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  1. Bitcoin’s market cap breaches $1 trillion. https://companiesmarketcap.com/assets-by-market-cap/
  2. Whatever happened to Manimal?
  3. The strange thing is, all the old people will have been giunea pigs for the vaccine so I don’t see why younger people think they won’t be able to handle it.
  4. Below 500 on a week day is a big drop.
  5. Not sure if I agree with that. The Aussie government are basically telling Facebook they must keep news on its platform and pay for the privilege which seems pretty backwards to me. Google are having their own protest by only signing with one media organisation ensuring that only one kind of story will be heard on their platform from now on.
  6. Brazilian Karen anti masker. NOT safe for work
  7. Yes, that’s how we have them.
  8. For a fan film, this is really good. Ok, it's in Czech but I'm fine with subtitles.
  9. Apparently the above is fake news.
  10. https://dailynewsarena.com.ng/central-bank-of-kenya-announces-switch-to-bitcoin Bold move Cotton.
  11. Jokes on them. I’m putting beans on Asda’s home brand wheat biscuits.
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