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  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

    dunno why anyone cares about who is better, both of them are fantastic footballers who managed to play in the same era as each other. Both will go down as legends of the game waste of time trying to decide who is better
  2. can't really think of any final in the last 10 years that has been "good" to be honest, Euros or World Cup last one for any sort of excitment was probably Euro 2000 with France getting the late goal and then Trezeguet hitting the golden goal winner. Before that it was probably Mexico 86 with Argentina beating West Germany 3-2, something I don't really remember much about but seen highlights of it
  3. Rate Euro 2016

    how are Portugal a "minnow" considering they've been in four of the last five Semi Finals at a European Championships? I guess by the law of averages, they had to win once
  4. Rate Euro 2016

    this opinion but I'll give it 5 because of Iceland and Wales. A disappointing tournament
  5. Semi Final 2 - Germany vs France

    he's a great keeper but his decision making is stupid at points. He should have went with both hands to get that, not one to try and punch it
  6. Semi Final 2 - Germany vs France

    awful decision from the ref
  7. we already did that before in 1978, didn't really work out
  8. I wish Scotland had gone for Lagerback when we had the chance might not have had Iceland success but at least he might have got us to a major tournament
  9. Who do you want to win?

    I'd love to see Wales win because you can tell how much it means to the players and fans to be where they are, although I'd also like to see France win because it would be a good thing with all the horrible things they've had to endure in the last few years non-sporting wise don't really care for Germany and Portugal can go away, especially Pepe and Ronaldo
  10. I think there was a "is this the best tournament ever?" asked at World Cup 2014 because the first few games had a lot of goals in it. People seem to think that goals = a great game when that's not always the case
  11. nice of them to pick a decent Manics song to end the show
  12. the 90 World Cup Final was dire but the 94 edition was probably one of the worst football games I've had to sit through. Brazil and Italy (well Baggio) were good getting through but the game was awful, had about 100k watching it in Pasadena I think as well however the 94 World Cup is my favourite of all time, apart from the final Italia 90 was full of some really bad games, it's more thought of being good because of Pavarotti's theme, England doing well and other things like that. Also Scotland were awful, getting done by Costa Rica in a shocking game
  13. great game, Wales deserve it but the ref was abysmal for the last 20 minutes Bale V Ronaldo will be interesting
  14. would like Portugal to win this, simply because they have been the only team trying to win the game for most of it
  15. Next England manager?

    I don't really think Coleman has done much more than Speed was doing with the national team to be honest. He has a world class player who makes an average squad look much more better. Even with Hodgson's tactical sense, somebody like a Bale would make a huge difference to the England team as long as you played him in the right position