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  1. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/451185-fm-21-fm-20-tactic-list-fm-includes-man-u-9899-recreation-442-19-recommended-tactic-list/?do=findComment&comment=13016416
  2. Strikerless dominating the test results, not sure how I feel about that tbh, Warrior 442 still works on 21.6 but not as strong or consistent as previously. Not found anything else really that makes me want to switch though, Not had much success with 4231 or 451 variations, not tested any strikerless formations yet (they don't appeal to me) Great work as always Knap
  3. I've just been using WARRIOR 442 P104 EC CC on my Sampdoria save, 3 league titles and 2 champions league wins in 5 seasons, I've tried the other top tested tactics on the google doc but always end up back with warrior.
  4. default tactic home and away, it sometimes struggled against negative 4141 setups but I broke them down eventually as they tired
  5. No problems with City and turned it around vs Liverpool later on in the save. probably around the time I was using Preaching blues Vol5.
  6. It's probably not a smart idea to be discussing ME changes on the official SI forum in a thread that's not even remotely related. Maybe something like the private messaging system would be a better option?
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