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  1. Which formation / strategy is good against an aggressive, flat 3-4-3? When my team is winning the opposition often switches to a 3-4-3 which causes problems.
  2. Maybe his shirt turned red, because he has a really bad injury and is bleeding.
  3. Hahaha... loved to see it happen in real life when Fenerbahce plays against Galatasaray.
  4. Hey, guys. I need your help! I just signed this player: He is a natural Full Back, but for me he looks like a good striker, too. What do you think? Should I retrain him on a new position. Could he also play good in the midfield or as a winger? Thanks in advance. I'm playing in the 3rd Spanish Division btw (actually it's called Segunda Division).
  5. Best home tactic for Football Manager I've used so far. But a bad tactic for away games. Only one point in 8 away games.
  6. Hey, guys. I need a a very defensiv tactic to minimize the chance of a loss for my team. I'm currently playing with Nepal U20 and have to play against Japan U20. Japan has some real good players and is playing with an offensive 3-5-2 formation. With which formation should I play against them?
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