn't have a problem with the ME etc, is well done. You can play your style of football with no dramas, other people can't. That might be tactics, but I think reading through the many pages of this thread there is a trend there. If one person calls you a monkey, you might think it odd. If a second calls you a monkey, you start to think. If a third calls you a monkey you buy shares in a banana plantation. I hear you reference the two years thing. As I said, money is the driving factor in that they can't afford it and enough people might not buy it. I suppose that when they are looking to bring in huge sweeping changes they can reach out to the community at large. There are a lot of us who have played a hell of a lot of FM over the years, not just the most prominent ones. An NDA or two and some extensive testing by people outside the company and not just the genius level guys such as Cleon or Rashidi might have highlighted issues back in the summer giving them more time to get a polished game out of the door. A lot of other companies hold closed betas for games, not just open beta's. I don't know if SI do this, as I haven't really followed it too much to be honest. With the huge changes to training and tactic creation, as well as the implementation of new styles, it might have helped with some of the issues they are having to work on right now. Or at least given them a huge headstart into the issues. The pre release beta is good to an extent, but some people treat it as a free 2 weeks of playing rather than a beta so not enough feedback comes in. As i stated earlier, the current public beta idea is great and will hopefully help out massively going forwards. On the negative side I am back to playing FM 18 as I can't manage the current ME on 19 .
  3. In response to this and your previous post... no one will be 100% happy with the ME. There will always be some minor niggle that annoys people, a player will do something stupid, a player with 1 for long shots will smack in a 45 yard screamer (Incidentally I once had a rightback (FM05) in the conference who smacked in a lob from the edge of his own area when he noticed the oppo keeper by the half way lline. Fun times). Changing one thing now will have implications for everything else further down the road. I wonder if they have changed too much for this years game with the shift in tactics creation, 3 phases of play AND a massive training revamp. Plus the implementaion of styles such as tika-taka, gegenpress into the ME with a whole host of roles and duties. I guess this is the problem trying to make a great game even better year on year with big changes and new stuff for an insaitiable crowd of football fanatics, keeping up with the modern game etc etc. As some others have suggested, it might be better to release every couple of years and just add a DLC transfer, updated CA/PA and new players pack rather than a full new game every year. It would give them time to fully perfect the match engine for the game, though I know the money side of life would be the biggest factor in this. I was reading the beta thread when everyone made the comment that goals were coming from crosses too much, but that the football was pretty good. The general consensus was it was a great ME, the wide play needed to come down a little with central play going up a bit.. Once SI turned the wide play down, central play never really came back up. It has become really hard to play certain styles, which I think is a shame. You shouldnt be forced to play a certain way because of the ME, it takes the fun out of the game for a lot of people. Last year, if you wanted to win easily you could plug in TFF Demolisher and play a 5-2-3 with 3 central strikers that smashed your opponent pretty much every time, but it wasnt the only way to play. I had great sucess with a controlling 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-2-2-1 both domesitcally and in Europe. Hell, I started a Salford City save and had a blast playing a counter attacking wing based 4-4-2 with pretty much default instructions. I think the main reason, and this is just my opinion, is the implementation of Gegenpressing into the game (which is a phrase I hate by the way. One manager says something with a goofy grin and all of a sudden the footballing world falls on its knees and proclaims it a style). I vaguely recall last year that SI had issues implementing that style of football into the ME, with people trying to implement it via PI's and TI's as best as possible. Now that its a type of tactical selection in the ME, combined with the 3 phases of play selections, it seems to have caused some issues. It is interesting that the best goals seem to be scored from a quick press and counter with people who want a possesion based style that clicks into gear with quick shifts of players and space in the final third seem to struggle. A thought just popped into my head, thinking of my issues with fullbacks not attacking space at speed with the ball, I wonder if its coding relating to the desire to counter press. I.E they are waiting to lose the ball in order to win it back and spring a counter. Same with the strikers, they arent moving due to staying close by the defender for a counter press. Just a random thought, I am still getting through my first coffee today!
  4. Garrlor

    [FM19] Manchester United

    Wow.. Just wow. Better than Matic already! Only issue is height and weight, by the time he is 18 he will be a starter and will hopefully put on a few pounds. Height you can live without with good posistioning, anticipation and decisions.
  5. So I played a couple of test games on FM18 and FM19 yesterday. On 18, my strikers and AMC's would move to get the ball, then when they passed it on they would make darts into space or attempt to get into posistion for a cross. I also had a couple of reverse pass through balls from Mata into big Rom. I would have crosses blocked out wide, however when my players had space they would actually attack it and cross properly. I think the key for me is that players atctually follow thier roles and duties, attacking space when its available. Using Pogba as a SV(A) saw him race forward into space when play was congested on the right and belt a finish into the top corner. On 19, my strikers stand still. Totally immobile. I havent seen fullbacks attack gaping spaces, they trudge forward and wait to be closed down before whacking a cross into the defenders legs. I don't see little give and go's between my front players, certainly no short dashes into space that I saw in 18. I think the biggest problem right now is that there is nothing wrong with the Match Engine... if you go full Obi Wan Kenobi and look at it from a certain point of view. I think the engine demonstrates certain tactics really well. However if you have a different idea of how the game should be played you are bang out of luck. Which is where 19 falls down to be honest. The lack of forward movement and differentiation between roles has caused some issues. I think most peoples greatest problem right now is that we have no idea if there will be another ME update to potentially fix this problem, which based off previous years might be unlikely.
  6. Garrlor

    Your managerial "role model" ?

    Sir Alex. Able to change from a counter attacking 4-4-2 to a fluid and sexy 4-3-3 then mastering the 4-2-3-1/4-5-1. All while giving fair shouts to youth and acadamy players and getting far more out of limited players than anyone could reasonably expect. Also managed under what could be considered Austerity under the Glazers, which I think people often overlook when you think of the money coming in to the players being bought (Ronaldo sold for 80m, Valencia signed for 16m springs to mind). He fought and beat the sugar daddy teams, adapting so many times and in so many ways.
  7. Buy a USB CD drive. Cheap as chips. And I picked up FM05 on Amazon for £5. It was one of my favourite FM's as I had a really long term save going. The internet is your friend for patches etc, pretty much everything is still there. Enjoy the nostalgia!
  8. FM08 works on windows 10, but definately patch it up. You can still get the old patches around the internet, though it can be hard to find a working mirror for some of them. You might not get all the photo packs and club logos etc but there is still quite a lot out there for 08.