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  1. I'm not sure how you would arrive at that valuation though. The NFL of course has a "trade value chart" for draft picks, but AFAIK there's no similar thing in MLS. Plus, IRL the draft has lessened in importance as academies have come on line and begun churning out players.
  2. Dunno if the licensing allows, but the MLS fixture list is out and for the first time includes a break for the Gold Cup (group stage) http://www.mlssoccer.com/schedule/2017/announcement
  3. Excellent. I must have missed that in the change list, and I withdraw my objection.
  4. Playing everyone in your conference twice, and everyone in the other conference once. Results in a 31-game schedule. (at least, the last I'd seen of it. Perhaps it's been changed)
  5. @Max Clayton-Robb so what effect will that have on MLS scheduling in the game once the league announces the 2017 fixture list (likely next month)? Will it continue with the incorrect 2x1 scheduling?
  6. Anyway, haven't started a save yet because of the issue with the MLS scheduling. (SI taking a guess at what the scheduling will be like with Atlanta and Minnesota coming in). Maybe I'll start when MLS announces the fixture list (should be next month), and SI gets it coded in. (Although when I linked to a Salt Lake blogger tweeting a couple days ago that their GM said 2 Homegrown slots are being added to the roster, one of the SI people said "This is good to know, but our license is for the 2016 season.")
  7. "We're on to Southampton." "What about your striker? He seemed to do his knee quite badly." "We're on to Southampton." "But your defense just conceded 5 goals." "We're on to Southampton."
  8. MLS to add 2 Homegrown Player slots to the roster (Craig Waibel is the Real Salt Lake general manager; this is from a town hall meeting last night):
  9. The North remembers.
  10. Charter flight carrying Chapecoense to its Copa Sudamericana final match crashes in Colombia killing 75 people. Apparently only 6 people, 3 players, survived. I remember someone in these forums managed them during a journeyman save a few years ago. Think it was @AcidBurn ?
  11. Can't get a much smaller club than that!
  12. Should be easy peasey now that the king has returned. No excuses.
  13. Already on track to win the lot.