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  1. Which formation / strategy is good against an aggressive, flat 3-4-3? When my team is winning the opposition often switches to a 3-4-3 which causes problems.
  2. Nice to see an update. There's a lot of room for improvement for Seldler.
  3. Nice season for Seldler. Very happy with his progress. Seldler: -5 Crossing, +5 Finishing
  4. Seldler now playing for Man United. Better than Paris. He gets more appearances and goals also. His stats are amazing.
  5. Roman Seldler: corners -10, flair +10 It's a shame that Seldler left Mainz. I hope he will become a key player for PSG.
  6. 6 Goals and 3 MOM in 11 Games in the Bundesliga. Looking good for Seldler.
  7. Seldler is fantastic. Maybe not the most goals, but first cap (and first goal) for Germany und U18 Player of the year.
  8. "Fairly susceptible to injuries" and lack of natural fitness. I hope Seldler won't be injured too often. Looking forward for the first goal.
  9. Name: Roman Seldler Starting club: Mainz 05 Position: Striker/AML DOB: 22/11 Nationality / 2nd Nationality : German / Ukrainian City Of Birth: Berdyansk Height & Weight: 189cm, 78kg Foot: right Personality Stats you have 100 points to distribute between Adaptability: 11 Ambition: 20 Loyalty: 12 Pressure: 10 Professional: 20 Sportsmanship: 9 Temperament: 13 Controversy: 5 110 stat points to go on your Attributes everyone will have 20 Determination Corners 1 Crossing 1 Dribbling 3 Finishing 6 First Touch 3 Free Kick Taking 1 Heading 7 Long Shots 1 Long Throws 1 Mar
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