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  1. Yeah, I'm leaning towards paying it off. Always overpaid until our little one was born, then stopped when my wife went on maternity leave. Got another on the way in a few months, so probably not going to be overpaying again for a little bit! Maternity pay isn't great!
  2. Our mortgage is coming up for renewal. Ported our previous one when we moved and both parts of the mortgage are up for renewal. When I looked at the LTV a few weeks back, we're about £3,000 off 60%. Need to decide whether it's worth paying that little bit off for a better rate when rates are so low generally.
  3. Sounds like they're piggy backing off something legitimate. From skimming the link you posted, you should have received a cheque, you shouldn't be filling out your details on a third party site.
  4. I feel like AirDroid do something for that. Yup, looks like they do something called AirMirror. Not sure if it's exactly what you're after as I've never used it, but might be worth having a look at. AirDroid itself is pretty good. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sand.airmirror
  5. Karlan Grant at West Brom also seems to do really well on my games.
  6. Interesting about books. Mine is similar. The way we're currently approaching it is by having specific books before bed. Working for now, but definitely something I'll keep in mind when the current routine inevitably stops working! Female protagonists is something I'm very conscious of trying to make sure she's exposed to. We've got a 'my new baby' book to read her, but it there was a really limited selection of books with a little girl having a new sibling. Most were about a boy.
  7. What age did you all start letting your kids watch TV? Ours is 18 months and doesn't watch anything. Friend's kid recognised the Pepper Pig theme song before they were 12 months. Got number two on the way in May, so planning to introduce TV to the small person around then. Number two won't have to wait so long as they'll see their big sister watching it from an early age.
  8. This topic always comes up and the variance across the country still amazes me, even though I know it's a very real thing. Remember visiting a friend in Swansea not long after buying our first place and being shocked walking by an estate agents and seeing what was available at the equivalent price. Bought our first place just after turning 24 (offer was accepted when 23). £180k, two bed flat. Now 31 and moved outside of the M25 to a three bed semi for roughly double the price. Moved 3 1/2 years ago, but no plans to move in the next few years. Wife and I were talking about this sort o
  9. Early Black Friday stuff has popped up on my phone today. Haven't had a look what's there yet, but assume it's similar to Prime Day stuff. Might have some different Lego sets or something though!
  10. It's not really a one answer fits all type of thing. If you've got a pension that's £200k+, then £3k isn't really going to make much of a difference on it's own so you would probably want to put them together for ease. Financially, it's probably not going to make much of a difference, but it's easier for you to keep track of things. You'd be amazed how many people reach retirement age and have no idea where/what money they've got from old pensions. Trying to track down 10+ old employer pensions is then great fun. The main things I would look at are the management charges, investment
  11. I assume that's the value of your pension 'pot' i.e. it's not a final salary pension of £1.2k a year. If you're happy with your current pension, then I'd personally consolidate a pension that small with my current one. Chances are that you're paying higher management fees on the old one than you are on your current one. If you had a few large pensions scattered around, it'd obviously need a bit more thought and professional advice to consider spreading the risk etc.
  12. Create a folder called 'emails pre 25/08/2020', pop them all in there and start fresh. You're welcome.
  13. One. An email about my car insurance that I've read, but marked as unread so I remember to do something about it.
  14. AFK Arena is my current favourite I think. Only needs 5/10 mins a day unless there's an event on. Polytopia is one I play in bursts as it's not an idle game like AFK.
  15. One of those where even by losing, Till hasn't really lost any ground. Arguably earned more credibility as a future MW title challenger with this loss than he did with the previous win.
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