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  1. Does the FFP status of your club start 'fresh' when you first load up a game? EG if your club has spent £100mill already and you go and spend another £100 mill (and not sell anyone) would the net spend be £200mill?
  2. I am playing FM12 - FFP rules were not implemented into the game at this point, but I want to know which area of the finance section would you look at, to understand if you're under or over? Is it the profit/loss section under overall season?
  3. I'm playing FM12 - Don't ask. I just loved that version out of all the S.I FM games since 2005 release. Question is this, I know FFP didn't come into the FM world when FM12 was released, however, I would like to follow the rules as it were, as much as possible. I've attached a screen capture of a Manchester United save - it shows the overall balance of the club etc - could you tell me if what I am seeing is correct, in that overall profit/loss, that I am in profit? I see a couple of red sections for previous month and current month. Yet overall, I'm in the clear? I understand current FFP rules allow a club to make no more than a £35million loss over a 3 year period? I've only just loaded up the game and my net spend on transfers is less than £10million. Add-on a few million for sign-on fees etc and I shouldn't be in the red, surely? Thank you in advance.. IMG_4422.HEIC
  4. Outside of the player wage budget, which budget does their bonus payments get deducted from? Is it deducted from the weekly budget or the overal club balance?
  5. Hi, Under 'tactical style' -> (list of tactics) I want my team to train under my custom tactics, but they're not listed in the pre-designed tactics. I've created 3 tactics and saved them successfully. So why can't I find them when tweeking the training? The pre-training is set to 'tactical - medium' - will that automatically assign the players to train using the tactics I've created?
  6. Sorry if not posted in correct part of forum. I've added the real names fix to the game by adding the filed to the 1910 pathway - but I added the download to 1900/1901 and 1910 - because I wasn't sure I followed the steps correct. Will I have messed any of the in-game data up? It's worked fine and the Brazilian team names are no longer abreviated to 3 letters etc - but curious to know if I may have messed anything else up?
  7. I've just done some more testing - and loaded an original editor with no changes. I then put Sanchez back at Arsenal and loaded a new FM game - £217m was my wage spend limit. Just one change caused it to drop from £240 mill. Why is this?!
  8. Hi all, I've recently posted about FFP for wages. I started a Man Utd save and had used editor prior to the game start-up, to remove Jose's transfers made last season so I have some sort of a mini challenge in rebuilding the squad (I know it's an odd thing to do, but I just like to do it) Anyway, as I put the likes of Lukaku, Matic and Lindelof back at their respective clubs, I increased the club's bank balance given the game would have acknowledged United had spent the best part of £145million on these aforementioned. If I didn't do this, I'd have a mere £43 million to spend...pennies for a club like United. So, my question is this: As a result of making these modifications in editor, my allowed wage spend for the year was £213million. This meant I was easily breaking FFP rules simply by making a couple of signings and renewing one or two player's contract. I thought it was quite odd that this should happen so easily as previous FMs gone by, this hasn't happened to me before. To test my theory, I loaded another save without my user editor in check, and my wage spend limit per year was £240 mill. I also reloaded another save with the old update and again, no user editor, just to see if this made any changes - and wage spend limit was £235-£240 million or so. So what have I done to make my wage spend limit be £213 mill? I haven't tampered with anything in editor other than adding £145mill to the overall bank balance. I know breaking FFP on wages is very minor, but I am very curious as to why big change in budget considering I had got rid of big summer signings the club had made in real life and that includes not having Sanchez who would be on 350k a week. Cheers all.
  9. But I reloaded a new save, same team and league - with completely different figures for wage year spend.
  10. During my save, I was set to fail ffp on wages. The amount i could spend was 213 million a year. i started a new save with same team and same update - this time I was allowed 240 million a year. Why is this?
  11. Just looking at my squad registration and wondered what the attached highlighted means. I haven't got 10 future transfers going out. Only have a couple out on loan.
  12. Hi, When you view a club's overall bank balance and transfer balance, are these amounts taking into account real-life transfer fees spent when the game was out? For example: Man Utd spent around £145mill in the summer of 2017. Their club balance according to the editor is about 340million with about 42 mill for transfers. If United hadn't have spent a penny, would the balance be what I've mentioned plus £145mill fees spent?
  13. But has this actually been removed from the game though? Officially speaking?
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