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  1. At a guess as he is dropping points in some attributes to fund others he is probably at or very close to his max. If the championship is his level it's no great shame, looking at the performances and ratings the top of the prem is just a bridge too far. If you need better and he wants to play then it might be time to say goodbye.
  2. Bizarre, I was thinking about this guy this morning! He has lost one or two points in some areas but gained a hell of a lot in return. I would say he is a very well rounded footballer now. Certainly good enough for the Championship at least.
  3. Probably because he is slow off the mark to be honest. Posistionaly he is excellent. Pogba has the dwells on the ball trait which makes it that much harder to play a fluid game, but Herrera is a great all round player. Hard working, intelligent and technically capable. No real weaknesses to his game other than maybe his finishing but no real areas of outstanding strength either. Pretty much a good central midfielder for anything. In FM18 Fred is still at Shaktar and Sanchez is outstanding, with Martial taking over as he comes to the end of his career.
  4. So you can take Manchester United forward, I planned to make my team youth focused and I would give chances to the young lads coming through but in the end the pressure of needing to win win win meant that I started buying players to fit in. Its a bloody hard thing to do, especially in FM if you are trying a big club. In FM18 United are actually a very good candidate for free flowing football. Matic as a DLP(D), Herrera as a CM(Su) and Pogba as a Mezz(At) is a good midfield 3. Mata can play on the right wing cutting in, or Lingaard as a more direct winger. Sanchez/Martial as IF on the left. Rashford is a great CF but plays so differently to someone like Felix, Lukaku offers you muscle and power while in defence Lindelof and Bailly offer you the perfect combination of silk and steel. Damn, now I want to try a new United save . A club like Newcastle would be great, as you could stay relevant in the league while building that squad up to the level they need to be at. They will give you time to really work on a playing style while you work on the youth setup. They also have a large fan base so becoming more sustainable isn't a huge issue.
  5. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! You started it mate! Everyone is looking at your ideas, trying to implement them into FM20 and discovering that the ME is essentially broken if you play a certain way.
  6. No worries mate! Sometimes a player just doesnt fit your tactical vision no matter what you try with them. The thing is, he is rated as one of the best midfielders in your squad so its going to be tough as you have just been promoted too. Maybe you will get lucky and he will have another growth spurt, perhaps a loan down a division would help him out - getting regular football where he can get good ratings on a consistant basis. That way you take the risk out of your hands and just see if natural growth will help round him out that little bit more. If the worst comes to the worst a PL club will probably take a punt on him thinking he has tons of potential left.
  7. Hmm, he might be getting close to his potential now. Your coaches still arent sure mind you, but he must be close if you arent seeing a lot of changes with more game time. Perhaps wait until pre season and then give him some high intensity work as either a BWM or a CAR to see if you can get his tackling up without costing too many hard earned points elsewhere.
  8. Morning @Kuchiki. So when I first looked at the player before tactic (Barry) I immediately thought SS. That was at a glance at his attributes, I thought he would be a great SS or F9, that was just my inital thoughts and impressions. Initially you say that you want a controlling tactic, which means by default you want to either control the ball or control where the opposistion have the ball. I am leaning more towards controlling the ball based on your tactical choices in your first tactic so it is a varient of total football you are looking to implement with a relatively aggresive press, movement from the front players and some level of interchanging going on. Playing a DLP(S) at the base is a good start, though I would change him to a (D) so that he holds back more and will be in a posistion to recycle the ball and probe for openings - Bowskin seems ideally suited to this role with his PPM's and attribute spread which is where you have put him already. You mention wanting him to move forwards, he will move forwards if the situation demands it as that is where he needs to be to control the game but he will always look to be in space to recieve the ball from a team mate. As for the MEZ, he doesnt need to be left footed at all. Right footed will mean he can cut back inside for a pass or shot into the far corner. I would be tempted to stick him on an (S) duty to start with and see where it goes from there, the idea being that he moves into the half space towards the top left of the opposistion box as you attack. The W(S) on the left will push up against the full back giving him the room to operate. Im going to go off piste here and suggest Barry for the role. He will get forward into the box, playing one-twos to break the lines as well as having a good attribute spread for a player attacking from deep - those PPM's are outstanding for that style of play. A CAR rather than a BWM. A strange choice perhaps, however the BWM tends to be like a labrador in the FM match engine. He will chase down the ball no matter where it is pressing and harrying despite it leaving holes in your defensive shape because its a ball, and he wants it back. Its his ball. A CAR on the other hand will be disciplined in patrolling the area, even moving across to cover for your MEZ if needed and will offer you a passing outlet on the right for your DLP and your players further forward as he plays with a bit more freedom than a BWM without the need to just chase down the ball all of the time keeping your defensive shape. He will also move forward to support the attack where needed as he has a bit more licence to do so. Experienced Defender hit the nail on the head talking about the attacking two. Two creative players, who both want the ball and want to do things with it. You can just imagine them playing lovely creative little passes between each other making noises of utter enjoyment while the possesion does nothing until one of them loses the ball and sulks for a while. To combat this, I would play Harry Allen as an IF(S) or (A) depending on what you are doing with the striker. Allens strengths are his speed, strength and balance and his off the ball movement. He would be a threat in the air coming in at the back post, he could drop deep to help start a move then sprint forward to get into the box. If you think he cant play as a Treq due to his attributes, then I would respectfully suggest that a CF is out of his league as well. This brings me to the star of your show and probably the player that makes me wonder why he was being played in midfield. Vladan Medic. This guy was made to play as a DLF or CF for me. All of his strengths are in his ability with the ball to do something with it for someone else or to make a goal for himself. His one real weakness is his lack of ability in the air, but that is made up for the way in which you are hopefully trying to play. He plays one twos, has great off the ball and vision, is composed with good anticipation and decision making all of which are great for a DLF. He can also dribble, shoot and naturally moves into the channels pulling defenders around as well as being strong and quick. Personally I would start with a DLF(S) and see what you think of the play. He should drop deep and link the play before moving forward, playing one twos with Barry as your MEZ or playing in the IF before getting into the box himself. With his long shots ability and takes first time shots he can be a danger to a goalkeeper from distance. Because of Medic's height issues you might be tempted by low crosses however with Allen coming in off the flank mixed crosses is the way to go and let your winger decide based on what he sees happening in the box at the time. You are doing the right think by playing an attacking full back behind your attacking IF (assuming your striker is on support) as that will create an overload down that side creating space again for crosses or cutbacks. You dont need to use overlap, it doesnt work in the same way as you would expect in real life. What it does is boosts the mentality of your full back while reducing the mentality of the player in front of him slightly to make it look like the overlaps are happening. Hence why it isnt needed for an attacking fullback - he is already going to bomb forward so there is no need to reduce it even more. He should naturally push past your IF as the IF moves inside to be a threat with or without the ball. As for the tactic as a whole, you could try unticking counter and counter press and just rely on your players to make the decision themselves about when to go and press. You are already using a higher LOE so they should press anyway. On a positive mentality they should counter if it is on regardless. You could use the same tactic with a defensive or balanced overall mentality as your away at the big boys tactic, using counter and counter press to try and nick the ball and score a goal to sit on while still aiming to control the ball as much as you can.
  9. Looking at comparisons to his first image, you have seen some really good gains in his weak areas. Vision up by 3 points from 6 to 9. If you can get it to 10 or 11 I would call that a huge win. His composure has also gone up, along with his first touch. Posistioning also up by 3 points to 11, again now looking like a much more well rounded midfielder with the increase to his decision making (another 2 points!). Looking it the spread graph, his defending has come on leaps and bounds, good work with this one mate.
  10. Fair enough. It might be that he is at his PA, which means that changes in one area have to come at the expense of something else.
  11. A CF/A with the drops deep to get the ball trait might work well for Yorke, along with both strikers having Plays One Twos.
  12. Agreed, I would think he would be wasted in a CM spot as that pace and trickery is wasted without space to use it in. Great passing like that on an IF/S would be a real asset, as he also has resonable vision and decision making, composed enough to make that decision and the anticipation to put it in the right area for his team mates movement. Basically an absolute nightmare to defend against.
  13. IF A or S either side, would probably lean towards the left.
  14. SS mate. Starting from deep he will attack the box. Havertz has fairly good mental if I remember, he can make decisions on when to go or when to play in your other attackers.
  15. Ah, I'm still on FM18 where that is an option. DLP D should work well, after 6 months maybe try some time as a DLP S to vary it up a little. However if your coaches are accurate you maybe at close to his full potential now limiting his gains. Still a great player mind you!
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