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  1. Do you want your TD controlling this? And not your HOYD?
  2. I also think (when have hundreds of millions in the bank) I would prefer to have the best scouts so the other clubs can't have them
  3. Tell you one thing I didn't miss when in the top leagues compared to the Conference! The amount of direct free kicks that go in from 25,30,35,40 yards
  4. My last HOYD was Model Citizen and produced the last bunch of players and we know what happened
  5. What a great post. Yeah I am good, got quite a strong mentality (I guess the sheer will to continue the saves shows that), just so gutting that it happened.
  6. The holidaying has been bought up before but my counter argument to that is what be people do inbetween games that I don't? I tweak tactics, fine players, praise/criticize training etc etc Training has and always will be done by the AM
  7. Yeah nothing I could do with it, but never been an issue in the past about that kind of request
  8. Yep absolutely devastated, proper flat and down It's only a bloody game
  9. Not sure I can stomach the fight to start again in the bottom leagues. The really long seasons, 40+ games and I don't fancy the foreign leagues. Can't see myself enjoying them. Really not sure what I will do. Nothing at the moment. I am holidaying to see if they go back up next season. It's been nearly a "real" year (pretty much since Covid hit and I started working from home),over 400 seasons. Managed to complete the challenge in 11 months March 2020 - November 2020, playing pretty much 8-12 hours a day, 5 days a week, 230 odd seasons or what ever it was in FM20. Taken me
  10. New manager kept them up I reckon I would have done as well, that last win might have improved morale
  11. Gone, absolutely devastated 107 seasons 5 months!
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