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  1. Kick-off isn't until 5am Monday here, will wake up just before and watch hoping that we don't go to extra time as I'll have to drive to work then...
  2. Thought Phillips was this big bundle of energy but he was slow af today
  3. Yep, dosed off on the couch and woke up to the players standing in the corner then it cut to the studio and they were visibly distressed.
  4. Finland's goal kicks and general out from the goalie play is dodgy af
  5. Me too but only around 10 games in, hardly get any in matches either. Where's your thread in the bug forum? I could upload my save game later on today.
  6. Last game away at Guisely, 59% possession, 22 shots, 3 CCC, 4 HC to their 9, 0 and 2. Score? 3-0 loss
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