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  1. Why does the file skip all US competitions in 2022? I have no MLS up to NCAA that year.
  2. Hi buddy - will you be creating the US structure down to NCAA for FM22 as well?
  3. you can create the logos with the correct id format and use the FMXML 1.2.0 app to create the config files..
  4. I kept all competitions down to the NCAA, but removed my standard Asian and African leagues which I realised I never ever actually monitored... 400K players!! What PC can carry that load?!! lol - my mac is from 2018 and barely pulls 120K.
  5. I had the same problem and only got it to work by minimising the countries i loaded.. could not figure out what the real problem really was.
  6. May I just mentioned that there's nothing more fun on FM than a US save with the NCAA... full of talent in college football
  7. hi buddy, will you still be doing the graphics pack for this file?
  8. THANK YOU for your great work palk, its very much appreciated. hope to see you on fm22
  9. @Fmfan00 sorry to ask. when do you anticipate you'll have the graphics pack for this file ready? thank you!
  10. ok thank you - ive done it and some players are 27.... guess they're doing their PhD!! lol Will you add the graphics pack in this thread?
  11. You're a rockstar bro. So to add players for the ncaa teams i select 'add players to playable teams?'
  12. will you upload it here? on this thread. @Palk looking forward to the file!!
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