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  1. I admire your patience Knap with these incessant striker questions This is my current striker and I use a combination of !!!!FM19.3.2PILGRIMAGE451KnapP100ALLCUPS as my main tactic and !!!!!FM19.3.4BEOWULF442WPKnapP104ALLCUPSSalah if I'm chasing a goal, for a SUS I edit them on the fly. Probably my final season with Parma as I'm simply just chasing the elusive champion league now
  2. Fantastic results, Having success on my current save with the same formation from one of Knap's tactics, Doesn't make sense to change now but I'll keep it as a backup btw thanks for taking the time to properly introduce your tactics
  3. I can vouch for that, It's difficult to find any consistency with the 4411
  4. It would seem the 4-4-2 is the way to go currently, I've been sticking with the 4-4-1-1 but not quite the results I've been getting previously on 19.2, Anyone else having success with the 4-4-1-1(FM19.2.1BEOWULF4411F9Knap)?
  5. My team is built for the Beowulf 4411F9p105,3 league titles & 2 champions league in a row, So that would my preference Thanks Knap
  6. I'm using DARKSIDE4411KnapP103 with great success so far, Striker is scoring for fun currently, But the STARGAZINGKnap 4231P107 interests me (for the next season) I like having a left footer on the right and vice versa and it works well with the 4411, they're scoring a decent amount. I think they will more be more successful in a 4231 though decisions...decisions....
  7. Board request is under board on the left hand side This initially wasn't showing for me so I had to reduce size of text and images size on FM to 85%
  8. Same here, It's driving me mental, I click the screen and it continues processing! Purchased the game yesterday and searched this problem and I see It's been here since the Beta? C'mon SI
  9. Great info, Argus is a fantastic tactic and was my go to tactic on my saves, I was forced away from it when I started using lower quality teams and I didn't have the players to deal with the amount of injuries, I just switched to it again for my current save and injuries are piling up, Just lost my main striker for 8 months But yes, Guaranteed success in the long run
  10. City finally got us, I knew it would be them, They beat us earlier in season in the Carabao cup 2-0, What a run though I was dreaming of that 100 not out... ah well
  11. Nope no changes, I've been really lazy with training as well and left it on Match tactics I'm really aggressive with my team talks, I demand a lot before matches and if by half time the performance isn't great, I'm aggressive and tell them they're rubbish and to step it up
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