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  1. Players who had played for me I remember the first stadium was after one player then the second one the same player but with "Arena" at the end instead of "Stadium" I was gutted
  2. I had three stadiums built in FM20, not one after me either
  3. The bad run of intakes I genuinely think is programmed into the game. I have seen so many bad cycles of intakes year after year. Really difficult to take and as you may have seen with my FM20 and FM21 stints it caused me to get relegated from Premier League
  4. Do you want your TD controlling this? And not your HOYD?
  5. I also think (when have hundreds of millions in the bank) I would prefer to have the best scouts so the other clubs can't have them
  6. Tell you one thing I didn't miss when in the top leagues compared to the Conference! The amount of direct free kicks that go in from 25,30,35,40 yards
  7. My last HOYD was Model Citizen and produced the last bunch of players and we know what happened
  8. What a great post. Yeah I am good, got quite a strong mentality (I guess the sheer will to continue the saves shows that), just so gutting that it happened.
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