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  1. Hi everybody! Decided to take a stroll in to see what's up. Good to see some familiar names like @Jimbokav1971and @dafuge Happened to my Danish great-grandfather also. Sometimes I wonder if I could petition a court to have my name changed back. Mind you it would involve a change to the Danish æ which I don't think US computer systems can really handle.
  2. SCR again demonstrating that he is the people's champion. Unlike Bliss.
  3. Hope his rigging goes as well as it did in BOTU.
  4. Bliss squeaking through against a split opposition would be such ****ing SHAMBLES.
  5. It's an honor just to be nominated alongside this group. Voting for yourself is lame, so I haven't done here. PMLF is a great poster, and Iceland brings some good humor, but I'm going with @bflaffas I think he brings a bit more humor than I do and as an America bloc vote.
  6. Cast my vote for @themadsheep2001. Not just a fair-minded mod, but also makes good contributions to threads. Although @Neil Brocktaking away @Bliss Seeker's notifications almost got him over the line.
  7. All great thread, but I've voted for the US Politics thread, just because that's where I spend the most time.
  8. Ah, what the hell. I have to admit that @Bliss Seeker's megalomania and delusions of grandeur do make me literally LOL so I guess I'll give him a vote here.
  9. I've already given @SouthCoastReda vote for Best OTF poster, but I nominated him for this award based almost entirely on knocking @Bliss Seekerout of his own riggeed BOTU, so I'll vote for him on the same basis.
  10. Really can't wrong with any of the choices here. I'd probably give it to @G-Man11but as I've already given him a vote for Best Overall, I'll vote instead for @Confused Clarity, my Welsh brother from another mother.
  11. Voted for @Tikka Mezzala, but it really could have been any one of the nominees. @Marios1999 came on strong at the end, but I just think I've seen a little more of Tikka this year.
  12. Not much to separate the top 3 or 4 here, but in the end I've gone for Orzelek.
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