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  1. So none of these worked, apparently. I'm going to try creating a hidden stage that doesn't schedule any matches that goes past the date that I need it to.
  2. I've got one other idea, where I create a hidden stage that doesn't schedule any matches, but it has a league schedule going past the date that I need it to.
  3. I don't see anything anywhere that specifically mentions Holiday. If someone knows where that is, I'd love to hear it. Here are my ideas to try (let me know if you know that any of these will or won't work): 1. LAST FIXTURE DATE - This is on the main competition page. I'm going to set a fixture date with the ID "end" and make it after the competition championship game. 2. LAST DAY OF SEASON STAGE INDEX - I'm setting this to "-1". I know this is a longshot, but my hope is that the competition doesn't look to the end season with the last stage, but obviously I'm grasping at straws here. 3. No, PROCESS FINISHED LEAGUE INTO RECORDS under STAGE FINISH ACTIONS - again, just hoping it doesn't force the end of the competition after the final stage is completed.
  4. So in my file I have divisions set up with multiple stand-alone regional competitions. They teams qualify for the national championship playoffs through their regional competition, however, I have this issue where some (not all) clubs send their players on holiday after the regional competition. This means that when the national championship competition begins, some of the clubs' players are not available. Does anyone know how this can be prevented? What about a competition's rules dictates that they send their players on holiday? It doesn't seem to have anything to do with fixture rules.
  5. Unfortunately you must start a new game. For now there is no way to modify a DB to add competitions in real time during a save.
  6. So I've been under the hood and modified the file. -----USA changes Added the Generation Adidas Cup. Functions as it does in real life, with a regional qualifying round for all of the MLS Academies. The top teams from each group advance to the Champions round, and the next 3 teams from each group moved on to the Premier round. The Premier and Champions rounds include some international youth teams and consist of group and knockout stages. It's setup to mimic real life, however the calendar is impossible to recreate in FM correctly. In my file the qualifying round is played in the spring while the premier and champions divisions take place in the fall, which is the opposite of real life. I also added the recently announced Omaha club, which begins play in USL League One in 2020. *Branding is a fictional concept designed by the owner of this site (who also gave me permission to use his concept): http://tylerlenzdesign.com/omahafc.html I also cleaned up some of the awards so that they are all correct. -----Canada Community member yellowsweatygorilla and I collaborated to create the data for Canada's top level collegiate soccer division (U-Sports). All 4 "conferences" and 48 teams are included. Right now, they're stand alone divisions. The FM editor doesn't allow us to create a new draft that isn't already hardcoded in (like the MLS SuperDraft), however part of the purpose is to have the groundwork laid in case a future version of the game allows us to add this function for the Canadian Premier League. As with all of my files, the leagues are all built to function as in real life. The two playoff finalists from each conference advance to the U-Sports Championship. -----Central American Leagues I also fixed the Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago files, so that each has their own league structure.
  7. I saw that, but there is nothing official; no official announcements on clubs or when the expansion(s) will officially occur.
  8. I don't have the Generation Adidas Cup yet, but it is something I have on the list.
  9. Thanks, I will look into incorporating that. If you're willing to share your work, my email should be in my profile. Or you could message me with a link to the download.
  10. I'm starting to find that the people having trouble are MAC users. I do not use a MAC so I don't know how to pin down the problem causing the crash.
  11. I've tried not doing that, but it actually makes it slightly worse. That phenomenon does get better as the game progresses and the teams fill out,
  12. All of the files I have are compatible with each other. I use them all in my games.
  13. Its to help with the number of players being generated. Their competition is set as the USSDA Northeast so that they generate a youth intake, but they don't actually play in the competition.
  14. I could do the Overall Table first, but for me it's an aesthetics thing that is very easily remedied. The fix took me five minutes to put in.
  15. Are you referring to one of the Caribbean Leagues? I only have Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico from the Caribbean region as playable but if you choose one of those then ye, you can start play in the Caribbean.
  16. If I remember correctly, NPSL teams can have up to 7 foreign players.
  17. I can't say for sure why this is the case, but when the first stage of some of the competitions I create is either a "group" stage or a split season stage (Opening Stage, Spring Season, etc) it won't allow you to select teams. So what I do to circumvent that is I create an initial league stage that gets all of the competition's teams and I make it hidden and set it to not generate any fixtures.
  18. Fixed the issue where you couldn't select a CanPL team if you choose to start the game in 2019. Re-uploaded the Canadian file (1.6)
  19. I'll look to see if I can sort that. I think I know why and how to fix it. Thank you for the feedback.
  20. Thank you. That's the first official link I've seen referencing a two-legged championship.
  21. I appreciate that, but I actually didn't realize the match schedule was 10-18. I just hadn't read the format closely enough and made an assumption. I've fixed it and re-uploaded.
  22. So I have read that some of you are experiencing a crash. I am truly sorry about that. Maybe try this latest update, but if it's still occurring I am afraid I am unable to help you. I have had no issues with the game crashing at startup and if I can't recreate the problem then I can't fix it. My guesses are either that the DB conflicts with one you already have downloaded, or that there is some kind of issue with your computer; maybe hardware or some configuration. I do apologize.
  23. MAJOR UPDATE: Made a lot of changes to the latest release. I'll start in the USA. The NPSL Pro will now not start until 2020, like it's set to in real life. Instead, the 8 NPSL Pro teams that are "promoting" from the NPSL will compete in the NPSL during the 2019 season, after which the NPSL Founders Cup will generate: This competition is being organized to "lead into" the NPSL Professional Division which begins play in 2020 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NPSL_Founders_Cup) Also added are the Muskegon Risers SC, joining NPSL in 2020. This file also fixes a MAJOR error in the squad rules for the NPSL Pro where all of the players had to be U19. The BIG changes in this file are in Canada, specifically the Canadian Premier League. I have corrected the format for the CPL so that there will be a 14-match Spring season and a 14-match Fall (Autumn) season, with the two winners playing in the CPL Championship match. The winner of each season will be recorded, as well as the overall champion: Furthermore, I have added all of the real life kits that were announced last week in the SS style to the updated graphics pack. The CPL has not made any announcement that I have seen regarding a venue for the championship match, so for now I have the Spring Season winner hosting. Download and enjoy, and please report any issues.
  24. Just edited the OP with a new version of the file that makes some corrections to both the USA and Canada. I do apologize for my absence but it's been an extremely busy couple of weeks. I have to run right now but I hope to post later on some of the changes/fixes.
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