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  1. Hi Florida Cup starts in Jan 2025. I tried making changes for July 2024 but now says it starts in July 2025. How can I fix this?
  2. thanks bud, tons of us dying for ncaa!! can;t find a single file all the best!!
  3. \ Hi guys, quick question. Although I lock the screen on the fixtures page to just show the league scores, every time I press continue it resets it. How can I fix this? Thank you.
  4. no worries mate. if you come across a project with a realistic db + ncaa, please feel free to let me know!
  5. hi mate for those who like to play with real rules, is it possible to have a file without pro/rel with NCAA div. 1?
  6. Hi mate, are the transfers as future transfers or start of the save? Also, what promotions/relegations are inc? i.e. is Japan done for 2024? Thank you
  7. apologies, where are the oceanic leagues? thank you for your NZ file - i presume its like 99% correct format?
  8. hi guys, is this still WIP or completed? What is the latest file? I've seen a few attached.
  9. hi mate, sorry i might have missed this but does this file have the final winner for 2023?
  10. Hi mate, I've never used the editor to merge files. I'm pretty bad at it. There are some NCAA files from FM23 which many have picked up and attached to other files in the past. This is from FM20 - https://sortitoutsi.net/content/54298/usa-expansion-file
  11. I wanted to add one for each score number so box around X and Y, ie if the score is 2-0, one box around 2 and one around 0 like in the pic above.
  12. Also a bit of a stretch but is there a way I can add a box around the results part on the calendar page? So for example instead of: to this:
  13. hi guys how can i modify the skin calendar to show next fixture logo like this?
  14. Hi mate, I know I'm coming back to this. Is there no way you can merge the NCAA section from another file into your work? Yours looks amazing and would love to take a go, but with the NCAA.
  15. fair play, no problem. the best thing about NCAA was the draft where players would come right through colleges into the draft.
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