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  1. here you go
  2. I don't have one from the beginning that I have saved, however I will look at auto 3 rolling save thing when I get home later tonight
  3. One of my biggest wins for a long long time Was bottom of the league after 10 games before then (now 22nd)
  4. My form since installing the update 4th Feb 2016
  5. Fingers crossed you do
  6. Yes he does look useful, who is he wanted by? Anyone good?
  7. Not sure if this is the worst achievements or not, but took me 15 seasons to get out of the Skrill North League in Dafuge's FM14 Challenge. You can see my highs and lows on the thread below Code: Olympic Rushall Season League POS FA CUP LGE CUP EUROPA CL 2014-15 TSN 4th QUAL 2015-16 TSN 7th QUAL 2016-17 TSN 6th QUAL 2017-18 TSN 16th QUAL 2018-19 TSN 15th 1st 2019-20 TSN 11th QUAL 2020-21 TSN 11th QUAL 2021-22 TSN 8th 1st 2022-23 TSN 15th 1st 2023-24 TSN 3rd 1st 2024-25 TSN 2nd QUAL 2025-26 TSN 9th QUAL 2026-27 TSN 2nd 1st 2027-28 TSN 3rd QUAL 2028-29 TSN 1st 1st 2029-30 TSP 13th 2nd
  8. I've gone for FM12, using the same theory as Dagenham Dave. Have no problem with FM16, just had a great save on FM12 which i went into 2060's. The match engine would have a big impact on that
  9. Could you the fact you are managing this side that are not in the game from offset could cause the problem? I don't it but it very unlucky not have to been named after you Although, I have never had one named after me and I have had hundreds of years over all the series
  10. Wow lucky you Been playing this game for over 10 years and never had it happen to me
  11. Ah yes, did say high spec tablets, I remember now Thanks for your help guys Good job it doesn't work on my iPhone, I would never get anything else done!
  12. I thought you could play a game on both formats So if I started a game on PC, I could then continue it on my iPhone, then go back to my PC Is this not correct? Thanks
  13. Salford City Season League POS FA CUP LGE CUP EUROPA CL 2016-17 VNN 15th QUAL Very disappointing start to the Challenge. I actually started the season ok and was in the play offs but as usual the form dropped around Christmas. Got a full pre season to go scouting for players. Hoping for a better season next year. Losing tons of money, Chairman pumped in £200k to help running costs Had one decent player come through the Youth Candidates. Will post a screenshot tonight. Championship clubs are after him, Rotherham, MK Dons and Preston. Only valued at £4k, so getting pathetic offers for him.
  14. Not had a bad start. First 3 games won 1 drawn 1 lost 1 Must Just say, first impressions of the ME are very good.
  15. I'm in New manager of Salford City