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  1. Ronaldo's touchline antics.
  2. I liked the bit with the moths.
  3. Out of 10. What would you give it? Edit: I swear I clicked select one option. Moths to blame.
  4. Ronaldo just takes it.
  5. Ronaldo was alright till he took a moth to the knee.
  6. The moths don't like Ronaldo do they. French moths you see.
  7. Martial doing stuff...
  8. Oh now he's coming on.
  9. Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllll!
  10. The moths got him.
  11. And who wasn't knackered.
  12. If only France could bring on a player who had pace and could dribble well...
  13. Poor moths. They just came to see the final. Half of them have probably been swallowed by the players.
  14. They should do Pickled Onion if you ask me.
  15. I know. Someone needs a word with his barber.