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  1. Absolutely excellent short story. This can be measured by my frustration at getting to the bottom of the third page and finding it not (quite) finished! Looking forward to the closing chapters.
  2. Quick non-FM question. Am I remembering correctly that there is/was a Stocksbridge Park Steels fan on FMS? My age and failing memory means I can't remember where I saw them
  3. Bob Bradley in at Swansea :o Thought Americans in the English leagues only happened in FMS....
  4. The gaps between the versions I buy seems to be growing. Seriously considered FM15 but after a few weeks plugging away at the demo I couldn't get used to it. So back to FM12 for the moment.
  5. Still pop in occasionally to see if there's anything new worth reading. Have about 3 or 4 stories on subscription/notification, but tend to go straight to the thread. In terms of writing, I still sometimes dig my FM05 Weston Super Mare "novel" out, and poke at it. Got it out in November thinking I might crack on with it as a NaNoWriMo project. Lasted two days before family life took over again.
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