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  1. Season Review 2117/18 9th! An awful start and sat 19th after 20 games Then a turnaround in form with 3 defeats in last 18 games Hoping Carl Howe turns into a class striker. Haven't had one since Crepaldi. Howe got 26th in his full first season
  2. Season Review 2115/16 What an awful season! Tried change formation, tried 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1 but nothing worked Finished with TWO wins in the last 15 games with SEVEN defeats in a row The green line in the preview didn't really produce anything really special I don't think. Maybe potential of couple okay players
  3. Haven't had more than 4 green lines for decades Don't take much notice from the preview but lets hope this one is decent
  4. Season Review 2114/15 Slightly better season, 9th More tweaking with tactics Lost to Man Utd in Semi Final of FA Cup Potential of couple of okay player in intake
  5. Out of interest do you do anything special to your players when they come in the intake? Have some really high stats on these players for 17/18/19 yr old
  6. Season Review 2113/14 Another boring mid table finish Lost to Liverpool to Semi Final of Carbao Cup 1-2 Awful youth intake
  7. I love the player who assisted now showing when you score a goal
  8. Season Review 2112/13 A lot better season and with a good start we were 3rd in December with a run of 1 loss in 12 games We then lose 1-3 to bottom of the league Newcastle on Boxing Day and as usual the form just drops off a cliff with 2 wins in 11! Better end to the season put us upto 8th
  9. Season Review 2111/12 Another boring and predicable season and we are finishing lower each season I just haven't got the players to challenge any further up the table Got one player worth over £25m Had two wonderkids in the last 10/12 years Paul Gorman is the latest wonderkid but even he isn't that good really. My two central midfielders have a combined value of £1.8m!!! The cycle of bad intakes over the last number of years have really hurt me New HOYD has come in and nothing special in the latest intake
  10. Season Review 2010/11 Another boring, tedious and awful league season! I did win the Euro Cup II, after 17 games!!!
  11. Season Review 2109/10 Better season finishing 7th. Still groups of games losing
  12. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't The first 40-50 years I did swap and change formations a lot Last few years have stuck to the same
  13. Season Review 2108/09 For the first time in this years challenge I am getting really fed up Can't get anywhere One loss and the whole season falls to pieces and results like this happen Unbeaten in first 10 games, one defeat in first 13 games Then win FIVE games out of 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. League goals only stats Bateson - 467 goals in 666 apps Crepaldi - 388 goals in 603 apps Bateson had 3 years in Championship (he did score 61 goals in one of those seasons) Crepaldi had 1 year in the Championship
  15. Yeah he was still scoring goals and could have done a job
  16. Oh no gutting. sometimes it does help and allows you to regroup and fine tune your squad
  17. Record transfer fee received £141m, this time for Liam Archer. He's not signing a new contract at the moment
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