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  1. As mentioned before, penalty shootouts are a huge mental test for players, and definitely not much of lotteries Pretty good decider by testing how players deal under pressure and then there's also the keeper as well Not sure if anyone can find a video, but Emi Martinez mindgames and performance in the shootout vs Colombia was staggering Honestly never seen a keeper so damn overpowering in a shootout before https://www.givemesport.com/1718073-emiliano-martinezs-mind-games-in-argentina-vs-colombia-shootout-shown-in-video
  2. https://www.todayonline.com/world/sacked-english-football-fan-who-took-sick-leave-watch-euro-semi-final-now-pundit-0
  3. Semi finals last round Finals this round Next round...
  4. What about centrebacks? Alot can change in 1 year for 34 36 yr olds
  5. Clearly still have to give Southgate next year and pray he actually learns for the 3rd tourney in a row But literally almost everything went England's way this tourney to get to the final Hell, Italy even lost their best performing player before the final, and then even their best attacker went off injured during the match.
  6. Not sure why everyone is saying Southgate will learn from this Literally the same pragmatic tactics from game 1 this tournament. Read every match thread and you have the same comments and complaints.
  7. So based on the video, you had Pickford going 6th, Philips going 7th and probably Grealish going 8th?
  8. I dunno, I kinda remember the slow motion replay, you can see Donnarumma already starts diving to his left while Saka is doing his run up before connecting with the ball
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