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  1. Would like an answer on this too if anyone has it. I have an issue where certain items duplicate randomly (club vision, rivals, liked/disliked people, etc) to where the number of changes gets pretty large...probably the cause of the slow down, but no idea why the changes randomly duplicate.
  2. Didn't find this anywhere... Is there a reason why the editor randomly will duplicate changes? I've noticed it's almost always rivalries, club visions, and/or "other income" (there will be like 4-5 copies of each one)...this greatly increases the number of changes and significantly slows down my editing quite a bit. I have about 30 new clubs and every time I come back to a file it always has duplicates of these...one of my new clubs has 256 club visions, where the original was 4... If there is a "reason" for this, how do I fix it? EDIT: included club vision
  3. Dunno how much or how little feedback you want-and I know you're not done-so let me know if this is more annoying than helpful...but something I noticed when I loaded the game file: almost all, if not all, of the created players on the non-soccer pro teams only have one position (and most of the good ones start on the U23's). Probably not an issue for strikers, center backs, or even midfielders, but players like the OLB/DE/EDGE for the football teams can only play a Wing Back position. They're not going to play at all unless their manager runs a tactic with WB's, and I foresee them
  4. This is awesome! I started to something similar for NCAA teams, but only got like 20-30 teams in...so this is wonderful! Will the editor file ever be available? I'm sure I would like to make a few minor tweaks here or there for my own personal use.
  5. That worked! Thank you so much...felt my heart drop when I saw it was happening program wide...did I essentially clear the cache?
  6. Hello everyone, been a lurker for a while and this forum has really helped me over the past few weeks...thank you! I've searched for an answer to this question, but never found a fix for it...only that people had been experiencing it as well and it had been identified as a bug: Sometimes after I do a player search with filters the views all disappear, making it impossible to interact with any of the results...sometimes I can exit the editor and it magically fixes itself, sometimes it takes even a few reboots, sometimes the view will even fix itself if I just select anot
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