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  1. Season 3 done, and this time we managed to win everything but the EFL Cup. Liverpool knocked us out in the semi-final on penalties, but they went on to lose 4-2 to Wolves in the final. We managed to get revenge on the Scousers by beating them in the Champions League 2-1. It was a very scrappy 0-0 draw with Liverpool having most of the possession and chances, but in extra-time we stepped up and thankfully got the job done. A week earlier we won our first FA Cup, beating the previous winners Everton 4-0 in the final. We dropped more points this season than we did in the previous year, but still
  2. Third season, halfway through March on the original database. I paid £50m for Todibo.
  3. Had my biggest ever CL knockout win last night, might even be the most goals I've scored in any competitive game on FM. Bit of a surprise really because Gala were pretty resilient in the first leg, Muslera is one of the best keepers we've faced and on the two occasions we found a way past him they managed to equalise shortly after. Then this happens in the second leg... Bruno's first hat-trick and all of his goals were from open play
  4. I play him as a Right-Back, and on the few occasions he's played as a Wing-Back he's done well there too. I haven't tried him in midfield but he looks like he could be a good DLP.
  5. Aside from his frustrating positioning, his form this season has been better than what he was showing post-lockdown, so the timing of the downgrade doesn't make sense. Martial has by far been our worst player this season, so I would've expected him to get the biggest nerf.
  6. Wan-Bissaka's positioning getting nerfed is fair enough, the rest is just overkill. Would be interesting to see if Trent has received the same treatment.
  7. Season two done and we managed to win everything but the FA Cup. We lost out in the semi-finals again, this time to Everton who beat us 3-1 (we were down to 10 men through injury, but Pogba scored a late penalty to send it to extra time, wish he'd missed it tbh). They went on to beat Liverpool in the final on penalties. Funnily enough Everton had another final a few days later, beating Copenhagen on penalties to become the inaugural Europa Conference champions. Liverpool had an abysmal UCL group stage and finished third behind Benfica & CSKA Moscow, but they went on to beat Chelsea in the
  8. Sérgio Conceição (Porto manager) has three sons who are all in the game.
  9. I opened contract talks as soon as the January window opened. Spurs were interested but even if they made an offer he wouldn't have joined them anyway because of how poor they were doing in the league.
  10. I'd say stick with him for the first two intakes, and if you're not happy with the newgens that have come through just let his contract expire at the end of the second season. I've just had my second intake and I was happy enough with it to renew his contract. As for the scouts, you need to reduce them to about 24 I think before you can ask the board to increase the number and they should accept. Off the top of my head the guys to get rid of are Bout, Bormann, Donnelly (or Prizant if he's worse), de Souza, Ruiz, George, Tamura, De Sisti and Coulter. If that's not enough then Seckinger an
  11. Finally finished the first season. We spent most of it on top of the table but it didn't feel like an easy dominate win, Liverpool were breathing down our necks for most of the year & then Chelsea put together a decent run towards the end too. We did go on a run where we didn't concede for 14 matches, equalling the real life record set in 2008. Unfortunately we failed to break it, because during a 6-0 demolition of Fulham we conceded a late consolation out of nowhere. That game came a couple of days after we played Fulham in the Carabao Cup final, which we won 2-0. We reached th
  12. Pretty sure “Sign High Reputation Players” is bugged. On the beta I signed Saul and Alaba, yet the board were still devastated.
  13. I’ve started a save three times now and Jesse always has interest from Roma. Just wait for them to make a bid rather than offering him out.
  14. I’ve got a budget of £400 and hadn’t considered getting a refurbished or reconditioned laptop, but this has caught my eye. Thoughts? https://www.laptopstation.co.uk/product/laptops/da0600sa/ I’m not looking for anything special, Football Manager is the only game I play on laptops. I’ve been using a HP laptop for the last five years and would prefer to stick with them, but I’m open to any recommendations.
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