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  1. So I setup a stage where results are processed into. Right now Stage 0 is the group stage. Groups 0, 1, and 2, send results into Stage 1. I have the qualified teams (group winners) setting a qualification of Top Playoff in Stage 1. So in stage one, I have three teams with the fate of Top Playoff. I want to set the next best team in the table without a fate as Top Playoff (essentially the best 2nd place team). When I test it, the next best team is getting a placing of "TP" but for some reason it's not setting their fate as playoff. The results look like the image here. Any idea what the problem is? The name of the league in the list is United States Soccer League Division Three. test6.fmf
  2. Oh I see. Well I think it’s okay if the table isn’t interactive.
  3. So I've been playing with this file and it's been very helpful. Thank you! I'm wondering if it's possible to do something like this: My league has 11 groups and I want the best second place team from specific groups. So like the best 2nd place team between groups A, B, and C, and then the best second place team from groups D, E, and F, etc. Is that possible? I haven't been able to find a way to specify which groups to look in. The best 2nd place team table just include all the teams.
  4. Awesome! Thank you so much! Will take a look now.
  5. I'm working on a league that has three groups, each group winner makes the playoffs, and then the best 2nd place team. What's the best way to do this? I've never done it before. Right now I have a stage setup where results are being processed into. As teams get their top playoff fate in Stage 0, it sets a league fate of top playoff in Stage 1. Then I figured I'd set a league fate of top playoff in Stage 1 for the next best team. This isn't working because it won't set the league fate. Is there a better way to do this?
  6. I finally discovered what the problem was here while working on something else. When you first setup advanced rules for the USA, the second division (United States Soccer League Division One) is in the list of competitions twice. When you get rid of the duplicate one, the competition will start.
  7. Unfortunately no. I tried at one point unchecking that for all the teams and it didn't make a difference. I also checked the settings in the first division and there aren't any options saying teams cannot be promoted or anything like that.
  8. Weirdly, if you go to the group settings and set "Rules" to "MLS 2 Groups Style", it'll set the qualification fate for B teams in the western conference. The problem is, it sets all league fates at the beginning of the season and league fixtures no longer are played. It's weird, so I'm not sure if that's a viable solution.
  9. I noticed that the stage names from stage 0 to stage 2 in the second division don't match up. In the relegation rules under League Settings for stage 0 isn't the same as the stage name you set for Stage 2.
  10. No, I hadn't set either of those. I just set the teams under the "Teams" section and used "Get All Teams from Division", but not "Team Pool" or "Registered Teams". I just tried it now, but no change unfortunately.
  11. Thanks! That got the file to load into the game, however the second division doesn't show up as a playable division.
  12. Interesting. Well thanks for your help. I don't suppose you have any idea why I can't get B clubs in my second group to get a league fate of qualified? It's working in the first group. That's really the problem I'm trying to solve.
  13. Yeah, unfortunately that didn't do it either. Are you running on a PC? I'm running on a Mac. I always wonder if the problems I run into are because of that. For instance, there's no reason why the same options for one group don't do the same thing in the other group. I've been wondering if it's because I'm on a Mac.
  14. I saved it as XML but it still won't let me load it in game.
  15. I can't try it in-game because the file won't verify, so when I try to load this in-game, the lower divisions won't show up for selection. The problem preventing verification is part of a larger problem I'm having and I thought the problem in this thread might help. The larger problem is that I can't get the MLS B teams to get a qualification fate in the second group. The MLS B teams in the first group get a qualification fate, but for some reason it won't work in the second group even though it has the same settings. So I can't get teams to qualify for the playoff rounds, which prevents verification, which prevents me from seeing it in-game. I've tried everything, so I thought maybe if it might be this promotion restriction that's cause my problem.
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