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  1. Solved the issue with my edits loading up. Instead of putting it in a "skins" folder, I just extracted the folders directly into the "documents/sports interactive/editor 2023" folder. QUESTION: Is there a way to change the parameters of the verification test? I ask because I'm encountering an issue where during the third season of testing teams are playing more than the max number of games in one of the stages of my competition. It doesn't make sense because everything is fine for the first couple of season. I'd like to have it only verify one season, and then run some tests in game to see if I can see the issue there.
  2. Also I don't think my editor is loading up the skin. How can I know that it did? Would the background be gray instead of the default purple? And if it's not loading the skin, what would cause that? Is because I use steam? I extracted to the editor/skins folder.
  3. In the 23 editor when you add a competition, it doesn't give you the "Mode" option, where you would set "Flexible Format Rules", etc. The screenshot shows where it should be. For competitions that were already in by default, it shows. Is there a way to get it to give me that option for competitions I create?
  4. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it!
  5. This is what I am trying to accomplish: I have seven divisions trying to qualify for a "Championship" playoff. Each division sends the top 4, but I need 32 teams for the playoff. So I have a league stage made up of all of the fifth place teams that transfers their results from their respective competitions. The problem is, each division plays a different number of matches. So for me to get the top 4 of the 7th place finishers I need the primary metric for ranking to be Average Points.
  6. OK, I'll test that, but does it use average points as a tiebreaker, or as the primary metric for ranking?
  7. Is there a way to make your table sort itself for rankings using average points per match?
  8. Can the custom match plan work with a League Stage, or does it have to be a Group Stage?
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