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  1. I think the light grey circle was for threads you've posted in that haven't had activity since the board update. Blank is a thread you've never posted in, and hasn't had any activity since the update. Filled in blue circle is a thread that has had activity since the board update, and in which you've posted (clicking on that filled-in circle is basically the old "First Unread Post" link) Hollow blue circle is a thread you've not posted in, but has had activity since the update. I think.
  2. Testing something here: Club Season Nation League W D L PTS Chelsea 2021-22 EMG Premier 14 12 10 64 Club Season Nation League W D L PTS Chelsea 2021-22 EMG Premier 14 12 10 64 Welp, looks like using tab to align columns in Notepad (or at least TextEdit as I'm on a Mac ATM) no longer works. edit: OTOH, it looks like topics that have lots of pictures in them (like @forameuss'') load much faster now.
  3. Ah, that works. And saves a step! So
  4. Yep, I can't seem to find a replacement for the previous "Go to unread content" within a thread.
  5. That never fails to make me laugh.
  6. Clearly it was French media handing out the ratings.
  7. Now, hopefully Bobby is better at handling the media than the Glengarries were.
  8. Bobby's going back to Turin with a Copa America trophy in his luggage.
  9. That attendance figure.
  10. Uh, that's definitely a bug. Mexico and US capped at 4 entries in the ConcaChamps.
  11. Not on our side. Think it's a bigger deal to the Canadians than it is us.
  12. Boo, Mexico. (although I was going to suggest them, since you can do a Gold Cup-Copa America double with them. )
  13. Cross off another trophy, Bobby.