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  1. Yeah, Ultimate Soccer Manager was my favorite until I discovered ChampMan.
  2. Got this new rig in transit to me: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DT4A2R4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Seen a couple videos also that it's **** easy to add more RAM or another hard drive.
  3. Might as well have as many lottery tickets as you can afford. Never know if one of them will get a devastating injury, or another's hidden stats mean he'll flame out against Premier League players.
  4. Didn't complete the comeback, but on FM 15, I was managing Smartno in Slovenia. We got into the Europa League through the fair play backdoor and eventually got drawn with Bordeaux. We lost the away leg 4-0, and conceded early in the return leg to go down 5-0 on aggregate. I decided we might as well go down fighting, so I instructed the team to go all-out attack. We ended up losing on away goals, 5-5 aggregate.
  5. So what happened with Villa?
  6. Could have been a legend on the South Coast, instead he took the cash.
  7. What DodgeeD said. I might actually pre-order now.
  8. OTOH, you'll be all
  9. Think you'll be going up as champions, but looks like you'll need to strengthen in the close season.
  10. Another crack at the Champions League at least.
  11. Now you can bin the Capital One Cup and focus on the league, Champions League and FA Cup.
  12. Unlucky to lose at the end, but Bournemouth in the Champions League is kind of a big deal.
  13. And who can forget the Glengarrie boys' dealings with the media.
  14. They are attached to the stadium, but potentially renovations could be done to boost it a level reflecting those renovations (maybe the lightning is upgraded, or broadband speed increased, etc.). I could see it being capped with stadium size and/or age, like maybe they couldn't go beyond "Basic" for a 50-year-old 3,000-capacity stadium.
  15. It might be "easier" to implement now though, since now you can delegate training schedules to your assistant and coaches.