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  1. I forgot all about Darren. That hole's wide enough to be his grave.
  2. Oh great. This is where all my s*** posting comes back to haunt me
  3. You weren't confident enough to make an ABE thread this year though.
  4. More like our best players are forwards and attacking midfield players and to accommodate that we had to have one central midfielder and two wing backs supplying them. When those players forgot how to or couldn't supply our front players we had no other plan. But then it was kind of always like that because of the limited quality of the squad. I guess a lot of people forgot our limitations when we got to the semis.
  5. To be fair, I think the team lost their heads again. It's like they didn't believe in their game plan and started humping everything up front. Should have done better but then we came further than we probably hoped for. I guess I've seen this too many times over the last three decades to be too gutted.
  6. I think we have been pissing around with the ball too much. Need to start creating chances!
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