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  1. Momentum no doubt plays a big role with a big slice of luck, bear in mind the clean sheet run came after 3 and a bit seasons unbeaten, in that time my squad largely remained the same, especially the back 4 and 2 center mids If I've got the energy after this season I'll run one more without the throw in / corner exploits and see how it compares
  2. Best advice is try it and see if the training helps you or not, I feel it did for me with results and reducing injuries " and how do I have good players with both left leg and right foot to set them indifferently on the flanks "...... Sorry mate I have no idea what you're asking here " do you recommend playing in the middle of the field? ".... Do you mean setting "focus play through the middle"? I never tweaked the tactic
  3. Correct 4411KnapP108ALLCUPSnoloss, apt name eh? Not so much tactic advice as the tactic is pretty much plug n play and required no tweaking, I always had a 442 as a backup if I needed a goal but it was rarely needed. I used Mr U Rosler training setup and made sure I put a full days rest after each game After that It's pretty much keeping a happy squad with good rotation, suggestions below Played a right footer at LM and left footer at RM Avoided players with low determination In big away games I played a center mid in the AM role who had decent tackling attributes along with passing and vision Built from the back, my first big money signings were all defenders (e.g .Jorge Mere -11 Million) Any type of striker will be successful, I've used both a big lump and a poacher type If you want to know anything specific just let me know
  4. 120 and out, Fantastic run and I was disappointed to see it go especially with 15 clean sheets in a row
  5. Cool, Maddison will be perfect for the AM role, and Harvey Barnes will develop nicely as either a LM or RM, I played this guy at RM...he dominated and became my record sale (of any football manager I've played)
  6. Good average rating but it doesn't show in goals & assists, although my backup player had a better goals tally his average rating was consistently lower, so it very much depends on getting the right player, the main goal threat is the striker
  7. Record is currently 117 unbeaten and we now seem to be getting even stronger
  8. Yup same tactic, I have !!!!!19.3.4BEOWULF442WAFKnapP103ECCC as a backup but it rarely gets used, I don't touch the mentality at all. I was going to move on from this season but I'm interested how long we can keep this run going
  9. Using !!!!!FM19.3.4BEOWULF4411KnapP108ALLCUPSnoloss, Oddly we've never won the DFB-Pokal, Closest was losing on penalties in the final That's 3 seasons in the Bundesliga unbeaten plus the current season so far, 4 champions league and 3 in a row
  10. I admire your patience Knap with these incessant striker questions This is my current striker and I use a combination of !!!!FM19.3.2PILGRIMAGE451KnapP100ALLCUPS as my main tactic and !!!!!FM19.3.4BEOWULF442WPKnapP104ALLCUPSSalah if I'm chasing a goal, for a SUS I edit them on the fly. Probably my final season with Parma as I'm simply just chasing the elusive champion league now
  11. Fantastic results, Having success on my current save with the same formation from one of Knap's tactics, Doesn't make sense to change now but I'll keep it as a backup btw thanks for taking the time to properly introduce your tactics
  12. I can vouch for that, It's difficult to find any consistency with the 4411
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