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  1. Season 2 complete. Finished unbeaten in the PL, smashing all sorts of records and also had one of the biggest wins I've ever had on FM in a league fixture. Oddly enough I saw Porto and PSV also had invincible seasons in their respective leagues. We managed to win all the minor trophies & retain our FA Cup with a 2-0 (AET) win over Chelsea, but we exited the League Cup and Champions League in the semifinals of each competition to Spurs (2-0 agg) & Bayern (3-0 agg) respectively. I was very frustrated because not only did we have Lloris & Neuer putting in world class performances, but we were also missing sitters & smashing the woodwork several times in all four legs. Wouldn't mind if we'd been dominated but this was just typical FM nonsense tbh. In the summer Bailly requested to leave because his contract only had a year left & he wouldn't have been granted another work permit. So instead of letting me know this in June or even July, he waits until there was only a couple of days left in the window to inform me of his situation and unfortunately when I offered him out he didn't attract any good enough offers. In the end I just decided to bid for an unhappy Fekir & I threw Bailly into the deal, which worked out well for him because Lyon won Ligue 1. Fekir for me though was pretty average in every competition bar the Champions League, only scored 9 goals too so it's not looking like my best business so far. Sanchez decided he wanted to leave in January because he wasn't starting enough games, so I was happy to let him go, shame we'll be paying him £150k a week still for another 3 years. Embolo was a bargain replacement scoring 8 goals in 16 games, covering well for Suso, who was excellent in the first half of the season but dipped dramatically in the second half. Breel has sided with Martial in a contract dispute though, and he "doesn't appreciate my position as manager'' so the ungrateful swine might not survive the summer. Rashford was also on fire in the first half of the campaign but dipped in the second, so he finished on 20 goals when at one point it looked like he'd get well over 30. Pretty disappointing that. Fortunately Lukaku stepped up and padded out his goal stats from Winter onwards, still a frustrating inconsistent lump mind. Suso and Pogba had 15 goals each (in all comps) so they were my next top scorers, which just goes to show how poor a campaign Martial (top scorer in season 1) had. He finished with 9 goals but 4 of them came in the last two fixtures (1 in the FA Cup final, and 3 in a 5-1 thrashing of Sheffield United) and I don't think he'd scored a single goal until late December. So often he's averaged 6.4 in games, completing less than 10 passes, missing sitters, yet he thinks he should be on higher wages, laughable. He's refusing to discuss his contract at the moment because of the European Championships but once he gets back from there I'll sell him if he doesn't drop the ridiculous demands. Memphis actually scored less than Martial but he at least made up for it with the assists & his effort on the pitch, surprisingly he replace Alexis as a team leader too. Highly recommend Tonali & Gedson Fernandes, both of whom will probably be regularly starting alongside Pogba if Casemiro & Herrera keep putting in average performances. Even though he's my fourth choice CB Tuanzebe was very impressive all season, his attitude to training is poor but he certainly makes up for it on the pitch. Ethan Laird is another who has stepped up really well when I've needed to rest Nacho & Dalot.
  2. Yeah the FA Cup is from the quarter finals only, in the EFL Cup you can do it in any round and I believe you can do it in all the knockout stages for the UEFA competitions too.
  3. You don't have to go through Steam, just upload the save to a file sharing site (e.g. Zippy Share, Media Fire, Deposit Files) then post the download link here.
  4. Here are the start of save newgens I mentioned : And here are my two main tactics @BigV
  5. First season I've actually completed on FM19, having started then restarted several times since the beta. After struggling in early Autumn (which included three straight league losses & League Cup elimination via penalty shootout at the hands of Liverpool) we ended up winning the title fairly comfortably. To my surprise, we won the treble, beating Bournemouth in the FA Cup & Liverpool in the Champions League finals. We were very busy in the transfer windows, signing players for the first team & some talented youngsters, including a couple of really good newgens that spawned at the start of the save (will post screens later). Unfortunately my boy Gronli appears to have low potential on this file so I didn't bring him in. It was difficult to attract decent offers for Darmian too so I ended up chucking him into the deal for Milenkovic. Didn't want to sell Lingard but that offer was too good to turn down. I wasn't planning on signing Tierney in the first season, but a couple of our rivals had bids accepted for him and I got jealous. Worth pointing out that they were bidding £30m up front with £12m in add-ons; so when I left Orlandelli to handle the transfer you can understand why I was fuming with the offer he made. I'm guessing Mata's inclusion in the TOTS is based on his form on loan at Madrid, because he was useless for us. Lukaku missed 5 months with a broken leg, so I was pleased that Martial and Rashford could both reach 20 goals, I think Memphis chipped in with 15 give or take too. Despite Smalling making that lineup I prefer Lindelof alongside Milenkovic. Smalling's agent has been really greedy in contract negotiations & also demanding I make him a key player, so it looks like Chris will be leaving on a free. I do have Pavard arriving, Tuanzebe is back and I really want him to be a success after failing to do so on FM18; and RoShaun Williams averaged 7.10 in about 17 appearances (including starting every FA Cup game)...so Smalling won't be missed, but I think I might have to switch to a back three if I'm going to keep everyone happy. My other plans for next season are to loan out Gomes who made about 20 appearances but only averaged 6.60, I want to strengthen the right flank some more because Berardi hasn't been too impressive since he arrived and Sanchez is too injury prone. I know I have a decent amount of talented wingers/inside forwards at the club, but after the way Gomes struggled I don't think I want to rush the likes of Chong, Marin, Kaastrup etc. I'm going to try and get Rojo, Mata, Matic & McTominay off the wage bill, and I'm open to selling Bailly, Fred, Alexis and Lukaku if I get any decent offers.
  6. If you're okay with spending most of your transfer budget on a DM then go for Casemiro.
  7. You can squeeze £20m out of Newcastle for Darmian, I got £17.5m up front with instalments making up the rest.
  8. Came here to post this. Picked him up for £40k + 20% sell on clause.
  9. I've finally completed Season 5. This season we won everything (including Community Shield, UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup) but the Champions League, and for the first time on this save we didn't even make the CL final. It would've been a repeat of the Season 4 final (United v PSG) but after beating Lyon 3-1 at Old Trafford they deservedly won 2-0 in the second leg. The final actually took place at OT too, and PSG ended up winning on penalties after a 2-2 draw. In the domestic cups we played Chelsea in both finals, beating them 2-1 in the Carabao Cup, and in the FA Cup we won 5-4 on penalties after an epic game that finished 3-3 with us having to equalize three times. Massive goalscoring drop for Kane, however I did have Rashford, Dybala, Bailey, Alaa (newgen), Geubells & Munir reaching double digits so I wasn't too concerned. Szoboszlai & Vinicius Junior (who I signed for free after Madrid allowed his contract to run down) also chipped in with 8 goals & 9 assists each. At the start of the season I had been planning on using a back three, but due to some poor performances & Jonathan Tah acting up I decided to go back to using a back four. Tah had only been at the club 9 months before he started demanding a pay rise (and a massive one at that, which would have been unjustified) so I ended up selling him. Kovacic started moaning about a lack of game time too & asked to leave, despite being injured at the time, so I did try to sell him in January but didn't receive any decent offers, so I loaned him out instead. Hopefully I'll be able to shift him in the summer because I've already agreed a deal to bring Pogba back to replace Kovacic. Also looking to sell Bale who has declined massively & simply doesn't justify the £425k he is on, Munir who wants to leave for regular football (which is fair) and unfortunately I'll have to sell James who had another injury prone year.
  10. Crystal Palace tycoon in September 2021. They're still in the Premier League but have lost every league game of the season so far, plenty of time to turn things around though. http://www.mediafire.com/file/584p7ip8i191me5/Palace Tycoon.fm
  11. Season 4 done. As well as the league, we won the Carabao Cup again & also retained the Champions League after beating PSG on penalties. For the second consecutive year we were dumped out of the FA Cup early, this time it was Sheffield Wednesday who knocked us out. Leicester (who finished second in the Championship) beat Liverpool in the final. So yeah, we were active in the transfer market. Fred has been decent but considering my top scout gave him a 95 recommendation (before Pogba had left) I'm pretty disappointed he hasn't been better. Ndidi was signed as cover and he had a better average rating than Fred, scored more goals too. With Milinkovic-Savic being inconsistent (very annoying considering he was amazing on previous saves) and Kovacic & James Rodriguez being quite injury prone (especially the latter) I kind of regret letting Pogba leave. I'm probably going to have another busy window, definitely in terms of players being sold, but one player that certainly won't be leaving is Harry Kane... This is the first time I've ever signed him on Football Manager, and he's been brilliant so far. He scored 25 of those goals in the Premier League and that was enough to seal the Golden Boot, making him the first United player to do so on this save. He also won the PFA, United's & Football Writer's Player of the Year award, and followed that up with the Best Player in Europe award.
  12. I play as myself, the only difference is I change my birth year (1991) because I like to be older than most of my squad.
  13. Not all the time. As I said, Vignato & Ramazani (forgot to mention Gribbin too) got their chance due to injuries, and they played so well I thought they might as well stay in the first team.
  14. Season 3 done. As well as the league, we also beat Spurs to win the Carabao Cup once again and finally won the Champions League beating Lyon 2-1 in the final. We were eliminated from the FA Cup in the 4th Round by City, who went on to win the competition. I wasn't planning on selling Alexis but when that offer came in I thought considering his age & the high wages he's on, it would be silly to turn it down. Lukaku was unsettled by Monaco towards the end of the year too, by the time the window was open though they were no longer interested & I was left with an unhappy player who wanted a new challenge. Surprisingly, Arsenal were the only team willing to pay in excess of £80m for him so I let him join them rather than take an inferior offer from PSG or Madrid. Fortunately Rashford and Munir were reliable goalscorers so we didn't miss Romelu too much. So Munir was deservedly my Player and signing of the season, and the best freebie I've had on the game since Icardi in FM12. He won United's Young Player of the Year award (we didn't receive any PL awards except for my third Manager of Year trophy) too but I thought any of Sessegnon, Vignato or Ramazani would've been more deserving of that given Munir's age. The reason why Vignato and Ramazani featured so much is because I had quite a few injuries at the start of the year, Alexis had been my first choice RW and Lingard wasn't performing well in the first half of the season; so I was rotating between the young lads and they were consistently delivering. Robben is retiring, Cech is too & I'm concerned he won't complete his tutoring of Simon Johnson (newgen) in time, he already failed at tutoring Dean Henderson which is why I bought him in the first place. PSG made a very good offer for Lindelof so he'll be leaving in July, there's uncertainty over Koulibaly & Pogba's future because clubs keep unsettling them, and there's several players like Torreira, Martial and Semedo who I could be tempted to sell if a decent offer came in. It could be another big summer. I've just been taken over by a Consortium too, so we're now owned by Carlos Suarez who runs Real Valladolid IRL.
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