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  1. Kevin De Bruyne’s wages are set at £250k a week when it should be £385k. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/kevin-de-bruyne-commits-to-manchester-city-with-two-year-contract-extension-sq62lv3kr
  2. Jana Lehmann (Magdeburg physio) has an incorrect date of birth. It should be 22/2/1977 according to this document https://physio-gbr.net/component/k2/jana-lehmann.html
  3. Couple of little things that need to be changed in the database: 1. Aidy Boothroyd is still England U21 manager, when it should be Lee Carsley with Ashley Cole as his assistant. 2. Jana Lehman (physio at FC Magdeburg) has 1992 set as her birth year when it should be 1982. Most of my other complaints have been mentioned by others like lag, staff search scrolling back to the top etc. It doesn’t look like we can ask the board to allow more Sports Scientists, which was something that bothered me with FM21 too, so I’d like to see that changed.
  4. My team would be: Donnarumma Bonucci Maguire Shaw Maehle Pogba Pedri Spinazzola Sterling Schick Chiesa
  5. I’d like to see Sancho for Sterling, Hendo for Rice and Rashy for Mount.
  6. Wasted opportunity. I could understand Raheem taking it if it’s right on the edge of the box, but from that range he’s just being selfish.
  7. Finished season 5, which has been the worst one we've had so far. We won the league for a fifth consecutive year, but we dropped a lot of points in the second half of the season which resulted in the gap between us & our rivals being closer than it should have been. At one point Liverpool were second and we were 18 points clear of them for example. We beat Everton 3-0 in the League Cup final and also won the Super Cup & Community Shield at the start of the season. We made it to the semi-finals of the Champions League where we faced Ajax. Having drawn 1-1 away from home in the first leg, I expected a fourth consecutive final appearance...but they played us off the park and beat us 3-2. Unfortunately they lost 2-1 to PSG in the final. As for the FA Cup we made the final, but history repeated itself 20 years on as we lost on penalties to Arsenal. Underserved loss really, we drew 1-1 but we were the much better team throughout the 90 minutes and Extra-time. They had only gone 1-0 up because of a mistake from Turati too, and then they just sat back. Once again we managed to bring in a lot of cash, our biggest sale wasn't actually planned though, but Sancho pushed for the move unfortunately. I brought in Mier (highly rated Mexican newgen) to replace Menino who had become too injury & error prone for my liking (couldn't actually sell him in the summer because he was injured)...but my young RB has turned out to be pretty similar so far I might loan him out for a year. Musah was initially brought in as a B2B central midfield option but is now my first-choice RW since Jadon left, he had a bit of a stop-start season though with injuries too. Adeyemi on a free was a no-brainer, everyone else I signed were newgens. Greenwood couldn't keep up the ridiculous standard he'd set in the previous year, but still managed a decent goals return. He didn't hit double figures until late December, so ironically he was more prolific in the second half of the campaign despite our massive dip in form. Can't say I'm not tempted to move him back to the right flank though, and bring in Haaland to lead the line.
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