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  1. Quick non-FM question. Am I remembering correctly that there is/was a Stocksbridge Park Steels fan on FMS? My age and failing memory means I can't remember where I saw them
  2. Bob Bradley in at Swansea :o Thought Americans in the English leagues only happened in FMS....
  3. The gaps between the versions I buy seems to be growing. Seriously considered FM15 but after a few weeks plugging away at the demo I couldn't get used to it. So back to FM12 for the moment.
  4. Still pop in occasionally to see if there's anything new worth reading. Have about 3 or 4 stories on subscription/notification, but tend to go straight to the thread. In terms of writing, I still sometimes dig my FM05 Weston Super Mare "novel" out, and poke at it. Got it out in November thinking I might crack on with it as a NaNoWriMo project. Lasted two days before family life took over again.
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