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  1. Most important things for me are improved match engine and better looking newgens, preferably with the option to use hairpacks again.
  2. 4-1-4-1 is my main formation, but I switch to a 4-2-3-1 Gegenpress for matches against really defensive opposition.
  3. Season 2 done. I've managed to clear out most of the deadwood now, strengthen the depth and also decided to break the transfer record on Sancho, No idea why Juventus were so keen on selling Demiral for cheap, he wasn't transfer listed or unhappy, my scout reports just suggested he'd be under £30m so I snapped him up. Brescia were relegated so I triggered Tonali's bargain release clause. Ighalo had been useful for me so I had to replace him with a similar strong forward, I did consider Haaland but I thought it would be harsh on Dortmund to take both Jadon & Erling. I opted for Mi
  4. I've had the game since the beta, but this is the first save I've managed to stick with to the end of the first season. We won everything, which might be the first time I've ever achieved a first season quadruple. Dropped the ball in the last two games and missed out on setting a new record for wins and points, but overall we were dominant and didn't drop a single point at home. We beat Chelsea 3-1 in the Carabao Cup, Liverpool 4-0 in the FA Cup and Lyon 3-0 in the Europa League final. We will be meeting Liverpool in the Shield and Super Cup though as they did beat Juventus in the CL
  5. I've been directed to this thread, but coach training assignments isn't what I was complaining about the other day. My problem is I can't look at an overview of just my U18 medical team for example. We've been able to access these U23 and U18 pages for several games now, so why would SI deliberately remove it? It has to be a bug, and if it isn't, then it's a really stupid decision. As @ajax_no_staff:-/ said, these pages are useful for assessing staff contracts, seeing who is worth keeping, being able to offer mutual terminations to multiple people without having to go to each individual's page
  6. I'm having the same issue. Tried changing back to the default skin and it still wouldn't work, plus it's affecting my old saves too.
  7. Any changes with United? I think Fred deserves a CA upgrade, downgrades for Pereira and Lingard, maybe Chong too. I'm hoping Shola Shortire was added to the U18s as well.
  8. Depending on availability, my number rules are: - #7 goes to a star player, be it a forward, winger or midfielder. Don't need to explain why this is important to United fans. - #18 (Scholes) and #16 (Keane, Carrick) are to be worn by great central or defensive midfielders. - My most hardworking player gets #13 because Ji Sung Park >>> Second choice goalkeeper. - Best Regista/DLP gets #21 in honour of Pirlo. - #15 (Vidic) is for my toughest CB. - Best youth winger gets #44 (Januzaj), best youth CM gets #42 (Pogba). - I've got quite a few numbers to
  9. You got rinsed. I paid £37m with a £3m bonus once he scores 50 goals.
  10. Yeah the latest cutout pack update left his ID out of the config. There's a fix in the link below. https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/362/megapack-home-thread-fm17-megapack-90-out-now-18102016?page=70#comment_502041
  11. No idea if they have fixed PA or not but some U21s to look out for are: Brandon Williams & Reece Devine (Man United) Ruben Vinagre (Wolves) Aaron Hickey (Hearts) Francisco Ortega (Velez) Vitaliy Mykolenko (Dynamo Kyiv) Josha Vagnoman (Hamburg) Owen Wijndal (AZ Alkmaar) Alex Centelles (Valencia) Marc Cucurella & Juan Miranda (Barca)
  12. City re-signed Savic on my save too. And Liverpool signed Januzaj, as well as Grimaldo and Lautaro Martinez to be squad players.
  13. Well, we won the league again but this was our toughest season yet. Took us until matchday 5 to pick up our first win, with our first league loss since 2018 coming in one of the opening 4 matches against West Ham. We didn't actually reach the top of the table until February, which is crazy considering how dominant we've been in the first three seasons. As for the cup competitions, we only won the Community Shield and Club World Cup. City knocked us out of the League Cup in the quarterfinals and they went on to win it, we lost the UEFA Supercup and the Champions League final to
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