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  1. Interesting reasoning there mate. I completely understand wanting to get the club to stand on its own feet as quickly as possible, and lets me honest making 1 billion in 2 seasons will certainly help that. The best part is you kept some world class players around, some top class ones (Almada etc) and created a route into the first team for your young stars. Getting the wage bill down and keeping it down is something I always struggle with, but I guess with a more proffesional squad you dont have to worry so much about players whining over game time or new contracts (one of the many blights of FM19). Turning back to the Ponta De Lanca, what sort of PPM's would you encourage? Plays one twos, runs with the ball more often I can see working as you need a smart player who makes good decisions to use them both together and it fits the hybrid creator/goalscorer role.
  2. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! So you mentioned about looking into Newgen development. I think that it would be a really good thing for the thread to be honest, because you can pick one of your best rated newgens and follow him. That way you can chart his path into the first team, talk about his training, PPM's and how you forsee him fitting into your side and the style of play you are looking to encourage. Something like that across 4-5 seasons might be really usefull for some people as they can see how much planning and thought goes into these things, also how the player affects the mentalitiy and shape that you play. One of the things people often overlook is how PPM's affect a players posistion and actions so you can describe why you give players a PPM and what you expect to see happen with those PPM's etc. Just a thought mate, you already provide some cracking stuff! I am glad you have moved away from your previous tactic, something about it just didnt sit well with me to be honest. Nothing structurally but it just seemed.... unnatural after your free flowing 4-3-3's and 4-2-3-1. But I guess that is the price that you pay for transistion and trying to move to a state of running at a profit without selling players while still challenging for the top honours. Ill bet that despite your hard work the portugese league is still lagging reputationally due to the other teams there not doing an amazing job on the continent. Which means it's still a struggle to keep your best players, pay good wages etc. @denen123 Looking at the tactic you posted and your discussion with @zlatanera I think the biggest strength of your tactic is using the PPM's of your players. I can see what you are trying to do with it off the bat, Mane and Lallana as a mobile pressing front, then a solid midfield 4 in defence. The reason you can use Su duties is down to the PPMs your players have I would think mate. You have good dribblers and probably have players with runs with ball often, gets forward whenever possible, cuts inside from left etc etc. In FM19 starting a player like Salah further back means he acts a lot more like an IF in FM18. I remember trying it with Martial and he was absolutely brutal starting from deep and running at players or making off the ball runs. Playing an attacking mentality with players that like to attack, even on support mentalities should see you overload the opposition from deep, defeating some of the ME issues with FM19. @Robson 07 If you find my random dribblings worth quoting, then thanks lol .
  3. Be careful taking the way you look at it too far. Mentality is about risk taking more than anything else, a CM on Defensive Team Mentality+Support Duty will take fewer risks with his passing, posistioning and forward movement, but as he is on a SU duty he will still do those things. E.g. When there is a clear counter on he will bomb forward if he is able and his own personal decsion making allows it. The same midfielder on Attacking Mentality is more inclined to take risks and move forward and support the attack, taking risks on his positioning to try and hurt the opposition rather than just bombing forward. If you look back to the start of the thread this Benfica side didnt start off with a 100% Overload mentality, they were defensive and playing a structured system where needed until he could develop the mental attributes of his players to move to a more fluid and free flowing game, which is probably the biggest component for his tactics. Having players that make the right decisions at the right time in the right position. But I do agree the game does a truly awful job at explaining these things.
  4. If you own 18, it's miles better than 19. 19 suffers from poor player movement in the final third, which leads to a lot of long shots and blocked crosses. The training revamp looks good until you try and mentor players, or develop a player's weakest abilities. I haven't really played 17 but I have hundreds of hours in 18. Stick with it and don't pre order 20 yet.
  5. Jesus wept! That is an absolutely outrageous ammount of money.... Now to introduce the next crop and make even more! Stadium upgrade ahoy... hell, with that ammount of money coming in the board could afford to build you a new 150K stadium!
  6. @zlatanera - If it was, I didnt see it as I kind of migrated over here reading reviews of the FM19 early access beta and got tempted in. I never really needed much help with FM18, I used to read Cleon's stuff, as well as Bustthenet but that was more for other ideas than needing help per se. When I first came across team shape it used to annoy the hell out of me, but eventually it clicked. Reading through threads like this really get my creative juices flowing as @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! knows how to break the mold and play amazing football as well as develop players properly (The way I wish United would do at the minute!). @Chief232 @zlatanera @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! as this references the whole discussion on mentality. In FM19 it is hidden behind text, which gives you a broad idea of what your player is going to do in a system. Team shape has gone (Which I initially thought could be a blessing) even though you have a reference to it you dont really see how it changes things for you that easily. I understand that SI wanted to make things easier for people by introducing tactical templates to allow the new user to just dive into what is a huge and diverse world of player interaction, development and training. But I feel that they missed something as the actual explainations of what changing certain things do are poor. To the layman, focus play through the middle means you will play the ball through the centre of the park at every opportunity. What O-zil does in this thread and others is show you how that one change just shifts the mentality of your central players up a couple of notches, easy to see using the mentality calculator but even if you count the bars you can see the difference. As Zlatanera says, text does not change, it just stays as positive. You have to assume that one is more positive than the other but you have no idea of how much. This is where the plug and play tactics come in, as they are set up by SI with eyes under the hood so they know what is happening and why, hence why people say that just picking 4-2-3-1 Gegenpress = Win with vaguely decent players at any level. I tried for ages following Hernes possesion football thread to come up with something I liked but the game kept annoying the hell out of me. One of the things SI need to add is an explaination of what a change does when they select it. Some people look at an attacking fullback, attacking winger/IF and wonder why the look for overlap button doesnt result in an overlap as thier defender gets caught out time and time again while the winger/IF smashes the ball into the box at every opportunity. Work Ball Into Box is a magical possesion cure, not actually getting players with good decision making and vision. It is frustrating and causes even the experienced issues at time (looking at myself here, played nearly every iteration of the game since 01/02). I understand why they moved away from sliders to control things and became more text based. The thing is, some of the indicators are actually useful and I feel this is where SI have slipped up and why you have people like Cleon and Rashidi answering daft questions and writing thread after thread on football basics in FM. It is one of the main reasons that I have slipped back into FM18. The training system isnt as good but the tutoring system is far better than 19's "hope for the best" approach. I love the fact that we can sit and discuss this sort of thing until the cows come home, we can read threads like this and be inspired but I worry where the new blood is coming from as the attempts to simplify the game havent really worked all that well. Alright, some of it is down to some criminal ME flaws in this years version, but how would you feel about FM if 19 was your first one? @Chief232 Gardner was actually a quality winger/fullback back around 04/05. People never really gave Big Sam the credit he deserved for the quality of that Bolton side that he put together. Gritty when they needed to be and flash and free flowing when it was on. Also, Jay Jay, so good they named him twice! Sam will forever be tainted by his later years battling relegation and becoming really pragmatic. Hell, I remember putting him forward for the United job when Fergie was sruggling in the early 00's back on the old footygamer forums.
  7. One of a number of reasons why FM19 is poor in comparison to FM18. I have never gone backwards in FM before, but the tactics creator in comparison is just so so poor. You feel like you have no real control over what your team is doing, which is why this forum is chock full of "striker can't score", "whats up with my attacking mid", "4-2-3-1 Gegenpress is the only way I win". It's a poor effort from SI if I am honest. Moving back on topic, I feel you with player loyalty. I had a save on FM05 where i started off by managing Altrincham, then got offered the Bolton job once I had gotten them up to League 1. Made Bolton a dominant force in world football, but I could let Riccardo Gardener go. He was just an assist machine from left back, constantly pinging in crosses with laser accuracy. Which meant that my promising left back stagnated as 38 year old continued to play for my side long after he should have been put out to pasture. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! about all you can do is sign these players when you get a chance and hope that football in the Benfica B side with your coaching is enough to turn them into world beaters. You will have about 3 years in which to get them up to speed, and if he carries on playing in Brazil then he should develop quite well before he even gets to you at 18. I guess you could look at it as if you are adding the layer of gloss onto a nearly finished product, which you should still be able to do. If they are good enough already when they come in from Brazil its not the end of the world. If the only way that they would have reached the top with tutoring and working at Benfica then let someone else take on that burden and just cherry pick the best young talent you can. You are already struggling enough to let players into your first team so it's no great shakes if some of the "maybes" slip through the holes. I appreciate that you come across as wanting to develop these footballers just for the sake of developing them but I am afraid you will have to let some of them go to ensure you get the best.
  8. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! you could always add a manager to a team in Brazil to go alongside your Benfica save. Set up the tactical preferences etc etc and then go on holiday. It means you can sign and develop those young players then sell them on to Benfica in the future. Almost like City are buying clubs around the world to totally not be feeder/marketing clubs. I know you wont do this however lol.
  9. That whole key player thing pisses me off. I always check up on the players that I am interested in, get scout reports etc etc. As i mentioned in one of my previous posts, Pique had a clause at Zaragoza that meant he had to play in at least 20 games when on loan to them, something that I think could work well if added to FM20. SFraser mentioned picking the right manager for your loan players. I think he used Owen Coyle at Burnley in his example, as he had great working with youngsters and played the right style of football. This meant that he could develop his young players at his feeder club in the right way and with a lot more certainty in how they would develop. Looking at young players in a league which doesnt have a B team (Lets take England) then you are stuck with what to do. As you correctly identify, there is no point sending your young promising Ronaldo to play dour long ball football where he barely gets a sniff in the game. My compromise is to clear my U-23's of the deadwood, and keep players there that are 18-20 who need regular games. You can clear the dross from your youth team as they make the step up to the reserves and be very selective about which players you send on loan. I made a promise to myself the last time I managed Utd that I wouldn't send any player on loan until they were at least 19 (If I was interested in keeping them, not shifting them to play on loan so I could run thier contracts down or sell for a profit). This meant that they would get a decent ammount of time playing for my outstanding Youth and Reserve teams, under some of the best coaches in the land. If you do it right, and select your first team squad that need playing time for the reserves then you can really boost the growth of these young players before they then head out on loan at the age of 19-20 for a season or two to grow even more as footballers. I try and aim for an age of around 21-22 for entering the first team picture on a full time basis, with games given to the promising young players in low profile or meaningless games to help give them that stat boost. The reason I pick that age to bring them in full time is because they have done pretty much all of thier physical development by this point so are less likely to suffer serious injuries. Plus they are more likely to be mature enough to cope with the types of games being thrown at them. There will always be exceptions to this rule of course, where a player is just too good for this sort of system, but I can develop some seriously good players this way.
  10. @BadAss88 So I will use the example of one of the players that I had in my last United game, Josef Eckman a 15 year old with what looks to be a boundless talent. Looking at his stats, he is good posistionally, brave, makes good decisions and works hard for the team. Combined with decent physical stats (alas for the jumping ability) I already have the makings of a good anything other than centre back. His technical ability tells a story too, good marking, excellent tacking and decent technique and first touch. Your initial thoughts might be to go full Kante and turn him into a destroyer, but with a little work I can see a different type of player in there. His current skillset and abilities lend themselves to a full back, defensive midfielder or inverted wingback. But he has a reasonable passing ability, decent enough first touch and ok off the ball. With work as a roaming playmaker and focusing on his off the ball skill you could easily turn him into a hard hitting "false 8", who would scamper up and down the field all day long, winning tackles, playing passes and anchoring the right side of midfield like some sort of Teutonic stone wall, with the right stat development and tutoring you could bring out that "gets forward whenever possible" with "plays one twos" and have someone who breaks the lines as well as he breaks up play. This is where i saw him heading in my game, playing as a CM(Su) in my 4-3-3 which would probably have freed me up to go attacking with my right back. Alternatively as an inverted wingback he would provide an excellent screen for your defense and midfield locking down that right hand side all by himself. Looking just at the stats to begin with can seem to be daunting. A player will generally have a leaning on where they are good but dont be suckered in by the star ratings. That just tells you what they are probably best at based on a few key stats, not the overall performance of the player. I personally think that playing young Eckman there as a ball winning midfielder would be a waste of his full potential, he could be so much more than that.
  11. A very interesting article indeed @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!. It was mostly accurate and spot on, though my opinion on counting some of the players as "academy" graduates is a little wide of the mark. Alba for instance had 7 years playing for other clubs before he rejoined Barca, hardly a smooth path to the first team. I do like how it relates to your current struggles to fit some of your academy graduates into your side. I Know you have used the loan market to give your players a lot of first team exposure (at some big clubs too!) but right now without selling anyone that path to the first team is blocked. And you don't strike me as they type of player who signs a lot of players either. I guess at the top level you really cant rely on your academy in the same way that you can bringing kids through at a club you take through the leagues. Benfica are now the dominant force in world football in your save, so where else is really up for them? It has to be serious mega money, which you wont spend much of. As a side note, I just checked something on Piques wikipedia, apparently when United sent him to Zaragoza on loan they had a clause that he had to play at least 20 games for them during the loan. I wish that FM included an option, despite a manager saying he will be first choice etc I sometimes find that they are lying gits....
  12. Hey, genius needs to be recognised. The best part of your threads is that you really understand the match engine and what SI are trying to get at with the various instructions that are in the game. Taking "Exploit the Middle" as an example, most people would look at it and think that you concentrate all of your play through the middle of the pitch most of the time. As you have said, the reality is that it bumps up the mentality of everyone playing in the middle, encouraging more risk taking/forward runs etc etc. Simple, easy to understand explainations. As for Salford, I was already considering some of the issues that I might encounter. Long balls over the top against slow centre halves, so you have to drop the DL a little. One of the things I considered for the 3-4-3 is picking up a couple of fast full backs to play the outer 2 CD posistions, with a reliable rock in the middle to mop up the headers. That won't help the relative lack of off the ball movement, though it will be good for the level, it is not a tactic that I can potentially keep using throughout the save as I will need a couple of seasons at each level to build the right players. However, Evolution not Revolution. I already have the players that I could pull off the 4-3-3 Structured, and it is not that much of a departure from my Man United tactic. I think strangling possesion at this level will be very effective. Relatively speaking the players that I have available are of a much higher quality than 80% of the league so it will be interesting to see how they will fare. I romped the league in a Salford save playing a bog standard 4-4-2 with wingers and a target man / poacher combo. Easy to do, but I feel like building a dynasty and total football philosphy. Getting heavy investment in the youth set up is the way forward. Maybe even get my payers playing a 3-4-3 diamond when I have the youth prospects coming through, ready to transistion to the first team by the time I get to League 1 / Championship. Now my head hurts... PS, I hope that you dont mind me taking your Benfica thread off in a different direction. I just love your vision of football and wish that Man United would actually implement something like this in real life
  13. Well @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! once again.... you have proven yourself to be a bloody genius. I have just read through your Cruyff inspired 3-4-3 thread and boy has it whet my appitite. I am very tempted to start a game trying to implement those ideals with Salford City, to see if I can build a culture through the leagues and develop players to sell for a profit and re-invest. I just looked at my Man United save that I started after being inspiried by this thread and I realised that I was getting it all wrong. Having finished the season with a treble (EPL, FA Cup and CL) I went out and signed Harry Kane (first time ever in FM) as he was a much better option as a DLF/CF than Lukaku (who will be sold). I also signed De Ligt, a couple of promising regens and picked up Arthur and Xadas in the winter window. Looks great on paper and I have a feeling that I could get a clean sweep next season (and probably an unbeaten one). However in buying the players I have done, I have abandoned the idea behind developing my own and just played the game with my heart. I cannot seem to remove myself from Manchester United as a fan, which means I buy players to fill gaps that I wish the club would potentially buy in real life. So my best bet to develop a system and squad of my own is to start low or in another league where I will have the challenge of winning the CL. I might just keep the United save on the side so I can see some of these players develop...
  14. @Shakey Wrong? No, not at all. Having a footballing philosphy is a fantastic thing and one which I highly encourage you to do. It is simply a question of balance and juding what your players can do vs what you want them to do. The only issue with training players at a lower level to do more things is the attribute spread. You have far fewer points to to put into things than you would with a player further up the pyramid who has a high PA. At the end of the day, your youth recruitment and facilites determine what sort of player you will get (and someone like @Seb Wassell could give you a very good insight, which I am sure he has done in other threads in the past) so by waiting to get further up the pyramid you get better facilities ergo better young players coming in with higher potential. This is just generalising, you get players like Delli Ali starting off in League 2, Chris Smalling (for all his many faults) was picked up from Non League by Fulham. There is no point training a guy who has a passing ability of 1; but a great League 1/2 defender; to be a BPD. It is a waste of your time and his. Just make him into a cracking defender and leave it at that. You can still play out from the back, you just have to find ways tactically of enabling it with lower quality players. Using a DM who drops deep to get the ball combined with defenders who play the simple pass means you can distrubute how you want. PPM's and tactical tweaks will get you what you want without sacrificing the important attributes too much. If you are interesting in a football philiosophy, I can highly reccomend this thread by @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! https://community.sigames.com/topic/440502-caixa-futebol-academy-youth-development-adapting-tactics/ It is a great way to look at a club and develop a philosophy, it is based around FM 18 and the bloke is an absolute genius. You will also find reference to an old old thread from a bloke called Sfraser in there, which is well worth a look.
  15. Cheers @Seb Wassell. I wasn't aware they had removed the requirment for them to play X number of minutes to get a rating and therefore gain a benefit. @Snorks cheers mate, feel free to steal my schedule! If it helps, I am still playing FM18 which makes it easier to set these changes up. I would love to have the FM19 training system in FM18 as you could create some amazing young players that way as you have so much control over the types of training weeks they would undergo. Its a shame I hate the match engine and Gegenpress 101 with a passion. @Shakey One last thing that I didn't mention. As you move up the pyramid, you can start training your young players to have a lot more skills than just the basics. Training as a Centre Back only is fine at League 1, in the Prem you might want to be developing players who can at least pass the ball more than 5 yards accurately so you might look at training them as BPD instead for a few years before giving them a specialised training schedule that focus on thier main attributes.
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