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  1. Me too but only around 10 games in, hardly get any in matches either. Where's your thread in the bug forum? I could upload my save game later on today.
  2. Last game away at Guisely, 59% possession, 22 shots, 3 CCC, 4 HC to their 9, 0 and 2. Score? 3-0 loss
  3. It's definitely not been too easy for me. My defence has been shocking for me, most games I've been getting at least 55% possession but concede whenever the other teams has it. 😁
  4. I'm only a few games into the season with Chester in the Conference North but I didn't suffer any injuries through pre-season and have only had 3 the whole time. Two knocks to the ankle/foot which were just 2-3 day recoveries and a calf strain which is going to be a month or so. Seems low imo.
  5. It's my first FM since FM13 for me really, bought up to 16 but hardly played them. Massively overwhelmed atm but the additions over the past couple of years seem good.
  6. Decided to go for Chester in the Vanarama North. Going to try and play a possession based game with them focusing the majority of training on ball retention, intrigued to see if it's possible in the lower leagues.
  7. So much better, maybe too many scroll bars on player profiles but much easier to see!
  8. Playing at 1920 x 1080 is everything supposed to be so small? The continue button is tiny as well as the sidebar.
  9. I have no idea who to go, any ideas? Don't want a big club, don't fancy starting right at the bottom.
  10. Sitting here, hungover, ordered 50 bucks worth of Chinese, ate half of it (chop suey was disgusting) and still feeling hungover and no beta either. Heavy days.
  11. Those teams would have the exact same problem IRL. IMO teams would spend multiple sessions in the lead up to the game trying to figure out a way to beat them, tailoring those sessions to the game plan for the day. They probably will struggle but they will do anything they can to nullify the opposition and if they do it would be hailed a masterclass.
  12. I'm struggling to see any of his past videos, I think there's a problem with twitch on my iPad or something.
  13. Yeah this was actually really annoying. Cheers, I'll check it out.
  14. Yeah Teach was good, where do I get more of his stuff?
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