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  1. Uncle_Sam

    FM15 - Modifying the Formations panel

    Thank you sir, I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Do you happen to have a link where I can re-enable roles/duties for the AI teams?
  2. Uncle_Sam

    FM15 - Modifying the Formations panel

    Sorry to drag up an old thread, but my question relates to this topic. In the both formations screen in my FM18 my club's jerseys are smaller than the other team's and I can't see how to correct that. Suggestions?
  3. Yea, the Academy for Inter Miami won't function as it should. One workaround that I've heard of but never tried because I've never played as Inter Miami is using the in-game editor to move players from the Academy directly to the parent team. I'm not sure if the contracts will be correct or not, but it's better than nothing.
  4. Those are good suggestions, I'll make those changes for a future update. And yes, I couldn't get the Canadian Championship to run without setting a winner. It still all works correctly in-game, but the file wouldn't verify unless I picked someone. Let me know if you figure out a way to fix that.
  5. Yes, that's an old issue. I will update the opening post with a disclaimer. I have tried to work around, use different formats, but I was not able to without ruining the format of the NCAA. My best guess for the cause of the crash is that the NCAA D1 competition has over 200 teams in it, so the Club->Competitions tab is unable to deal with that. I can't say for sure, but that's my best guess.
  6. So I have reuploaded the expansion file with the CPL. It hopefully permanently corrects the issue with clubs playing in multiple competitions. I have also added the new clubs in the PLSQ and the Canadian Soccer League for 2018. The CSL and the CSL2 still have 8-team championship playoffs until I know that the postseason will be expanding also. I have also reuploaded and linked the graphics file to include the new logos, etc.
  7. Yea, that's what I was going to do but it is definitely bizarre.
  8. I can't run a test at this moment but is that true for the first season? Because there is no reason in the file that should be the case.
  9. Yes, the Real Names Fix will have to be edited when using my file. I just remove entirely the sections on the USA and Canada, and some of the other extinct competitions that are still named by the file as well. I use a lot of extinct competitions to recreate mine in order to avoid a lot of graphic conflicts. However that shouldn't affect the leagues functioning. The only conflict would be with other editor files. If there is a file that alters one of the affected clubs, I could see that causing an issue as well.
  10. So I ran a test to 2021 and the CCL seemed to run fine. All other competitions functioned as they should also. I did go ahead and redo the links in the opening post so maybe just try and redownload the file. I do apologize. Oh, and I also reuploaded and reset the link for the graphics file as well.
  11. Well in my last test everything seemed to run fine but let me run some more and see.
  12. I corrected the StubHub! Center as the only stadium used in the USA January Camp but I couldn't force the competition to make the USA the home team. I'll toy around with a different format tonight and see if I can sort it.
  13. Looking at that now, thanks. I would want the US to be the home team and to be honest I hadn't really thought about it. I assumed since they were automatically chosen as the host they be the home team. I'll look at the stadium issue as well and reupload it ASAP. As for one of the matches being cancelled I would actually be OK with that because sometimes the US only plays one friendly in the January camp, such as this year when they only played Bosnia. Probably there was some kind of conflict with the nation that randomly drawn, like a qualifier or something.
  14. Yes, apologies. I forgot to correct the competition rules. I fixed that and reuploaded the file with the CPL. It will take me a day or so to correct the file without the CPL. I also made changes to the USSDA to bring it more up to date, including changes to the logos and some kits that have been corrected in the original post as well. I also added some logos and kits I have for domestic Canadian teams, but I admittedly don't have them all. If someone has something to contribute it would appreciated. I am aware of that, but I decided to put them in the USL to even out the numbers and left the Armada U23 team in the NPSL. The owner has discussed his options and is open to finding a new league. Multiple times in the past they've talked about applying to join the USL so I just went ahead and did it, until we know something more concrete at least.