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  1. Post by an acquaintance "Lionel Messi was draped in a traditional Arab cloak - the bisht- during the World Cup presentation ceremony. This was done so personally by the Emir of Qatar. It’s one of the highest honours that can be bestowed. Yet, ignorant Western press and commentators, including BBC pundits like Gary Lineker, were criticising it. Creating unnecessary outrage and drama. Another example of how Western press and propaganda have tried to ruin the World Cup for Qatar even before it began, and even at its denouement. But for many of us, this was the most magnificent World Cup ever. I attend a lot of football finals, and never have I felt so safe, so secure, and so welcome. At most football events, it’s always worrying when one is going to be a victim of crime, or drunken football hooliganism. Or bad traffic and broken public transport. France’s hosting of the champions league final this year for example was disgraceful. Let’s hope Asia, and the Arab and Muslim world, will host more of these events, and show everyone how it is done."
  2. Lautaro not only almost ruining Messi's world cup on the pitch Had to ruin an iconic photo as well
  3. Not to mention I just saw a replay where the whole French bench was on the pitch to celebrate when Martinez saved point blank
  4. It is rather amusing how angry Gunman is over nothing , to the point of throwing petty personal insults and calling other users clowns Didn't realise how patriotic he is to still be so bitter about Croatia being knocked out by a clearly superior team with the superior manager, when he's basically been whining about the Croatia manager from god knows how many years ago Should be rather expected already since the Croatia manager is apparently so crap, yet still so angry after this number of days
  5. I mean, it's practically from the "bottlers" meme maker self proclaimed football expert
  6. Yeah, end of the day, the players will always have that moment where they beat the WC champions
  7. And pretty sure antics also wouldn't work on experienced mentally strong outfielders
  8. Martinez was awesome against Columbia in the Copa
  9. https://nesn.com/bets/2022/12/bettor-who-needs-france-world-cup-win-for-massive-parlay-cashes-out/
  10. The guy who could win $557k if France won has decided to cash out Smart man
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