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  1. Yeah it's not overly quick processing during days at times LInk below http://www.mediafire.com/file/3f8npevhypfi09v/2242.fm/file
  2. Season Review 2239/40 Another new tactic 4-4-1-1 and promoted as Champions, 108 points and 129 goals Let's see how we fair in the PL!
  3. Season Review 2238/39 Relegated again! Getting really fed up with it now Can't stop conceding goals. 108 this time which is a joke Try so many different formations, doesn't matter My GK is worth £85k and my two centre back worth £400k and £250k No decent defenders and not had a decent goalkeeper for 40/50 years
  4. Nope, had to give a new contract couple of years ago as expiring Minimum fee was locked in contract negotiations every time for nearly a year
  5. Season Review 2236/37 Decent season, promoted as Champions with 102 points and a huge 149 goals! My Son, Ellis, had his best season with 15 goals and 23 assists. I have him taking all set pieces (I know, I know its really sad!!!) Got a huge bid of £40.5 million, considering he isn't that good, during the season. Obviously rejected it. Just scored first goal for Scotland as well My Youth Intake was poor One of my best players, a wonderkid wouldn't sign a new contract and left for Bayern on a free (I dropped him to the U23s once confirmed)
  6. Season Review 2235/36 Relegated Got a couple of Dutch lads in latest intake who hopefully will be ok
  7. Got a son in this years Youth Intake I am like 240 years old! A bit old to be having kids I think..................... (was kind of hoping he was a grandson or something)
  8. Season Review 2229/30 What a gutter of a season. Brilliant start and was top at the end of January Then went on one of those horrible runs until the end of season only winning 2 out of the last 13 games! Gutted after such a good start Ended up finishing 8th, which is still the highest finish since 2212/13 season Yet another awful youth intake, sacked the HOYD again You might remember me showing you the 16yr/17yr Estonia left wing back, Kotenko He is now worth £58m and not a bad player
  9. Season Review 2228/29 Promoted as champions, only lost 4 games but quite a few draws Record number of clean sheets, beat record from 2041 Youth intake absolutely dire again (first one with new HOYD). This is 4th awful intake in a row now
  10. Season Review 2227/28 Too many poor youth players coming through, my best 3 players all mid 30's Relegated
  11. Yes only 15% but don't need the money with £1bn in the bank. Need world class players
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