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  1. Also for steak, just coat the steak in canola and salt. Then finish with a big knob of butter in the pan with some garlic and a hard herb for basting
  2. Depends on the heat and smoking temperatures of the oil. Stir frys I'll use canola oil but I'll use olive oil for sauteing.
  3. Australian horse racing hasn't stopped. NRL set to start 28th May, AFL some time after if they can work out interstate travel... Community sport set to come back in some states as well, can't wait.
  4. Had the worst lag yesterday, coming into the top 10 with a full squad left and we all started to make our way into the circle. We weren't far away from the circle and still had about 30 seconds to get inside. Then it started to lag and kept putting me back in the same spot, not letting me jump over the wall. The gas however, was still closing in and took out the whole squad whilst it lagged for 30 seconds straight.
  5. Most states in Australia have closed their borders. AFL footy suspended, schools closed in Vic, 14 day isolation for interstate travelers. World's gone mad
  6. Australian rules footy is back, give that a watch fellas!
  7. Altered Carbon season two finally out for those that enjoyed the first one.
  8. I went in April and it was freezing
  9. Yeah they're everywhere, same as ferrel donkeys.
  10. I don't think I've ever seen numbers quoted before, no idea how they estimate it either.
  11. Let's not forget that this is an estimate but obviously going to be a huge number. I'd imagine bushfires in the past across the whole of Australia would've resulted in similar numbers, especially when fires are left to burn due to being untenable and an unnecessary drain on resources. There is no doubt about it though, this is a catastrophic event, unseen in recent times due to the sheer amount of drought seen across the country and an ever changing climate, going from one extreme to the other. We had snow in some of the areas on fire now less than 2 months ago!
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