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    It all started in a small town in Michigan....

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    Nevada's south beach PSNID: jtyotf


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    Detroit. In every sport.

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  1. Somebody just watched Game of Thrones
  2. Jason the Yank

    2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    Pour some out for A-Gone. The LOLMets have given him his release.
  3. Rudy Giuliani truly is the gift that keeps on giving.
  4. John McCain has no more ****s left to give.
  5. Jason the Yank

    Anthony Bourdain found dead

    He made his name as a chef ("Kitchen Confidential" was his first book, and he did release a recipe book in the last year or so) but for probably the last decade or so was really more noted for his travel series. I think his great genius was he could make the exotic seem ordinary (lot of tweets from people in Africa and Asia praising him for how he portrayed their countries), and the familiar seem amazing.
  6. He's going to get so ****ing rolled.
  7. Jason the Yank

    2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    Chris Sale is the BoSox's probable pitcher, so that's a good thing. ChiSox aren't very good though.