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  1. MLS playoff knockout round game that just finished IRL Seattle Kansas City 10 Shots 12 1 Shots on Target 7 7 Shots off Target 3 2 Blocked Shots 2 1 Goals 0 SORT IT OUT, SI!
  2. Well this is going to put a crimp on my usual strategerie of bringing in lots of trialists. I've brought in 5 trialists (all of them unattached 17-year-olds; hey, I have an empty U19 team at them moment) so far in preseason. Each one, the media asks if it's possible they could end up as a first-team member. And five times now I've had to say "We don't know. That's why we've brought them in on trial." Which is bad for me, because in previous editions of FM I've had as many as a dozen players on trial with us at the same time. I've going to get seriously annoyed with the media. On a related note, I tend to start saves as American/unemployed/no badges/Sunday League. A couple of times, the media has asked me to comment on MLS coaches who are on the hot seat. Pretty sure IRL literally nobody would seek out my opinion in this scenario.
  3. Sounds like MLS scheduling is borked. Only a 31-game season programmed (pending whenever MLS gets around to announcing how the 2017 schedule will be drawn up).
  4. Congrats on the silverware. And I LOVE the little blueprint graphic for the stadium expansion announcement.
  5. As Littlefinger told Varys, "Early days, my friend."
  6. Yeah, the thought of dethroning Bayern has always appealed.
  7. In for the blue button.
  8. With you in charge, they'd also better be at work expanding the trophy cabinet!
  9. IRL, there's still a salary cap charge for a DP ($457,500 p.a. if they're age 24 or older, and you can't use allocation money to buy down more than 50% of the cap hit). It could be that you can't fit the part of the DP contract that still goes onto the cap.
  10. Making steady progress, and the money-spinner cup tie should help out the books.
  11. Plus, you figure their tactical sense isn't the best. Wrong!
  12. No doubt it's that noted Scots irony.
  13. So England are still overrated then.
  14. I'm using a flat 4-4-2 with a club in the lowest tier in Northern Ireland atm. In 3 preseason friendlies, the scores have been 1-1, 0-0 and 1-0. Yes, this.