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  1. Gricehead

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    No Worksop Halloween half? #shocking
  2. Gricehead

    Sugar tax

    Never really drunk full fat fizzy drinks. My mum has been a type 1 diabetic since I was quite young, so diet/sugar free drinks were all that was available. If I get a full fat drink by mistake it just tastes really sickly. Do like a sugary syrup in my coffee, though.
  3. Gricehead

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    Getting giddy about Endure again now. Looking through loads of pictures from the Reading event from this weekend. Still three weeks until Leeds
  4. Gricehead

    Day thread

    Based entirely on my 15 year old car's last MOT and full service: £305 + vat
  5. Gricehead

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    I don't have the data, because I managed to wipe Runkeeper about 5 years ago, but back in 2011/12 I was running 36+ minutes for 5km. I occasionally see them pop up on Timehop. Coincidentally, there was also a time when it only had to look like it was hot/going to rain/a bit breezy and I wouldn't even get out the door on the odd occasion I'd planned a run. I did my first parkrun in September 2013 and managed to get under 30 minutes, but I think it was almost a year before I could get round without walking. Improvement is incremental, and it can sometimes take a long time between improvements. I've set 20 parkrun PBs between that first run and breaking 20 minutes, 9 of those PBs stood for at least 10 weeks. It took me 8 months to get from 26:25 to 26:02! But as @Mr Adam says - the more you train, the more you improve. At the extreme, I took over a minute off my parkrun PB through Run Every Day last summer, and nearly the same amount again this spring.
  6. Gricehead

    Day thread

    I've always thought of it more of a Wetherspoons "go large"
  7. Gricehead

    Day thread

    To be fair, a Hungry Horse hardly counts as eating out.
  8. Gricehead

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    According to parkrun I ran 19:32 at Sheffield Hallam today Safe to say, they've cocked the results up, which I imagine is quite easy with >650 runners. Quite an impressive error, considering the token number matches my position. They're 35 seconds/15 places out.
  9. Gricehead

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    I use SIS gels and rego shake powder. They're the only ones I've found that don't give me a dodgy tummy. Once you get past any introductory offers, they're cheaper on amazon.
  10. Gricehead

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    I have a life goal to give Endure a shot solo. You need a decent support crew though, even if it's just one person. I'm some way off convincing anyone On the subject of 24 hour events, just had confirmation that I've been bumped up from our team of 8 (where I would have been fastest) to our team of 5 (as one of the two slowest. So looks like I'll be hitting more like 64k than 32 at Endure this year. New teae captain is apparently ultra competitive.
  11. Gricehead

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    Hit 333km for my Miles in May target, but only just. I swear that extra 10% (I've been averaging 300km a month this year) almost broke me. Edit: Strava for me. We could do an OTF group, but I think you need to be premium to set it up.
  12. Gricehead

    Parkrun (and general running) thread

    I managed to set a best mile effort (6.08), but died a death on the hill at the end of the 2nd lap, so ended up with 19.57. 3.41 first k probably explains why
  13. Gricehead

    Day thread

    And congratulations!
  14. Gricehead

    Day thread

    And this is why you weigh and measure everything you sell on ebay before you list it.
  15. The cat(s) would have been just as happy with a house made out of the box...