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  1. Better to spin it as terrible legislation so Republicans can win and then you can claim you're heightening the contradictions.
  2. It's just one thing (domestic violence) in Dyson's case, just that everything is covered under one title. Like the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee. https://sports.yahoo.com/mlb-news-sam-dyson-suspended-entire-2021-season-longest-domestic-violence-ban-212316560.html
  3. "We don't support overthrowing the government, but if Congress tries to raise workers' pay then we can overlook some light insurrection."
  4. 1. Seuss Foundation says it won't publish 6 Seuss books. 2. Right-wingers buy up all Seuss books. 3. Which Seuss Foundation publishes $. Meaning they just made bank. Checkmate, libs.
  5. I use E-Trade. Dunno if they have an app, but the website is pretty easy to navigate and you can do anything from as simple as just sticking money into a mutual fund to as complex as trading in commodities futures (they do have to give approval for you to move levels to do certain things like trading options, and commodities might be that way too). A;so can buy bonds or brokered CDs (but only in $1,000 incrememts; state and municipal bonds are $5,000 a pop, but I'm pretty sure that's how state/municipal bonds are set up to trade across the market) Plus since they're part of Morgan Stanley
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