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  1. I've always kind of wanted to try the "empty bucket" 4-4-2 on FM: I would probably set it up with the MR and ML are on attack duty, sit narrower, and cut inside opening space for the fullbacks to get forward. One MC I'd have on defend duty and the other on support with "hold position" ticked, so that they both stayed back to protect the back line with the fullbacks bombing forward. Bob Bradley used that during most of his time with the USA, including the Confed Cup run in 09 and the World Cup in 10.
  2. I see, thank you sir. Apologies for the stupid question, but I guess that's why this thread is here.
  3. [FM18] - Hey stupid question here. In the Tactics Screen there is a button in Opposition Instructions for "Show Positions" where you can set instructions for positions: My question is, are these instructions automatically employed during the match? Because I cannot find a Show Positions button anywhere in Tactics while in a match.
  4. Yes, in all of my tests Pro/Rel worked as it should. My guess as to why it doesn't say anything about promotion is because no teams are promoted during the league stage but rather in the playoffs.
  5. Yes, they should be able regardless of affiliation and stadium size. With the exception of the B/II/2 affiliates (Sounders 2, Real Monarchs, Bethlehem Steel, etc). I tried to set it up so that none of the B/II/2 affiliates could be promoted to the top two divisions (MLS or NASL). It would be stupid to see Timbers 2 in MLS.
  6. Under something like "Overall Squad Rules" there is an option for Annual Wage. Making any changes to the MLS Fixture Rules will get rid of all of the rules, so you'll have to add whatever rules you want (Max Squad Size, Foreign Players, etc)
  7. Probably the easiest way is to go to USA -> Fixture Rules and Modify Rules "0". This is the default fixture rules for MLS, here you can set things like foreign player limits, etc.
  8. Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/Editor Files
  9. Just uploaded a file that fixes MLS affiliate clubs using their parents' logos and kits. I also posted a link for graphics and the claassen league files that I use with the continental competitions.
  10. This file is an adaptation of my USA & Canada Real Life Expansion file. It incorporates Promotion/Relegation into the USA professional league structure. This file is the FM realization of the dream of all the American soccer Pro/Rel advocates. It assumes that the USSF opens the pyramid for a system of promotion of relegation. Below is the league system format: MLS -Play each team in your conference twice, and each team from the other conference once for 34 matches -Playoffs the same as in real life, top 6 from each conference advance to MLS Cup playoffs -Bottom two from each conference relegated to NASL NASL -Play each team in your conference twice, and each team from the other conference once for 34 matches -Top 4 from each conference advances to championship playoffs -Conference finalists from each conference will be promoted to MLS (4 total) -Bottom two from each conference relegated to USL USL -Play each team in your conference twice, and each team from the other conference once for 34 matches -Top 4 from each conference advances to championship playoffs -Conference finalists from each conference will be promoted to NASL (4 total) -Bottom two from each conference relegated to USL D3 USL D3 -Play each team in your conference twice for 34 matches -Top 4 from each conference advances to championship playoffs -Conference finalists from each conference will be promoted to USL (4 total) All of the MLS squad rules still exist (which makes this file markedly different from my Custom USA Pyramid file). There is still a salary cap, designated players, Off-budget MLS will still hold a SuperDraft that draws players from the NCAA, and domestic players originate in the US Soccer Development Academy. Further development occurs in the Premier Development League and the National Premier Soccer League. The file also adds (by popular demand) a U18 division for the Canadian Premier League. DOWNLOAD: The download includes the League file (005_USA Pro-Rel 1.2) as well as several other club and international competitions that add to the experience of playing in the USA & North America. Some are realistic (Champions League, CONCACAF League, CFU Club Championship, Campeones Cup, International Champions Cup, CONCACAF Nations League & USA January Camp), some are revivals of defunct competitions (North America SuperLiga, UNCAF Interclub Cup, Pan-Pacific Championship, CONCACAF teams in the Copa Sudamericana), and one is a bit of a fantasy file based on speculation (Copa Nuevo Mundo). You can choose which competitions you want and which you don't. File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/370ihf733oefvnt/Uncle_Sam_Editor_Files.rar/file GRAPHICS: Logos and kits for all of the included competitions and clubs. File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/78x94zoxi24hvot/USA_Expansion_Graphics.rar/file EXTRA DB FILES: This download includes all of claassen's league files that I use. It also includes a "fix" for the USA Transfer Preferences. File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cd2af6x8nnlvf24/Extra_Files.rar/file
  11. One other possibility might be the stadium size. I don't remember setting anything for minimum stadium size for promotion, but I suppose it's possible.
  12. All it would really entail is changing all of club details (name, kit colors, staff, etc). You'd swap FC Cincinnati with Nashville SC and swap FCC Academy with Nashville SC Academy.
  13. Yes, that should make it work. When I release the pro-rel file I will have taken care of most of that. The only teams with affiliations that say you can't play in the same division will be the MLS teams with their B/2/II affiliations.
  14. I have added a file to the opening post which sends the CONCACAF Champions League winners & runners up to the Copa Sudamericana.
  15. That's actually new information for me, thanks. Also, UPDATE: So I'll be releasing the Pro/Rel version tomorrow. As you would expect with all the hard coding, it won't be perfect. Only 24 clubs with hard-coded Academy affiliations will be able to sign youth players if I keep the MLS squad rules. I will be releasing a version, however, that removes all of the MLS squad rules while keeping the league format, drafts, etc etc. I'm also close to figuring out how to get CONCACAF teams back into the Copa Sudamericana, which used to happen in real life and there is discussion of reviving. IF I can figure out, the CONCACAF Champions League winners and runners-up would join the competition in the round of 32. I remember this being part of FM back in like 06 or something and I really started missing that recently. If I can get it to work, it will be a separate download.