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  1. By the way, big time props to @ryzyi. One of the issues we had was getting the NCAA D1 Soccer to show the combined (conference and non-conference) results and he solved that issue. He has done great work on this file and it wouldn't be as good without him. Below is a shot of a save I'm currently playing that shows the combined results after the regular season and just before the conference tournaments:
  2. My latest update reflects the branding. For now, I've just rebranded the Charlotte Independence. Trying to create a new club is a bit of a headache and creates issues in a save that affect gameplay.
  3. Update: Version 3.8 Change List -Charlotte FC rebrand included -Changes to the NCAA schedule process made by @ryzyi (sincere gratitude for all the work he has put in there) Notes: I did NOT try to recreate the MLSisBack tournament. My file pretends that the interruption in the league due to the Covid pandemic never happened. I also am aware that Charlotte, Sacramento, and Saint Louis have all delayed their entering the league. I tried to make this work but got a crash every time. The issue is with the 2021 season when MLS will have 27 teams. There is some bizarre hard coding with the league and the competition stages with MLS so I hope that I will be able to make it work come FM2021 but right now it doesn't seem possible. Download (Opening Post updated): USA Expansion 3.8 DB File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q8u32pxius94m6m/001_USA_Expansion_3.8.fmf/file USA Graphics 3.8 File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lh4l2dpidj0cibz/USA_Expansion_3.8_Graphics.rar/file
  4. The issue for me is simply time. With each release what I have to do is go and remove all of the NCAA teams, competitions, awards, etc, and then remove the advance rules. It's quite a process.
  5. I'm sorry, I'm focused on real life DBs. There are several good pro/rel databases out there, though.
  6. I honestly don't know why that wouldn't be possible. It might even be possible to sign away MLS Academy players while they're still with the Academy. Obviously most countries won't allow the transfer to go through until they're 18, but I know you can agree to terms with players from US Academies that aren't MLS-affiliated.
  7. That is odd, the sad reality is that the MLS rules are difficult to code for SI. I'll try a couple of things in my current save and see if I can figure it out.
  8. No need to apologize. Do you have any players signed to DP contracts at this time?
  9. Yes, youth intakes will definitely be "hit-or-miss". And yes, you can sign a player at your club to a Designated Player contract. Some players it will be impossible to keep at your club otherwise.
  10. Yes, Academy teams will have their intake in the beginning of January. For me it usually happens around the 6th.
  11. I'm reevaluating adding NPSL now that I've managed to make it impossible for teams to sign players away from NCAA teams. However, there are other issues I have to try and reconcile.
  12. Scouting is different in the USA than in other nations, but I was able to scout and sign players from other NCAA teams and local academies.
  13. I have never seen the SuperDraft not take place. Please let me know if it doesn't. Sometimes the events don't always take place on the dates on the calendar, I'm not sure why.
  14. Fair enough. My thought was that if it was possible kitmaking could become a lot easier but I reckoned it wasn't likely. Thanks for responding.
  15. The game obviously displays the 3D kits on the boardroom wall when you're starting a game, so my question is if there is a way to manipulate the xml files so that the 3D kit shows on the club info screen. So getting this image: To show here:
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