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  1. hursty2

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Clearly not! @Rio_V , forum is playing up.
  2. hursty2

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Our CB, that takes corners, was at fault for both goals.
  3. hursty2

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Lingard is completely non existent here, even that ball before was terrible.
  4. hursty2

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    We'll lose today, so many false comings under LVG just for us to lose again.
  5. hursty2

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Starting XI : BSD, Young, Smalling, Blind, Darmian, Schneiderlin, Fellaini , Lingard, Herrera, Martial, Rooney.
  6. hursty2

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    It's not just the poor displays now, it's the fact that we have a tiny squad decimated by injuries and that is only down to one person. And now we've got to deal with that over the christmas period.
  7. hursty2

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    LVG's style of football is supposed to be suited to Europe and look what happened.
  8. hursty2

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    3-0?! Well this is ****ing ****!
  9. hursty2

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Sick of watching the ***** before me every week, so ****ing boring.
  10. hursty2

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Shaw was 3 last season wasn't he? And now he's gone to 23, what's with that?
  11. Yeah, I'm on Mac too and I can't even get past the load screen at the start.
  12. Can't even get past the loading screen!
  13. 180 hours for me, will still buy FM15 though and see if I can get into it more so than this one.
  14. United side at the start of my 2016/17 season. ---------------------DDG----------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Rafael------Shawcross-----Evans------Bernat ------------------------------------------------- -----------Lucas Silva----L Bender------------ ------------------------------------------------- Mata--------------Januzaj-------------Bernard ------------------------------------------------- --------------------Lukaku--------------------- Then in back up I've got; John Stones, Alex Galvez, Luke Shaw, Carrick, James Ward-Prowse, Powell, Nani, Joel Campbell, Rooney, Wilson and then a couple of young regens. I holidayed the first season in game and United came 10th so I took them over at the end of that year, winning the Prem for the next 2 seasons, winning the league cup in my first and making it to the CL final last year where I got beat by Barca(AGAIN!) in extra time by 35yd wonder goal by Griezmann. Pretty successful so far but I haven't had a prolific goalscorer throughout so I'm hoping by signing Lukaku that he will fill that role. I'm also trying to get more English players into the side and tbf Shaw, Stones and JWP could step into that starting 11 without any problems.
  15. The keeper catching the ball then going over the line is a massive problem, then not to mention the amount of crosses that get smacked into shins and out for corners. There's always loads of corners because of this.