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  1. Regarding my idea a little up the page, including the two people in here I've had 5 people get back to me which has convinced me that my initial reservations were correct. I know not everybody reads this thread but I'm really not willing to even think about starting it without a decent amount of interest. If anybody else thinks they can pull it off and are willing to give it a go feel free to run with it.
  2. I've been sitting on an idea for a sign-up for a while now, I've put a decent amount of thought into it and decided that it could work. Basically it's a fighting/boxing/MMA based sign-up - I'm leaning towards MMA because it'll allow for more variety in the reports and I know more about MMA than boxing. Without going into too much detail, the weight classes are replaced by positions so defenders only fighting defenders etc Fight Nights would take place once every week in real time and would consist of "fights" all taking place on the same matchday in game with the fights themselves being stats
  3. Ok well I've PM'd super_lampard just to check he's alright with it, if I haven't heard from him within a couple of days I'll go ahead and open it up, as I said before I'm sure he won't mind.
  4. Was looking back through some of the sign-ups that have failed over the years and came across this one by super_lampard. It's a very simple but appealing idea if you ask me and it's a shame it didn't go further, I'm thinking of attempting to re-do it. I could have it finished by the time FM11 comes out (going on the usual October release date) providing I get it up and running in the next few days and I'm pretty sure super_lampard would have no objections.
  5. Well the name is already in use for a similar challenge started less than a week ago - Link They're both decent idea's but I think the amount of initial changes people will need to make to their squad will put them off, as you can see the one I linked doesn't have any replies yet.
  6. Ok, trying to think of ways to compare players from match to match, easy enough for outfield players as you can compare passes, shots etc but what about Goalkeepers? So far I have shots saved and that's all I could think of. Can anybody think of any other stats you can use to compare 'keepers?
  7. After much deliberation and a little bit of encouragement from PluckaDuck I've decided to re-create my F1 sign-up for this year. There will be some minor changes but everything is pretty much the same. I'll get the thread up someone in the next couple of days, I'm offering anyone who took part in the first one the chance to reserve a spot if they don't think they'll be around to get in or just simply don't want to miss out on what's bound to be an awesome sign-up Just drop me a PM. EDIT: A link to the original for those who have no idea what I'm talking about.
  8. I'd just like to say how completely void of idea's I am for a sign-up this year. I've very nearly finished my "It Could Be You...." one and have been trying to think of something to run when it's finished for months but have managed to come up with nothing that really excites me. Decided to dedicate this evening to reading through this thread, trying to find some inspiration but it hasn't happened. Not entirely sure what the point of this post is, just expressing my frustrations I guess
  9. Spot on really, I was thinking match by match. My only concern is that because only one team can be playing at a time the people not playing may lose interest.
  10. There's been a fair amount of sign-ups quite recently based around tv shows, so what do we think about a cross between FM and The Crystal Maze? For anyone who doesn't know what it is, you can read about it here
  11. I think the format is fine as it is really mate, I seem to remember wisla? starting one similar based in Northern Ireland? which was good whilst it lasted. It means you just have follow all the players and team as a whole and then hopefully as many as possible remain with the club. Sometimes the simplest ideas work the best and there's no need to complicate them. EDIT: A quick search found that very sign-up if that's the sort of thing you're after.
  12. Shame Webber never really matched the heights of his team mate Anyway, the problem with that format is there's no control over where the players go so people can be disadvantaged if they move somewhere like Russia or an unplayable league which seems a bit unfair. That and massive amount of time it took to do each update. I'll have a think anyway.
  13. Just thinking through some ideas for my next sign-up (obviously got "It Could be You... to finish first) and can't decide whether to : (1) Re-do this but with "Races" being seasonal and going to a different league every season. (2) Re-do it but using clubs instead of players in their own "F1 League" (3) Re-do it exactly as it was but seriously cut down on the updates because I don't have anything like that sort of time anymore. (4) Something else that I havent thought of yet but probably club based.
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