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  1. considering Maguire is generally somebody Twitter has a go at (or he's the butt of a joke) for the PL, I think a lot of people respected the fact that he had the balls to take a pen and took it really well I know Southgate said he picked the players on some sort of criteria of the players taking pens but you still have to put it away although I expect it will be back to normal when he makes a mistake for Man Utd
  2. I thought the ref was fair to both teams, let the play go when he could and blew the whistle when he had to Chellini's foul is a yellow in the majority of games, players were getting back. If you want one that potentially verges on a red, it's probably the one where Jorginho and Grealish collided, some refs would possibly give a red for that as Grealish gets a stud in the knee with the follow up. For me being somebody who has watched football for decades, I'd say it's 50-50 but it's one where it could go either way
  3. I guess Roberto is a fan of Braveheart then? look at the paper underneath the title, that's from a video their aircraft company did of the players getting picked up and arriving back in Italy
  4. I think it's just football fans really? we all love to analyse things to figure out where it went wrong and where it went right? even if England had won last night, I'm sure there would still be some saying "there was things we did wrong though" could probably say it's "sports fans" rather than football ones, it's the same with NBA, NFL and other sports, you want to delve into the subject to get more information out of it and football nowadays has so many stats you can take out of it
  5. it's something I think England have always had problems with, I remember Pirlo controlling the 2012 QF against England Philips probably should have came off, not Rice
  6. I'm the same but I don't agree with Southgate being a "bottle job" because he isn't, he's just got England to their first major final in 55 years England have the players, they have a manager they all love but I don't think he's the right guy to get them over the line. Problem is, if you change it, you can mess things up with a manager that players don't like. I feel England are untapped potential that might never get realised. Wasn't going to happen but when England went 1-0 up, they should have went for Italy's throat and tried to kill it. Italy were on the ropes for at least 20 minutes of that game and Kane was one of the reasons for that, spraying balls about
  7. Southgate came out and said "I chose the players to take penalties" so I don't think anyone can have a go at Sterling if he wasn't picked
  8. Matterface probably looking to go for something like that if England win
  9. Matterface is very similar to how Tyler is on Sky now always looking for that catchphrase, always looking for that moment rather than as somebody said above "letting the pictures speak for themselves". As much as it's commentary that will go down in history, Tyler's "Aguerrrrooooo" moment might have been when he started to become a shadow of himself. Matterface will know that whatever the result is tomorrow (an England win obviously would be better) this game is going down in history and he needs something to allow to be part of it although they'll probably take the BBC commentary you'd think because hardly anybody is going to watch on ITV
  10. had a look on the Freeview EPG and it says 5 Live commentary on the red button channel there which is 601 obviously could change but at the moment it says it's going to be an alternative for people who don't want the main channels commentary well technically it doesn't say that but it's basically the idea
  11. I think the Hungary game probably acted like a reality check after the Portugal game? they did play well against Portugal but that defence was terrible, especially Semedo who let Gosens do what he wanted
  12. from what I've seen online it felt like a failure because of how the draw has opened up but a lot of Germans wanted rid of Low after the real failure of 2018 and then his backtracking on certain players this is more a "on paper" rather than the way the games went. On paper in 1992, people wouldn't have expected Denmark to beat a Germany who had came off winning the 1990 World Cup but they did. I think Germany would have got past Ukraine but Denmark would have been an interesting match for this German side and certainly not a walkover as some people might think on paper. On paper when people saw that draw, most thought whoever won from England V Germany was in the final too many "on paper" there I think
  13. Berardi to score a hat-trick, bought by Liverpool for £40m and does nothing in the PL next season
  14. it's not really, it's known as a "comic" by people up here who have brains if England win the final, it doesn't change my life in the slightest so I don't know why anyone would honestly care, some people will celebrate and some people will get medals out of it from the Queen
  15. all he'd probably do is randomly scream names "VAN PERSIE!"
  16. if people can't find something to watch on Saturday evening some TV listings don't seem to have changed yet though, although I can see it on the Freeview EPG
  17. Radio 5 Live commentary seems to be an option for Sunday but you have to go through the iPlayer which would defeat the purpose if you had neighbours or a phone who will almost certainly tell you about events you are about a minute behind from watching
  18. didn't he score one in extra time against Argentina in 1998 and it was ruled out? nah turns out it was 80th minute of that game, my mistake
  19. I know people always throw out the goal-line one from 2014 but his shocked reaction to it still being light in summer in Scotland at 10pm was probably almost as good should go further north, they've got light until 11pm or even later
  20. pie chart over here should call it a "cake chart" though
  21. unless that's been announced, I expect the BBC commentary team to be Mowbray and Jenas as it's been for all England games if that was the team, it's sort of 50-50 on which channel to pick (other than the pundits) can't stand Pearce and Keown adds nothing
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