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  1. Geezus Lingard's celebrations are so so bad
  2. It really is insane how bad the Argentina team is though
  3. Only one I see making noise is the Real Madrid fanboy as usual
  4. Can't believe how bad the lineup for Argentina is
  5. If this game doesn't go over 2.5 goals, none of them ever will
  6. Hahahahhaha, this Argentina defence. No wonder Messi cant win anything with them
  7. They forgotten how to give yellow cards for diving?
  8. Asian mafia always winning at World Cups
  9. Saudi a good account of themselves. Pity the GK error
  10. I know Emre Can wants to support Mo Salah, but wow
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5861461/amp/Eden-Hazard-accuses-Belgium-team-mate-Romelu-Lukaku-hiding-Panama-win.html
  12. No tits, easily surgeried up nose, weird assed 1 ab looking like a paunch stomach. Just not a flattering photo at all
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