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  1. Yes, I have created new files that verified, I just need to do testing on it.
  2. What version of the file are you using? The one I'm using will send players on vacation after the conference tournament, but once the NCAA tournament is set they become available again. I checked all 48 teams in my test save and the unavailable players were those who didn't meet the age requirements (U19 or O23).
  3. So all of the issues with signing players to expansion teams is entirely to do with hard-coding. I've done what I can to make it possible to control the teams from the beginning, but all the hard-coding with MLS makes it difficult-nigh impossible-to function as it ideally would. You may not actually be able to function properly until the team actually joins MLS.
  4. Do you have a screenshot? Because I have it set up as East-West conferences. The Commissioner's Cup is a single table, like the MLS Supporters Shield, but the USLC is East and West in my file.
  5. No, it's a Club Continental Cup, with the type being a "Club Champions Cup"
  6. I am trying to recreate the North American SuperLiga that last ran almost 10 years ago. The way that competition works is that the top 4 teams from MLS (USA) and Liga MX( Mexico) that did not play in the Champions League qualify. So, in a way, it's like a mini-Europa League. So is there anyway to tell a the competition to ignore all teams from the Champions League? I've ticked the "Ignore Teams" box and tried: Get Continental Cup Qualifiers, Get Best Teams from Competition, and Get Qualified Teams for Competition, and none of those seem to work. Any other ideas?
  7. Ugh, again limitations by the editor. There is no way to recreate the U21 Domestic players rule. I can do minimum number of U21 players, but not Domestic U21. To compromise I did a minimum of 3 homegrown players. BTW, should be releasing version 2.24 soon. It will set the recently announced USL2 and NPSL conference alignments for 2019.
  8. If he wants to adapt my file to put in pro/rel, it would take a lot of work. I have every competition getting the specific teams rather than just, "Get All Teams from Division".
  9. So I saw that the CPL announced their roster rules while I was on my cruise. One of the rules is there must be 6 Canadian players in the starting 11. Unfortunately, the editor does not allow for such a setting on the starting 11, only the playing 11. So here are my options: No more than 5 foreign players in the Playing XI: This would fulfill the starting 11 rule, however if subbed a Canadian off you would HAVE to replace him with another Canadian. 5 Foreign Players in the Match Squad: This would guarantee you would not be able to have more than 5 in the starting 11, but it would also mean that if you started all 5 of your foreigners then you wouldn't have any on the bench. Basically, there is no perfect option unless you guys have any other ideas. Let me know which option you think is best.
  10. As stated I won't be messing with transfers in this file. There are other people working on that who do a much better job, and I'd have to be making too many corrections. However, the FM update after the January window always adds some clubs that I had to create because they weren't in the database at launch, so I'll have to make some corrections to the file there to make it work with that update.
  11. That is extremely odd. I'll check the settings and see if I made a mistake on training camp dates.
  12. Unfortunately this will be a difficult thing to fix. It really wouldn't be that far of a stretch for a manager to leave an NPSL job for a USSDA job, however leaving for their own academy would be unlikely. I'll put on my thinking cap on how to fix this.
  13. I’ve not had this issue, but I’ll run some tests this week. Before I do, are you running any other DB files?
  14. So I am going a cruise this week with my wife. I'll be out of contact since I won't have internet. You can keep posting feedback, I just won't see it.
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