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  1. Wednesday 6th July 2016 Portugal 1-1 Wales 20:00 Thursday 7th July 2016 Germany 1-2 France 20:00
  2. IWWROCKS Vs Noob21 - I think Noob edges it slightly with a few more players capable of making the difference, very close. Gorando Vs Andyh21 - Some real up and down performers for both teams but I think Andy has just enough quality to steal it, espeically with de Gea to keep him safe. Harryseaess Vs RickyButton - I think for the first time Harry is in danger of losing the midfield battle and that's going to cost him. Baptista_8 Vs Whoopy D - While I won't vote for myself I do think I would win this one, midfield/attack is better and only really his 2 Cb's are better with the rest of the defence/GK being pretty much even.
  3. Poland 0-1 Portugal 20:00 Wales 1-1 Belgium 20:00 Germany 1-1 Italy 20:00 France 2-0 Iceland 20:00
  4. Switzerland 1-1 Poland (Saturday 14:00) Wales 2-0 Northern Ireland (Saturday 17:00) Croatia 1-0 Portugal (Saturday 20:00) France 2-0 Republic of Ireland (Sunday 14:00) Germany 1-0 Slovakia (Sunday 17:00) Hungary 0-1 Belgium (Sunday 20:00) Italy 0-0 Spain (Monday 17:00) England 1-0 Iceland (Monday 20:00)
  5. Baptista_8 Vs IWWROCKS - Settled by a lone Pogba wonder strike I think. kris0710 Vs managerdude_66 - Pretty close in quality and setup, Bale will win it in the end. Citizen Kane Vs Hodgy - Kane vs Kane but it's the manager who comes out on top with a bit more quality in most areas. Whoopy D Vs AdyTaylor - not voting for myself and won't begrudge the vote when Evra is on the other team. Harryseaess Vs craigcwwe - I always want to vote for craig until I remember that defence. Anti Spiral Vs Scott1892 - Scott just edges it.
  6. Gorando Vs Noob21 - Even Ronaldo could score against that keeper. RickyButton Vs stotty1982 - Comfortable win for Ricky. georginho_juventusygr Vs Cougar2010 - Close win for george, just not feeling cougars defence. Reddiablo Vs Andyh21 - Think Andy has a slightly better balance to his team and a real nice central midfield pair + de Gea given1legend Vs Bliss Seeker - Iniesta + Lukaku enough for the win. darren1983 Vs adhikapp - I like the front 4 for adhi better, the rest is pretty close.
  7. Sunday 19th June 2016 Romania 1-0 Albania Group A 20:00 Switzerland 0-0 France Group A 20:00 Monday 20th June 2016 Russia 1-2 Wales Group B 20:00 Slovakia 1-1 England Group B 20:00 Tuesday 21st June 2016 Northern Ireland 0-2 Germany Group C 17:00 Ukraine 1-3 Poland Group C 17:00 Croatia 1-1 Spain Group D 20:00 Czech Republic 0-1 Turkey Group D 20:00 Wednesday 22nd June 2016 Hungary 0-2 Portugal Group F 17:00 Iceland 1-1 Austria Group F 17:00 Italy 1-0 Republic of Ireland Group E 20:00 Sweden 1-2 Belgium Group E 20:00
  8. Wednesday 15th June 2016 Russia 1-0 Slovakia Group B 14:00 Romania 0-0 Switzerland Group A 17:00 France 2-0 Albania Group A 20:00 Thursday 16th June 2016 England 1-0 Wales Group B 14:00 Ukraine 1-0 Northern Ireland Group C 17:00 Germany 3-2 Poland Group C 20:00 Friday 17th June 2016 Italy 2-1 Sweden Group E 14:00 Czech Republic 0-1 Croatia Group D 17:00 Spain 1-0 Turkey Group D 20:00 Saturday 18th June 2016 Belgium 2-1 Republic of Ireland Group E 14:00 Iceland 1-0 Hungary Group F 17:00 Portugal 2-0 Austria Group F 20:00
  9. given1legend Vs darren1983- Probably a draw but darren has a few more players who might produce something special. Gorando Vs RickyButton- I fancy Rickys midfield to control this one provide enough chances for Zlatan to seal the win. stotty1982 Vs Noob21- Quite close across most of the pitch but Noobs attack is better + Ronaldo adhikapp Vs Bliss Seeker - Iniesta to create enough for Lukaku he has to eventually score. georginho_juventusygr Vs Reddiablo - Don't really want to vote for a team with Fellaini in it but I think george will sneak it. Andyh21 Vs Cougar2010 - Modric and de Gea win.
  10. Citizen Kane Vs Whoopy D - Don't vote for yourself etc kris0710 Vs Baptista_8 - Close one, think he just about edges it with a better striker. IWWROCKS Vs managerdude_66 - Another close one, two really good teams but I think IWW just about edges it in most positions so he gets the win. AdyTaylor Vs Hodgy - Hard to seperate but not going to vote against Evra in the end. Harryseaess Vs Anti Spiral - Kante and Payet win this for Harry. Scott1892 Vs craigcwwe - I want to vote for craig but just can't bring myself to overlook that back three.
  11. Is this a game of the two nicest kits at the tournament? Best two I've seen so far I'd say.
  12. Got some interesting half time coverage here, just watching replay after replay of the goal. Some with crowd noise some with no sound at all. Then a few highlights, again some with crowd noises and some silent, then back to replay after replay of the goal.
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