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  1. Tbf I wouldn't want to mess with them either. Look like right mental ********.
  2. Because we are England and like to make things difficult for ourselves.
  3. I fail to see how Lallanna would be a better choice than Vardy.
  4. Danny Murphy had Lallanna and Sterling starting either side of Kane on the BBC earlier. Thank god he's not the manager.
  5. Oh ok. I get it now.
  6. I just assumed that if you put a player in for someone who played on game day 1 on game day 2 then you would keep points, like fpl.
  7. So if you sub out players who played yesterday for someone who plays today, you lose points from the subbed player? That's really dumb if so.
  8. I still can't get why Rafa has gone for this. If it goes wrong and he doesn't do very well in the championship he's going to look rather silly. If he does well, people would have expected it anyway.
  9. If there was a slim chance he would stay you would think Ashley would bend over backwards to keep him. But this is Newcastle
  10. Play suspended for 30 minutes.
  11. I already know they will beat us
  12. Fleetwood at home for us. Never played them before and Jeff Hughes will return.
  13. Even they have stopped
  14. I will try and post more next season. Nothing Notts related to post at the minute.