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  1. Hi Knap, Great tactic, I'm sure you've been asked this numerous times, do you have a shut up shop tactic or a guide to create one? Thanks
  2. At first it was very annoying after signing him for 55 million, he's now on his 11th injury since joining us and I can only laugh.
  3. Blimey, Only 10 goals conceded! Correct me if I'm wrong Knap but this looks defensively like one of your strongest tactics, as you know your previous 352 (strikers) is my favourite FM17 tactic, I'm definitely trying this version!
  4. wow, 125 goals. Your RAW SIENNA 352 is my fav FM17 tactic, easily the most solid tactic around, I imagine this would be just as good
  5. switched to this after using the IWB version and the results and style of play is fantastic , I'm in 2023 so obviously I have a very good team but still it's very impressive
  6. The only change I have made is removing the 'get stuck in' instruction.
  7. This? Btw, we finished with 79 shots and 26 on target
  8. Finally scored in extra time.....
  9. I have just calculated they went on a 78 game unbeaten streak in the league (I can post screens if anyone wants me to) I have finally ended that run with a 1-3 win at their ground
  10. Of course. Finished the latest season and despite picking up 93 points in the league we finished 2nd, United went the season unbeaten dispatching me in both the home and away games, they also won the FA cup and the Champions league (twice in a row now) I don't think the switch to fluid was a bad choice but rather my signings, on reflection the Coutinho,Gomes and Meret signings were poor and none of them performed well, The Coutinho signing will haunt me.
  11. After last seasons ding dong battle this season is proving to be just as difficult The great thing with this tactic is how well it's holding up over numerous seasons, the only change I've made this season is moving from very fluid to fluid
  12. Heartbreaking.
  13. Sadly we go crashing out - Lost the home game 2-1 and won the away game 1-0, we go out on away goals! Gutted
  14. Still going strong, You would imagine I would have a healthy lead in the league but United have exactly the same record as me, Spurs seem to have figured us out so the Champions league semi finals will be interesting!
  15. Yup, I've been using the OI's from RAW SIENNA 4231