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  1. I thought it might just be me, since I'm used to "league average" and "replacement level" players in the context of US sports.
  2. I'd also like a "league average" somewhere to be able to make comparisons. OK, this MC in my squad averages 3.7 interceptions. How does that compare to the league average? Is he better than or worse than average? If there's a way to find that, I've never been able to do so.
  3. If this had been the first video, I would have snapped up the "contract extension" offer.
  4. Same. I've been holding off on the "contract extension" pre-release purchase until some more details came out, and this has actually made me think I'll wait a few months until it's working as intended.
  5. Looking forward to the RAGE POSTS when the dynamics aspect causes the squad's morale and form turn south because you don't want to negotiate a new contract with an Influential Player in-season.
  6. Because it originated when two teams couldn't agree on whether to play with FA rules or rugby rules, so they agreed to a hybrid. And it took off from there (there's actually still a "free kick" rule in the NFL rulebook). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1869_college_football_season There's also Canadian football, which is similar to American football but on a longer field and with 12 men instead of 11. The CFL actually developed out of rugby organizations.
  7. Advanced analytics still gets resistance in baseball and "Moneyball" was 15 years ago.
  8. I'm not sure how you would arrive at that valuation though. The NFL of course has a "trade value chart" for draft picks, but AFAIK there's no similar thing in MLS. Plus, IRL the draft has lessened in importance as academies have come on line and begun churning out players.
  9. Well this is going to put a crimp on my usual strategerie of bringing in lots of trialists. I've brought in 5 trialists (all of them unattached 17-year-olds; hey, I have an empty U19 team at them moment) so far in preseason. Each one, the media asks if it's possible they could end up as a first-team member. And five times now I've had to say "We don't know. That's why we've brought them in on trial." Which is bad for me, because in previous editions of FM I've had as many as a dozen players on trial with us at the same time. I've going to get seriously annoyed with the media. On
  10. I'm using a flat 4-4-2 with a club in the lowest tier in Northern Ireland atm. In 3 preseason friendlies, the scores have been 1-1, 0-0 and 1-0. Yes, this.
  11. Feels like in the default skin there needs to be more contrast on the news screens. It's tough to make out the text on the buttons at the bottom of the screen until you click on them.
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