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  1. Looking at Aragon there, he has scored or assisted 92 goals in 187 games, almost a 1 in 2 for a direct involvment in a goal. Not a bad return for a player who has been played out of posistion. My only concern for him playing further forward is his posistioning and finishing, both of which are a little low for a top class player. Like you said, he is probably the victim of not being given a role to move towards to finish him off into a more complete player. Right now he is well rounded as a quick, intelligent player but not "great". However, I look forward to more updates on how you are moving this team forward. I love the way you chop and change tactics and that the work you put in creating smart players means you can play any tactic you want with very little in the way of a downside.
  2. Its just a symptom of the modern game unfortunately mate. People expect players to come into the first team at 18 or 19 and be amazing all of the time. Hell, they think that 18 or 19 year old players should be pushing for first team games at teams like United right off the bat and be amazing and change the world and be the new Wayne Rooney... You get generational talents (Felix IRL, Dantas in your game) who make the step up to first team football really young. Others like McTominay start to bloom into first team players at 21-22 and really kick on from there, which is more like the normal at the top level. I am interested in what you do next, I am considering trying the FM20 demo to see if I can overcome some of the ME issues using some of the principles discussed in here. I already have a few ideas....
  3. Actually mate, I think that you have his development bang on track. 2 seasons in the first team he will be 24 and hitting the peak of his powers. If he stays with you, I can forsee 6 solid years as the replacement for Dantas.
  4. I played Pogba as a Volante (At) in a 4-2-3-1 in FM 18 and he was amazing. Paired with Matic as a BWM they just tore the league up, Pogba would get up and down the pitch like the energizer bunny. The key here, is to look beyond what attributes are suggested for a player. His role suggests a DLP or AP in the Midfield Strata, but look at the key stats for a Volante and Pogba has everything bar some defensive strengths. In fact, he is is such a good attacker from deep that those defensive liabilitys can be mitigated with other players.
  5. I believe I still have the teeth marks in my rump where this one bit me in the past. Its a lesson hard learned! @IbrahimAliMaher my first question would be does the Conference side have better coaches than you? You can offset the facilities somewhat by hiring better coaches and firing the dross. Its a cruel way of looking at it, but you are maximising the squads performance in every aspect. No point in keeping dead wood staff alongside dead wood players. As for your prospects, it is possible that they were always suited to conference level and regular football at that level has maxed out thier PA. Your coaches might be seeing thier growth stop when it should be coming on leaps and bounds. It is always a guessing game with young players, a game you only start to get good at with better coaches and facilities to weed out a lot of the dross early. If you are waiting to January, I would say its only worth recalling them if they have a spot in your squad. Otherwise maximise thier value and see what happens at the end of the season.
  6. Unfortunately mate, this does happen in real life. You over achieved and took a club with a pretty low value into a realm of profit, from a business persons point of view. The sharks are always circling.... Sucks to be you, but it happens and because it happens, FM will sim it.
  7. Personally, I do not loan out until they are at least 18 and are in my U-23's. The clubs I am looking at should be playing in the top end of league 1 (probably recently relegated from the Championship) or anywhere in the Championship as it is competitive game time that is important at that age. The choice of club is the important one, less so where the press think they will finish. A good coach who will use them, has a decent working with youngsters rating. Good training facilities are also a must and the team in question must be viewing them as a key/first team player. Dont be afraid of using teams in foreign leagues either, a good player could make all the difference to a team like Granada and have a dramatic influence on thier ability. The only caveat to this is to make sure that they have the "trained at club" tick, especially wiht Brexit around the corner. Finally always consider your squad balance. If you have a huge U-18 team then you can let more players go out on loans as they can pick up the slack for the U-23's. If you are operating with smaller squads then keep in mind you want some spaces in your U-23's for your first team squad players for fitness, and some for the promising U-18s who are getting ready to make the age bracket step up. It is perfectly acceptable to maintain players in your U-23's for the sole purpose of keeping the squad going without hammering your poor young players with a game every other day. This is of course financially dependent but someone at the age of 21 who wont make it to the first team can be a useful player to have in your U-23's for a year or two before you sell/release them. It's another form of squad management and rewards careful planning. I try to keep 5 or 6 players around who are solely meant to supply the spine of the U-23 team, leaving me room to play first teamers and promising youngsters alongside them.
  8. It happens in real life. Ruud Van Nistelrooy was a very late bloomer, only really started coming to prominance at the age of 22 when he joined PSV and started scoring goals for fun. Before that he had been ok for Heerenveen but nothing spectacular (13 goals in 31 apps). He joined United when he was 24/25 (my memory isnt the best) and only then did you really start seeing the best of him at the top level. I know FM tries to replicate that with some players, they are decent to a point, then get good game time and just explode. Drogba is probably another great example, until the season with Marsille before he went to Chelski (I think he was 24 too) he hardly tore the world up.
  9. This is the kind of feedback I want to hear, as someone who owned FM19 and hated everything about the ME and players demanding new contracts every 3 months. The complete lack of movement in strikers and AMC's killed it for me last year and 90% of what I have seen is that AMC's are better but strikers are still so poor. I really, really like the look of the playing pathway, as someone who loves developing youth and playing long term saves it is the kind of thing I really want to see. Also being able to explain to a player when you are phasing him out for the new hottness yet still appreciating his service... class. But everything is about the ME and how it implements your tactics. And it is for this reason I have held off buying this year, as I did not enjoy FM19 and went back to FM18. Thanks for the effort guys, but I dont think you have a sale here this year.
  10. Interesting reasoning there mate. I completely understand wanting to get the club to stand on its own feet as quickly as possible, and lets me honest making 1 billion in 2 seasons will certainly help that. The best part is you kept some world class players around, some top class ones (Almada etc) and created a route into the first team for your young stars. Getting the wage bill down and keeping it down is something I always struggle with, but I guess with a more proffesional squad you dont have to worry so much about players whining over game time or new contracts (one of the many blights of FM19). Turning back to the Ponta De Lanca, what sort of PPM's would you encourage? Plays one twos, runs with the ball more often I can see working as you need a smart player who makes good decisions to use them both together and it fits the hybrid creator/goalscorer role.
  11. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! So you mentioned about looking into Newgen development. I think that it would be a really good thing for the thread to be honest, because you can pick one of your best rated newgens and follow him. That way you can chart his path into the first team, talk about his training, PPM's and how you forsee him fitting into your side and the style of play you are looking to encourage. Something like that across 4-5 seasons might be really usefull for some people as they can see how much planning and thought goes into these things, also how the player affects the mentalitiy and shape that you play. One of the things people often overlook is how PPM's affect a players posistion and actions so you can describe why you give players a PPM and what you expect to see happen with those PPM's etc. Just a thought mate, you already provide some cracking stuff! I am glad you have moved away from your previous tactic, something about it just didnt sit well with me to be honest. Nothing structurally but it just seemed.... unnatural after your free flowing 4-3-3's and 4-2-3-1. But I guess that is the price that you pay for transistion and trying to move to a state of running at a profit without selling players while still challenging for the top honours. Ill bet that despite your hard work the portugese league is still lagging reputationally due to the other teams there not doing an amazing job on the continent. Which means it's still a struggle to keep your best players, pay good wages etc. @denen123 Looking at the tactic you posted and your discussion with @zlatanera I think the biggest strength of your tactic is using the PPM's of your players. I can see what you are trying to do with it off the bat, Mane and Lallana as a mobile pressing front, then a solid midfield 4 in defence. The reason you can use Su duties is down to the PPMs your players have I would think mate. You have good dribblers and probably have players with runs with ball often, gets forward whenever possible, cuts inside from left etc etc. In FM19 starting a player like Salah further back means he acts a lot more like an IF in FM18. I remember trying it with Martial and he was absolutely brutal starting from deep and running at players or making off the ball runs. Playing an attacking mentality with players that like to attack, even on support mentalities should see you overload the opposition from deep, defeating some of the ME issues with FM19. @Robson 07 If you find my random dribblings worth quoting, then thanks lol .
  12. Be careful taking the way you look at it too far. Mentality is about risk taking more than anything else, a CM on Defensive Team Mentality+Support Duty will take fewer risks with his passing, posistioning and forward movement, but as he is on a SU duty he will still do those things. E.g. When there is a clear counter on he will bomb forward if he is able and his own personal decsion making allows it. The same midfielder on Attacking Mentality is more inclined to take risks and move forward and support the attack, taking risks on his positioning to try and hurt the opposition rather than just bombing forward. If you look back to the start of the thread this Benfica side didnt start off with a 100% Overload mentality, they were defensive and playing a structured system where needed until he could develop the mental attributes of his players to move to a more fluid and free flowing game, which is probably the biggest component for his tactics. Having players that make the right decisions at the right time in the right position. But I do agree the game does a truly awful job at explaining these things.
  13. If you own 18, it's miles better than 19. 19 suffers from poor player movement in the final third, which leads to a lot of long shots and blocked crosses. The training revamp looks good until you try and mentor players, or develop a player's weakest abilities. I haven't really played 17 but I have hundreds of hours in 18. Stick with it and don't pre order 20 yet.
  14. Jesus wept! That is an absolutely outrageous ammount of money.... Now to introduce the next crop and make even more! Stadium upgrade ahoy... hell, with that ammount of money coming in the board could afford to build you a new 150K stadium!
  15. @zlatanera - If it was, I didnt see it as I kind of migrated over here reading reviews of the FM19 early access beta and got tempted in. I never really needed much help with FM18, I used to read Cleon's stuff, as well as Bustthenet but that was more for other ideas than needing help per se. When I first came across team shape it used to annoy the hell out of me, but eventually it clicked. Reading through threads like this really get my creative juices flowing as @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! knows how to break the mold and play amazing football as well as develop players properly (The way I wish United would do at the minute!). @Chief232 @zlatanera @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! as this references the whole discussion on mentality. In FM19 it is hidden behind text, which gives you a broad idea of what your player is going to do in a system. Team shape has gone (Which I initially thought could be a blessing) even though you have a reference to it you dont really see how it changes things for you that easily. I understand that SI wanted to make things easier for people by introducing tactical templates to allow the new user to just dive into what is a huge and diverse world of player interaction, development and training. But I feel that they missed something as the actual explainations of what changing certain things do are poor. To the layman, focus play through the middle means you will play the ball through the centre of the park at every opportunity. What O-zil does in this thread and others is show you how that one change just shifts the mentality of your central players up a couple of notches, easy to see using the mentality calculator but even if you count the bars you can see the difference. As Zlatanera says, text does not change, it just stays as positive. You have to assume that one is more positive than the other but you have no idea of how much. This is where the plug and play tactics come in, as they are set up by SI with eyes under the hood so they know what is happening and why, hence why people say that just picking 4-2-3-1 Gegenpress = Win with vaguely decent players at any level. I tried for ages following Hernes possesion football thread to come up with something I liked but the game kept annoying the hell out of me. One of the things SI need to add is an explaination of what a change does when they select it. Some people look at an attacking fullback, attacking winger/IF and wonder why the look for overlap button doesnt result in an overlap as thier defender gets caught out time and time again while the winger/IF smashes the ball into the box at every opportunity. Work Ball Into Box is a magical possesion cure, not actually getting players with good decision making and vision. It is frustrating and causes even the experienced issues at time (looking at myself here, played nearly every iteration of the game since 01/02). I understand why they moved away from sliders to control things and became more text based. The thing is, some of the indicators are actually useful and I feel this is where SI have slipped up and why you have people like Cleon and Rashidi answering daft questions and writing thread after thread on football basics in FM. It is one of the main reasons that I have slipped back into FM18. The training system isnt as good but the tutoring system is far better than 19's "hope for the best" approach. I love the fact that we can sit and discuss this sort of thing until the cows come home, we can read threads like this and be inspired but I worry where the new blood is coming from as the attempts to simplify the game havent really worked all that well. Alright, some of it is down to some criminal ME flaws in this years version, but how would you feel about FM if 19 was your first one? @Chief232 Gardner was actually a quality winger/fullback back around 04/05. People never really gave Big Sam the credit he deserved for the quality of that Bolton side that he put together. Gritty when they needed to be and flash and free flowing when it was on. Also, Jay Jay, so good they named him twice! Sam will forever be tainted by his later years battling relegation and becoming really pragmatic. Hell, I remember putting him forward for the United job when Fergie was sruggling in the early 00's back on the old footygamer forums.
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