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  1. Look at this guy! Look at his fees for releases at 17 yrs old!
  2. Season #114 - 2135/36 Another frustrating season, Went to bed last night in 9th place, just 3 points off the playoffs Then reloaded the game this morning and got the following results Plans for a new stadium
  3. Season #113 - 2134/35 Another really poor season Started ok but then the dreaded run came and couldn't turn it around
  4. yeah they haven't been bad at all I need to get them in the 1st team and improving
  5. Season #112 - 2133/34 Awful season! Nothing else to report
  6. Season #111 - 2132/33 Just missed on the playoffs on goal difference! Lost last game to already relegated Newcastle
  7. Season #110 - 2131/32 I thought this was the season................... Top 2 until mid February Then the dreaded runs comes, 3 wins in the last 15! Finished 5th and obviously lost in the Play Off Semi Final
  8. Got another potential PL striker but again won't sign a new contract
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