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  1. This is my third season, I've been at Frickley since the beginning of the game
  2. Now that would be mint!
  3. I just saw the name in my Youth intake then in the personal screen shows me as Father (favourite people section). I will put a screenshot of that up tonight when I get home
  4. I can't do that to my son can I? also I'm in the bottom division so won't go anywhere decent
  5. Looks like a walker from Walking Dead!!
  6. He stays in the team, absolutely! May rest him for a couple of games tonight when I get in, only 16! im doing the Youth acaedmy challenge so no chance of me leaving!
  7. Yeah his stats are poor however I am in the bottom division so it's to be expected I don't have any money, facilities are poor and don't have many coaches so it's going to be difficult already played him in 6 games and the coaches are saying he's not enough compared to the other DM I have (he does have 4 stars!)
  8. I don't know? What's people's advice? I see good Training and Tutoring
  9. No idea why that's gone on as a spoiler, can't change it either Very average but going straight into the side
  10. Been playing this challenge for years and the game for 20 years and just got my first ever son Very average but over the moon that I've got one# Going straight into my team
  11. First time and I've been playing this game for 20 years!!!
  12. here you go
  13. I don't have one from the beginning that I have saved, however I will look at auto 3 rolling save thing when I get home later tonight