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  1. @knap https://community.sigames.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=311944
  2. No, but someone did recommend the Parisienne setup when I was looking for a 4231, never did get round to testing them
  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1HOLYGHOSTFIREKnapVOL2451P100ALLCUPS.fmf
  4. default tactic home and away, it sometimes struggled against negative 4141 setups but I broke them down eventually as they tired
  5. No problems with City and turned it around vs Liverpool later on in the save. probably around the time I was using Preaching blues Vol5.
  6. Try that Bad Company tactic, Lewandowski scored 59 goals in 50 appearances in the video, test it and let us know
  7. It's probably not a smart idea to be discussing ME changes on the official SI forum in a thread that's not even remotely related. Maybe something like the private messaging system would be a better option?
  8. I was considering setting up fire & water exactly the same way a few minutes before you posted this :-)
  9. Nice work, I've not found any consistency with 4411's on match engine v2040, I've given up with that formation for now.
  10. Of course it will work, Default squad right? Gray Ndidi Barnes Maddison Tielemans Vardy You're already playing a 433 which requires the same amount of wide men
  11. I try multiple things if I'm struggling to score - dribble less (it's a permanent addition now) - switching the crossing (floated crosses, low crosses) - change attacking width dependent on their formation 4411 is a decent formation away from home, maybe look at the teaforone setups, I'd avoid the 4411 blackecho away from home.
  12. Test it and let us know, in theory it should be ok, I've always found Beowulf setup flexible Tactics are setup without OI's Search for @RDF Tactics recent posts though, he's been doing some testing with OI instructions
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