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  1. I picked this as I think they attack down the wings a lot, mostly on the left hand side
  2. Thanks a lot. I'm really wanting to get into tactic making rather than just using plug and play tactics. I've edited the tactic with the feedback you've given. I've given Neves the DLP D role (Considered Regista but thought that was too aggressive in the centre) the option of more direct passing and more risky passes and robertson to cross from byline and run wide w ball. Edit: Jota and Jimenez should switch positions
  3. Thanks for your feedback, I look forward to your reply
  4. I;m currently managing wolves, but I'm attempting to recreate Liverpool's 4123. I'm an amateur when it comes to creating tactics but one thing I'm trying to do is recreate Andrew Robertson's role in Liverpool's current side. I actually have in in my side and am currently using him as a WB (A)with the PI to stay Wider as he is often seen bombing up and down the left hand side and crossing the ball into the box. Is this somewhat accurate? Also is this tactic a fair representation of current Liverpool? Thanks.
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