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  1. Whoopy D

    Euro 2016 Prediction League - Round 6

    Wednesday 6th July 2016 Portugal 1-1 Wales 20:00 Thursday 7th July 2016 Germany 1-2 France 20:00
  2. IWWROCKS Vs Noob21 - I think Noob edges it slightly with a few more players capable of making the difference, very close. Gorando Vs Andyh21 - Some real up and down performers for both teams but I think Andy has just enough quality to steal it, espeically with de Gea to keep him safe. Harryseaess Vs RickyButton - I think for the first time Harry is in danger of losing the midfield battle and that's going to cost him. Baptista_8 Vs Whoopy D - While I won't vote for myself I do think I would win this one, midfield/attack is better and only really his 2 Cb's are better with the rest of the defence/GK being pretty much even.
  3. IWW Noob CK Andy Harry Ricky Bliss -
  4. Whoopy D

    Euro 2016 Prediction League - Round 5

    Poland 0-1 Portugal 20:00 Wales 1-1 Belgium 20:00 Germany 1-1 Italy 20:00 France 2-0 Iceland 20:00
  5. Whoopy D

    Euro 2016 Prediction League - Round 4

    Switzerland 1-1 Poland (Saturday 14:00) Wales 2-0 Northern Ireland (Saturday 17:00) Croatia 1-0 Portugal (Saturday 20:00) France 2-0 Republic of Ireland (Sunday 14:00) Germany 1-0 Slovakia (Sunday 17:00) Hungary 0-1 Belgium (Sunday 20:00) Italy 0-0 Spain (Monday 17:00) England 1-0 Iceland (Monday 20:00)
  6. Baptista_8 Vs IWWROCKS - Settled by a lone Pogba wonder strike I think. kris0710 Vs managerdude_66 - Pretty close in quality and setup, Bale will win it in the end. Citizen Kane Vs Hodgy - Kane vs Kane but it's the manager who comes out on top with a bit more quality in most areas. Whoopy D Vs AdyTaylor - not voting for myself and won't begrudge the vote when Evra is on the other team. Harryseaess Vs craigcwwe - I always want to vote for craig until I remember that defence. Anti Spiral Vs Scott1892 - Scott just edges it.
  7. Gorando Vs Noob21 - Even Ronaldo could score against that keeper. RickyButton Vs stotty1982 - Comfortable win for Ricky. georginho_juventusygr Vs Cougar2010 - Close win for george, just not feeling cougars defence. Reddiablo Vs Andyh21 - Think Andy has a slightly better balance to his team and a real nice central midfield pair + de Gea given1legend Vs Bliss Seeker - Iniesta + Lukaku enough for the win. darren1983 Vs adhikapp - I like the front 4 for adhi better, the rest is pretty close.
  8. Whoopy D

    Euro 2016 Prediction League - Round 3

    Sunday 19th June 2016 Romania 1-0 Albania Group A 20:00 Switzerland 0-0 France Group A 20:00 Monday 20th June 2016 Russia 1-2 Wales Group B 20:00 Slovakia 1-1 England Group B 20:00 Tuesday 21st June 2016 Northern Ireland 0-2 Germany Group C 17:00 Ukraine 1-3 Poland Group C 17:00 Croatia 1-1 Spain Group D 20:00 Czech Republic 0-1 Turkey Group D 20:00 Wednesday 22nd June 2016 Hungary 0-2 Portugal Group F 17:00 Iceland 1-1 Austria Group F 17:00 Italy 1-0 Republic of Ireland Group E 20:00 Sweden 1-2 Belgium Group E 20:00
  9. Whoopy D

    Euro 2016 Prediction League - Round 2

    Wednesday 15th June 2016 Russia 1-0 Slovakia Group B 14:00 Romania 0-0 Switzerland Group A 17:00 France 2-0 Albania Group A 20:00 Thursday 16th June 2016 England 1-0 Wales Group B 14:00 Ukraine 1-0 Northern Ireland Group C 17:00 Germany 3-2 Poland Group C 20:00 Friday 17th June 2016 Italy 2-1 Sweden Group E 14:00 Czech Republic 0-1 Croatia Group D 17:00 Spain 1-0 Turkey Group D 20:00 Saturday 18th June 2016 Belgium 2-1 Republic of Ireland Group E 14:00 Iceland 1-0 Hungary Group F 17:00 Portugal 2-0 Austria Group F 20:00
  10. given1legend Vs darren1983- Probably a draw but darren has a few more players who might produce something special. Gorando Vs RickyButton- I fancy Rickys midfield to control this one provide enough chances for Zlatan to seal the win. stotty1982 Vs Noob21- Quite close across most of the pitch but Noobs attack is better + Ronaldo adhikapp Vs Bliss Seeker - Iniesta to create enough for Lukaku he has to eventually score. georginho_juventusygr Vs Reddiablo - Don't really want to vote for a team with Fellaini in it but I think george will sneak it. Andyh21 Vs Cougar2010 - Modric and de Gea win.
  11. Citizen Kane Vs Whoopy D - Don't vote for yourself etc kris0710 Vs Baptista_8 - Close one, think he just about edges it with a better striker. IWWROCKS Vs managerdude_66 - Another close one, two really good teams but I think IWW just about edges it in most positions so he gets the win. AdyTaylor Vs Hodgy - Hard to seperate but not going to vote against Evra in the end. Harryseaess Vs Anti Spiral - Kante and Payet win this for Harry. Scott1892 Vs craigcwwe - I want to vote for craig but just can't bring myself to overlook that back three.
  12. Whoopy D

    Game 5 - Turkey vs Croatia - 14.00pm on ITV

    Is this a game of the two nicest kits at the tournament? Best two I've seen so far I'd say.
  13. Bet 1 Lewandowski fgs $2 $7.20 B365
  14. Whoopy D

    Game 2 - Albania Vs Switzerland

    Got some interesting half time coverage here, just watching replay after replay of the goal. Some with crowd noise some with no sound at all. Then a few highlights, again some with crowd noises and some silent, then back to replay after replay of the goal.
  15. Whoopy D

    Euro 2016 Prediction League - Round 1

    Friday 10th June 2016 France 1-0 Romania Group A 20:00 Saturday 11th June 2016 Albania 0-2 Switzerland Group A 14:00 Wales 1-0 Slovakia Group B 17:00 England 1-1 Russia Group B 20:00 Sunday 12th June 2016 Turkey 1-1 Croatia Group D 14:00 Poland 0-2 Northern Ireland Group C 17:00 Germany 2-0 Ukraine Group C 20:00 Monday 13th June 2016 Spain 3-1 Czech Republic Group D 14:00 Republic of Ireland 0-1 Sweden Group E 17:00 Belgium 1-1 Italy Group E 20:00 Tuesday 14th June 2016 Austria 3-1 Hungary Group F 17:00 Portugal 2-1 Iceland Group F 20:00