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  1. Yeah, domestically things seem to be pretty easy for us. Europe is where we need to step it up. Hamedallah up to the end of the season has 86 goals in 99 appearances, legend.
  2. Season 5 Review So season 5 was very much a transformation season. We brought in a lot of youngsters and sold on a good bit of dead wood, overall net spend was £8m though so was very hopeful we'd have a good season, although not quite as good as last which was just an unbelievable run of consistency. Salgado is one of the most promising players I have ever had, a solid midfielder who can play DMC, MC and AMC and very good in all of them. He was well worthy of my record transfer. Excited by Quinteros and Hurtado aswell, Quinteros a Chilean centre half. Solid, typical hard man and Hurtado a player who can play just in front of the defence but has good qualities going forward aswell. The league went well, we pretty much dominated from start to last but not the same consistency as last season. Kobenhavn improved and beat me twice, showing some real good form and will be a threat next season. We were never in danger of losing or getting caught, standard league season and exactly how I want to continue in the transformation of my team to a younger one. The Champions League was quite disappointing however. We automatically qualified for the group stage and drew a group of Arsenal, Leverkusen and Fenerbahce. We made a very good start beating Fener 3-1 at home but it all went down hill after that. By the last game we'd confirmed our bottom place and lost a 4-2 lead against Arsenal to lose 5-4 to rub salt into the wounds so for the first time under my management we didn't qualify for Europe after Christmas. We continued our domestic dominance by winning the Danish Cup aswell. Won it pretty comfortably in the end, getting a wee scare in the final but scoring twice in extra time to bring it home. And here is my best 11. Christian Johnson was signed the season previous, a Nigerian winger come striker came into his own near the end of the season and will have a huge part to play in my next season. Hamedallah a machine as always, nearly a goal per game but did suffer a few injuries but Rodriguez was a perfect back up to have getting 13 in 24. All in all, a decent season but very much the start of a transformation. Excited about the up coming season but can see it being another transformation season as I had a lot of out goings and consequently in comings.
  3. Will have an update tomorrow, finished all of season 5.
  4. Yeah, even I can't quite believe it. And we've got to the knock out round every season so far, just never past the last 32 so it's definitely progress on that front! There was one bit of interest a while back and an offer of £6m for him, but he is far too important for me. I have spotted an absolute wee gem of a player that I have just spent pretty much all my transfer budget of £7.75m on (and that's with adjusting the budget!). I will post him at some point tomorrow, very excited about him.
  5. Season 4 Final Update Well what a season we have had in the league and in Europe. We broke the league points record, league goals record, league unbeaten record - just unbelievable. So proud of my guys. So we did it. We went the league season undefeated. We had a few dodgy moments like the away game to Kobenhavn when Musonda came on and got the late equalizer but our squad quality was just far, far too good for the rest of the league and that is hopefully set to continue. We just dominated from start to finish, I can't believe the progress we have made already. It's just incredible to look at. Just pure dominance. So after finishing 3rd in our CL group we dropped into the last 32 of the EL which we have reached and subsequently left in each of the last 3 seasons but we got to the last 16 this season after comfortably seeing off Porto but then finding ourselves 4-0 down after 24 minutes at home to Inter. I was really disappointed in that, we could have got through this round but we choked. Happy with the draw in the San Siro though. Our only domestic loss of the season was in the quarter finals of the Danish Cup against Midtylland after going a man down and losing a penalty after 10 minutes. We just couldn't get back into it but that isn't really important to me. We had far too good a season for me to worry about the Danish Cup. Next season I aim to get to the last 16 of the CL since we have automatic group stages for winning the league and ofcourse continuing my league dominance.
  6. Season 4 Mid-season Update So the league is going pretty well. Absolute walk over already, can't see me losing it from this point - we've been unstoppable. The great thing is that as of next season Denmark's league ranking goes up so the winners of the league go straight into the group stages of the CL so automatic £6m/£7m through that which we can exert our dominance with. Delighted. And on to the CL, delighted that I qualified. It was hugely tight in the HJK game, a game I really should have seen out much more comfortably but the main thing is we qualified and got that CL money. The group went as expected. Two unlucky losses against Bayern, the first I lost in the last minute after going down to 10 men which I was so gutted about but we finished 3rd and are in Europe after Christmas for the 4th season in a row. As a side note I'm also easily into the QF of the Danish Cup. Let's hope we can keep this run of form going.
  7. Season 4 Transfers In Out Very, very happy with my transfer dealings. Brought in Bigirimana and Rodriguez on frees after successful loans last year proving they had what it takes to play for my team. All my loans are squad players to boost the quality of my team and I am very pleased to have them on board for the season. Last but not least is a 20 year old Brazilian midfielder Neto, signed for £140k and I have high hopes for him. Looks quality already.
  8. Not sure they will all be Scandinavian, love bringing players in from all over the world and increasing my scouts knowledge.
  9. Thanks man, delighted with it. Definitely going to stay with Esbjerg. I want to qualify for the CL this coming season, my favourite part of the game is definitely buying youngsters for small prices and watching them grow before eventually selling them on so I can see myself being here for a while.
  10. Season 3 Final Update Well, well, well - what can I say. We were absolutely unstoppable, absolutely steam rolled the final part of the season destroying teams left, right and centre. I cannot describe how happy I am to have won the league and cup double so comfortably in only my third season and finally be able to have a crack at the CL. If we do get in, the money should be able to make us too dominant in the league for years to come. Norgaard, Hamedallah, Bech, Sturgeon and Musonda just tore defences apart and our defense was solid only conceding 19 goals throughout the season. I'll let the pictures do the talking.
  11. Season 3 Update and January Round Up So a bit of a big update this one, managed to play a bit over the weekend so I'll post my transfers after the results as the results is the best part for me this time haha! An unbelievable run of form we are on. Only 1 defeat in the league in 21 games, playing some really nice football and scoring a lot of goals. Not too disappointed with not getting further in the Europa League, Monaco completely out classed us and being honest I am quite happy just to concentrate on keeping up our amazing league form. Norgaard and Hamedallah have been unbelievable in front of goal with Norgaard being a midfielder aswell, Musonda and Bech are playing on the wings exactly how I want them to and Fabio Sturgeon came in on January and has really given Musonda a break he probably needed as he had played pretty much every game. Let's hope we can keep it up until the end of the season, would absolutely love to win the title. January transfer window was a busy one for us aswell, with a lot of players leaving. Had to say goodbye to the Stracq and Pusic, two players I love but just couldn't find a place for them as Hamedallah is my best player and we have a good back up loanee from Chelsea. The same goes for Shala, awesome last season but again couldn't find a place and he was kicking up a fuss. Had to go. In coming were Sturgeon as I mentioned earlier, and then two defenders for squad depth as I lost a few older ones in January. Happy with my business. In Out
  12. Play him as a false 9 (support) up top himself. He has been incredible thus far. edit - and the very next game he gets injured. ****.
  13. Season 3 Preview and Update So this season I hope to put up more of a challenge and to do that I have to keep all my best players and improve the squad quality. So what do my board do? Sell one of my best players Simon Thern to Rayo for just over a million pound. Great start. I had a fantastic transfer window apart from that though, bringing in some real quality for real cheap. The two loans from Chelsea are top quality, Rodriguez definitely a striker I have confidence in playing in any match and Musonda already a key player for me on the left wing after Lingard went back to Man Utd. The two loans from Man Utd are mainly there for squad depth and Bigirimana is a good rotation player to have, fits in very well in the midfield. Very similar player to Thern. Bech and Gemmer are two young players signed from my main rivals and I got an absolute bargain for both of them, two key players in my team already. Bech is a great winger, very skillful and good goalscorer. Gemmer is a solid midfielder, possibly an upgrade on Thern. Signing of the season though is Hamedallah, I have even agreed to sell the Stracq in Janury because of this guy. Top, top player with great stats and even an international star for his native Morocco. Now on to my season so far. Unbelievable start. We are dominating games, scoring freely and the defense is solid. A lot of the goals we have conceded have been very late on. The result I am most proud of is actually the 1-1 draw with AC Horsens. We had two red cards by the 60th minute and 1-0 up after scoring after the first red card. Then we held out amazingly, conceded a really poor goal from our corner but I was so pleased to see us not lose. Just an amazing start all in and exactly what I was looking for this season, let's hope we can keep it up. If there is any specific games anyone would like to see then let me know, I can post them up. ESBJERG!
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