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  1. Oh dear, another takeover but this time threatening to replace me as manager! The manager linked is one of my ex players Alan Harris
  2. Season 71 - 2092/93 Not overly surprised. Relegated! We are just not good enough In 24th place pretty much all season. Intakes do look better since the upgrade in facilitates. Lets hope some of them are actually quality Not had one "potential" Premier League player yet in 70 seasons!
  3. Season 71 - 2091/92 A really really poor season Some how stayed up by 1 point, getting a 1-1 draw on the last game of the season and Bradford (22nd) lost 6-2 The squad isn't good enough and wage expenditure still by far the lowest in the division
  4. Right then, I am really sorry for spamming the board for the last couple of weeks I am now finally up to real time I started this save on the 7th May 2021 Looking at other stats I must have done at least another 50 seasons and 10+ sackings (relegated out of VNN) as well as the 100 odds years at Witton Will be more normal posts when I finish each season. Lets hope the improvements in the post above have an impact sooner rather than later!
  5. Season 70 - 2090/91 A really poor season but we managed to stay up with just 44 points! But hopefully some good news Board from nowhere decided to improve Youth Category and increase capacity by an extra 3,918 seats They then injected £7.5m for running costs, so I asked for improvement in Youth Facilities which they approved! Intake looks potentially ok!
  6. Season 69 - 2089/90 Back into the Championship. All about staying up Spent alot of the season in the bottom 4 Form picked up towards the end to finish 15th We had another takeover which was needed, removed the £7m debt Improved Youth Recrutiment
  7. Season 69 - 2088/89 Promoted back to The Championship, first time of asking Didn't start well with no winning the first two games, continue the run from last season Sacked previous HOYD and first intake with new one First player over 2 stars for years
  8. Season 67 - 2087/88 Relegated again to L1! We are just simply not good enough and not getting the quality in the intakes Still millions in debt so can't improve the facilities Going to be some serious yo-yo-ing to try establish into top half of the Championship Only a handful of players are Championship standard/potential
  9. Season 65 - 2085/86 Survival again! Stephen Maher breaking League record for number of assists - 33 Intake not a good enough again
  10. Here you go I spent the first 40 odd seasons trying to be tight and playing with a 4-1-4-1 but changed to a 4-4-2 and started scoring loads more (also concede more)
  11. Season 64 - 2084/85 First season back in The Championship, all about trying to stay in it! Managed to just about do it, finishing 19th My intakes are not getting any better at the moment and is a huge cause for concern! I can't improve facilitates because losing so much money every month
  12. Season 63 - 2083/84 Promoted back to The Championship Great season winning the league with 101 points and 128 goals Breaking some records along the way Sam Feeney with 58 goals and Stephen Maher with 25 assists
  13. Season 62 - 2082/83 Absolutely awful season, finishing 19th in L1 Another poor intake
  14. Season 61 - 2081/82 So back into L1 and a really disappointing season, finishing mid table in 11th. Another takeover, local investor. Poor intake
  15. Season 60 - 2080/81 First season in The Championship Unfortunately relegated straight back down to L1 As you can see, another one of those runs where can't find a win Didn't win one of the last 17 games! As you can see our wage expenditure is miles off anyone else
  16. Season 59 - 2079/80 3rd place finish Beat Rotherham in the Play Offs Semi Final Then beat Wolves 1-0 in the Final Promotion into the Championship!! Brilliant season New stadium opened
  17. Season 58 - 2078/79 First season back in SBL1 and a decent mid table finish, flirted with playoffs for a time Intakes are getting better and couple there with decent potential Stadium has been confirmed, Liam Walsh Stadium, 12095 capacity
  18. Happens all the time!!! 9 league wins in a row! Lose to bottom of the league......................................
  19. Season 57 - 2077/78 Promoted straight back to SBL1 Champions with 97 points
  20. This is a from a few weeks ago so they are not at the club anymore, sorry
  21. Season 56 - 2076/77 After a storming first season in SBL1, throw in a dreadful season and relegated back to SBL2
  22. Season 55 - 2075/76 First season in SBL1 was a very good one Finished 4th but unfortunately lost in the play offs Intake looks good First new stadium announced.
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