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  1. Outstanding work sir! Its a perfectly logical system and goes to show that what some people think of a "defensive" formation can actually be very attacking. I like the AF(A) rather than a CF or a DLF, as he will work to keep the defensive line pushed back rather than dropping deep and bringing the defenders with him as he is alone. This means that by the time you compress the space in the middle you have so many options out wide to go with. Are you still playing this formation on an attacking mentality? I am itching to start an Ajax save, stuff like this is really wheting my appitite!
  2. Morning James, One of the first things you need to do is check the quality of your players against the league average to see how you stack up. Rashidi produced a fantastic thread recently, here. It then becomes a question of maximising the strengths of your team and minimising your weaknesses via tactics - e.g if your defenders are strong and great in the air but slow, then a lower Defensive Line and forcing opponents outside to make crosses might be a good start for the defensive portion of your tactic. You will probably find that the quality of your team isnt that different to the
  3. Two simple fixes would be to remove be more expressive and to drop the passing length slightly. This should help you keep hold of the ball more and you should always have passing options with the roles you have picked. If one of your DC have the stats for it, you could always change them to a BPD which would help a little with ball retention. Finally you could move the DLP(Su) to the DM strata as a DLP(D), which would mean that he would always have passing options both in front of him and behind. Consider all of these as levers that you can use potentially to increase possession. If you start
  4. No tactic will ever be perfect for those squares, it is simply telling you that you don't have a DM so that area of the pitch isn't as well guarded as if you had someone in the DM strata. Its only a minor issue as the role you picked is a more defensive one so it will provide some cover.
  5. That would make him more likely to sit and cover, however again it comes down to your whole tactical set up. A DLP(D) on a positive mentality may possibly take more risks than a DLP(Su) in a balanced mentality for example. With your higher D Line and higher LOE you may find that he would leave a gap to press a midfielder in front of him, though you havent gone full extra pressing so it may not happen. There are levers that you can use to mitigate though, such as dropping the DLP to the DM strata which may work with your desire to play a higher tempo passing game as he would likely have 2 centr
  6. Just to add to @Crazy_Ivan's excellent work in the above posts, even at the top level decision making is key. Manchester United in game possess a good squad but one who lack good decision makers across the team, which means that were I playing them in FM21 I wouldn't want to overcomplicate my tactics or instructions. If you were to take individual players, both Fernandes and Pogba have the same decision making ability of 12, but Fernandes makes up for it with far greater work rate, composure, bravery and most importantly determination. That means I would rely on Fernandes to be my creative hub
  7. CWB... he can do everything well and a few things very well. With some training and traits he would be an excellent offensive asset from deep.
  8. It looks like the IWB(S) coming inside early has meant that your DLP has moved centrally as there isnt much room to operate. If they were wider then he would have more room to work meaning that your centre backs would be able to move the ball from side to side easily to find those passing lanes. I agree with you it does look like an issue right now, but some formations do tend to rely on the IWB so I wonder what could be done about it. As always with FM one change to one area of the pitch has a knock on effect to another...
  9. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! So do you think that it is getting congested in the attacking third? Maybe just having Costa sit deeper as a CM(S) with hold posistion or potentially alongside Dantas as a SV(Su) so if he does go forward he does it late?
  10. @Daffius Maximise your strengths, minimise your weaknesses. You obviously have a TM and AF combo that works well, so you can probably cut it down to 2 rather than 3 up front freeing up someone to sit in defensive midfield. Its obviously no good you scoring 3 if every team is pumping 6 past you every game, playing at the previous level you have obviously just overloaded poor players which has probably helped glaze over any weaknesses in your side and/or your tactic. I am not saying 5-3-2 is the answer, it was just an idea while not knowing anything about your side or players. Looking at the cha
  11. I probably wouldnt play that with Barca, never mind AFC Telford. Your players are no where near the required level, so it's no wonder other teams are battering you. Your best bet is consolidation for a season or two to let your reputation catch up with you then try and sign players to fit the style you would like to implement. As LHurlz suggested, try a 5-3-2 and get your wingbacks to cross from deep with a TM - Poacher or AF combo as your two. Direct passing to move the ball forward and maybe keep the tempo up so that your players arent tempted to dwell on the ball against better teams. The a
  12. No worries mate! I remember playing Jesse Lingard as a right sided TQ(A) in FM19 and he was brilliant because of his PPMs and off the ball movement combined with the work rate and stamina to just keep moving and covering lots of ground. Not your usual technical genius with unbelievable flair and can thread a pass between a gnats legs but he brought something completely different to the role. As for the defence/pressing area, you can make your team press as hard as you want. The 4-1-4-1 needs the whole team to press hard to make it effective, which means you are going to have to compr
  13. 1) So I like player traits a lot. For example, playing Juan Mata as a high up Winger in the AMC strata, he has the wingers instructions telling him to get to the bye line but his PPM's allow him to cut inside and get into the box. Effectively he becomes a hybrid winger/IF and can use his own decision making on when to cut inside or when to dribble past his man. Martial has the "gets into opposition area", "Cuts inside from the left" and "moves into channels" PPM's on FM18, which means when he starts from deep he naturally does a lot of the things you want from him as a deeper IF, with the bene
  14. @04texag Really interesting read mate, I have read a lot of @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! in his Benfica thread and it always tempts me back in for some FM. The work you are doing here in FM21 is very interesting too, it looks like you can actually get the tactics creator working for you the way that you want it too. As a side note, when I played FM19 I found that I had far more success with my wide midfielders when I played them in the midfield strata as WM rather than the more advanced IF or IW. Martial thrived coming from deep rather than starting further forward where it became congested qui
  15. At a guess as he is dropping points in some attributes to fund others he is probably at or very close to his max. If the championship is his level it's no great shame, looking at the performances and ratings the top of the prem is just a bridge too far. If you need better and he wants to play then it might be time to say goodbye.
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