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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before or is a silly question If I have already bought FM20 on Steam do I need to purchase it again on Stadia?
  2. Does anyone else experience huge loss of value on players and they never really go back up again? So for example, when you start the game (after holidaying for a year) a player in VNL is worth £45k, then can be halved in price by the end of the season It's not a contract issue as they can have 2/3 years left on their contract
  3. Thoughts on this please https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/refurbished-hp-pavilion-15-cx0001na-core-i5-8300h-8gb-1tb-geforce-1050-15.6-a1-4an69ea/version.asp
  4. Hi, just to let you know, it’s been slightly better. I still go on a losing run but doesn’t usually last as long now, so thank you
  5. Driving me absolutely mad this Season after season, start really well, lost one game and then can't stop losing Every player makes mistakes, sending offs, missing sitters and opposostion score off every decent attack Help please
  6. The good old losing every game bar one after stopping overnight fun is back
  7. Started again tonight as Dorking Just had my biggest win FA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round
  8. Started again tonight as Dorking Just had my biggest win FA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round
  9. Yes I am doing the Youth Academy Challenge Probably the hardest Challenge going but loved it in FM18 Got Hereford into the top 4 in the PL. Took 30+ years mind...
  10. So gutting after spending nearly two weeks and I am getting worse Will start again after the football this afternoon
  11. Thoughts on this one please https://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/hp-pavilion-power-15-bc350sa-15-6-gaming-laptop-black-10169248-pdt.html
  12. I don't have the high enough spec video card to use this. I've just installed the GeForce software and it's not compatible
  13. I'm connecting internally via home network at the moment
  14. Yes 2D does work but it's not the same as 3D! Haven't used 2D for ages, ha ha
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