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  1. Thanks for testing and confirming Yup it's fairly simple method, thankfully not a game breaker in anyway. You can pretty much sub your whole team :o) https://imgur.com/a/ocWR2bs
  2. Default skin. Very odd, I can reproduce it at will. My PC isn't the fastest so maybe that plays a part. I don't upload saves but if you need anything else let me know
  3. 2 extra subs, same method works if you have 3 subs remaining https://imgur.com/a/z5hGq4q
  4. https://imgur.com/a/9s9f4Bq 1 extra sub in the link but you'll see in the screenshot vs City in my first post I managed to make 2 extra subs, I'm guessing it depends on how quick you hit the make a sub button.
  5. You can make more than 3 subs if you click "make a sub" while the game processes your 3rd and final sub Screenshots show examples from LaLiga & champions league games along with my setup
  6. Excellent, I wasn't able to find any consistency with it on my save, maybe I'll have another go with your changes
  7. Oh nice, I'll definitely be plugging that in for the next season. I'll post updates at a later date
  8. Agreed, Very simple and clean, Nice work Ceyvol
  9. It works fine, but it's named "TAF 3-4-3 Pressing Valencia" in the list for some reason
  10. Fair enough Throw ins agreed are ridiculous, exactly why I changed the set-up, happy it didn't slow me down though
  11. Back at it again with !!!!!FM19.3.4BEOWULF4411KnapP108ALLCUPSnoloss4411 with exploits from throw ins and corners removed Lautaro Martinez destroyed the league each season, the perfect striker IMO Sorry the screenshots are all over the place, I wish I could place a description next to each They include > League & Champions league records, Lautaro stats, record league win & best league record with the tactic
  12. Momentum no doubt plays a big role with a big slice of luck, bear in mind the clean sheet run came after 3 and a bit seasons unbeaten, in that time my squad largely remained the same, especially the back 4 and 2 center mids If I've got the energy after this season I'll run one more without the throw in / corner exploits and see how it compares
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