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  1. My keeper situation seems to have sorted itself out. I was having 5/6 first choice keepers in my squad 20-30 years ago. Seems a lot more even now
  2. Season Review 2074/75 A lot better season but we really should have finished higher than 10th. Was top in November but you just knew the bad run was going to start sooner rather and later and it did as soon as we went top. Runs like 2 wins in 8 Bateson with yet again another 30 goals, hes a machine. 31yrs old now though
  3. No play every game, I just holiday in between the games to help speed up. I work from home so having personal laptop open all day helps
  4. Season Review 2073/74 Another awful season with TWO wins in the last 20 games Luckily for us, there was three worst teams than us! HOYD sacked after another awful intake!
  5. Think I can see what's happened, as I am sharing Man City ground as mine gets extended, they have also had a expansion, so I am getting the news about their stadium as well
  6. Season Review 2072/73 An okay season but should have been better really Was sitting 6th in March. Poor at the beginning and end of the season. Bateson top scorer again with 30. Gumbs with a decent 19 goals as well Stadium getting an extension by 8,854 to 54,449 capacity. Moving to Pep Guardiola Arena on one message then next message stands will be shut so not sure where I am playing next season (although if you look at the message it says Man City board announce plans.........) Not sure what's going on!
  7. Cheers. Yes Gumbs is happy at the moment Bateson has 3 English caps and 1 goal. They were in 2066 (I'm in 2073). He should have way more!
  8. You spotted him! I was going to mention the WWE link if he turned out any good. He's an average backup player at the moment
  9. Ah thanks for this Will Look into it when talk of going back to the office happens
  10. Season Review 2071/72 Promoted back to the Premier League as Champions. 100 points, 135 goals Jamie Bateson top scorer again with 50, that is now 11 years running! He has 309 goals in 408 apps. He is 28yrs old so probably only has 2/3 years left him in at the top level. Lost 4 of the first 10 games, then only lost 2 of the next 36! Slight tweak in tactic made all the difference. Let's hope it works in PL Gumbs wants to leave again
  11. Lost count the amount of times we have bottled the last few games
  12. Yeah no worries about getting sacked. Yeah Gumbs is playing up front in a 2. Still a wonderkid. I managed to tie him down with another 5 yr contract last season even though he wanted to leave at the beginning of the season
  13. I've just got rid of it! Lost 5 games already in the Championship Conceding far too many goals It was a 4-3-1-2 attacking with full backs and two mez
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