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  1. I double @AgentEves request. we would appreciate an ncaa/canada usports file if possible! been looking for one for ages!!
  2. same with me buddy. same problem, not sure how to fix it
  3. do you know how to extract this file from fm20 to fm21 by any chance?
  4. hi im looking for a real expansion of the USA up until NCAA level, the same way as uncle sam did the last few years. it seems that the majority of the US expansions are pro/rel which im not keen on. would anyone be able to help me either export uncle sams fm20 work to fm21 or create the expansions for the US? THANK YOU!! @Wolf_pd
  5. doesnt work this way. tried everything.
  6. Can anyone help me extract this file from FM20 to FM21 please, as I don't have FM20? Thank you! 001_USA Expansion 3.8.fmf
  7. Bc I don't have fm20, would it be possible to help me extract this file please from Uncle Sams work? See attached file. 001_USA Expansion 3.8.fmf
  8. thank you, and lastly do they have the correct winners for 2020? just want to check in case i have to edit it myself! thank you!!
  9. can you help do the NCAA from uncle sam? i don't know how to
  10. hi, are these correct format in the sense that ecuador for example is apertura and clausura? thank you!!
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