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  1. Is there anyway to recreate the promotion/relegation function within a competition, as occurs in the UEFA and CONCACAF Nations League?
  2. What panel modifies this screen:
  3. How hard would it be for you to nick up a "Light" version of this skin?
  4. I'm wanting a cup competition to randomly select from a list of stadiums to host every stage of a competition. So for example: 2018 - Miles Stadium 2019 - Jacobson Stadium 2020 - Uncle Sam Stadium Again, I wanted the stadium to be selected randomly and I want the same stadium to host every round (quarterfinal, semifinal, final, etc).
  5. Yea, I'm not going to try and figure out the nonsense that is the fall showcase of the NISA. Teams in the same "division" don't even play the same number of games. Cal United plays 7, Oakland plays 5. There is no way I can re-create that in FM.
  6. I'll be releasing an update soon. It will have the latest changes to what used to be called the NPSL Founders Cup (now the Members Cup). I honestly don't know what that means for the NPSL Pro in real life. I doubt it will ever get off the ground. It looks likely that the six teams will end up joining the NISA. Also, the Atlanta SC joining NISA is apparently the same Atlanta SC that currently competes in the NPSL. However, I am not going to change their logo just yet, because they have received absolute universal negative feedback on the one shown above. They really shouldn't be too surprised at that considering the ball isn't centered, they tried to use both vertical and horizontal gradients (wtf?), and they have a lower-cased "r" when literally all of the other letters are upper-cased. I'm going to leave Atlanta SC as-is because I believe that they will change it when they get someone who is a little more proficient with MS Paint. So what I'll do with the next update is eliminate the NPSL Pro. I'll believe it when I see it. I have read enough noise that Chattanooga FC, Detroit City, Milwaukee Torrent, and FC Arizona are joining NISA that I will put them in it. For now.
  7. That's actually pretty close to the color scheme that I had (although that logo is TERRIBLE). Thanks, I'll have it in the next update.
  8. MAC USERS: So I wanted to test this out. I have created three saves that begin even before a coach has been added in January 2018. These saves are based on database size: small, medium, and large. The leagues present by default are the central american and Caribbean leagues that I load up with to start. You can use the league add/remove feature in-game to modify the available leagues to your choosing (if this works). Let me know if it still crashes when trying load one of these saves. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ozxqh5kletflh7p/MAC_save_-_small_DB.fm/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/tmv96pltqykxgcb/MAC_save_-_medium_DB.fm/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/doish8uu3wb61ui/MAC_save_-_large_DB.fm/file
  9. You would do that in the fixture rules under the national rules for Canada. The U Sports rules was tricky. I built those rules with input from yellowsweatygorilla, who is much more familiar with the real life competition than I am. Apparently the rules are nowhere near as stringent as NCAA and there are a lot of players older than 23, so I left that out. The fact they are amateur will mostly keep the ages of the players down. Also, FM treats these teams as normal clubs, because there is no way in the editor (that I am aware of) to tell FM that these are colleges/universities. This means that the U Sports teams generate youth intakes like any other club. There isn't really a way to set the minimum age of youth players generated, at least not in my tests.
  10. For some reason Macs can't handle the file. It's an unfortunate reality but there isn't anything I can do about it as I do not have any idea what causes the issue.
  11. Ha, I'm once again dragging up this old thread. But I'm curious if there is a way to get the in-match formation widget to display roles and duties? I'm conducting kind of an experiment and it would be helpful.
  12. I haven't released the PRO version of this update. I'll try and get that up in the next day or two.
  13. I'm not going to rule it out. In a previous version I had the UPSL in there. The problem is that those levels are extremely volatile. When I set up the UPSL I took a list of the clubs and put them all in the database, and then immediately went back and looked and several of the clubs had withdrawn from the league.
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