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  1. Bhoy

    The travelling thread

    Prague 100%. Been to both and both are class but Prague was better, more bars/clubs and cheaper beer. Staropramen and Krusovice, can't go wrong. I'm actually going back to Prague this summer for sun, beer and watch the World Cup all day.
  2. Clearly not eating enough from McDonalds!
  3. Making the most of the sun whilst we have it. To be even better next week when I'm off for the majority of it.
  4. Bhoy

    Day thread

    Loads of stuff to write a short essay on then?
  5. Bhoy

    13 reasons why

    So disappointed with season 2.
  6. Bhoy

    The travelling thread

    Could always stay in Glasgow city centre and get the train through to Edinburgh (about an hour) if accommodation is too pricey. Glasgow is better than Edinburgh anyway.
  7. My local team. They should be doing that irl, budget has been consistently the biggest in the league for years. Hopefully next year with a full season of Danny Lennon they'll do it.
  8. Sounds like a whole bag of crazy Bren.
  9. tbf I have one of the best teams in the world pretty much consistently now in a poor Scottish division so it isn't hard to win pretty much every domestic game and CL group stages. Just needed a bit of luck and the defeat that started it off was a 4-3 to Barcelona in the first CL group stage game and went green the rest of the year. It would have been more but Barcelona scored in the 93rd and 95th minute against my 9 men. Would have been 72 in a row otherwise. edit - it also helps that I have easily the best ever player I've had on any version of FM Dimitri Blanchard (just in front of my 1000 goal striker Borja Ochoa in FM15). I want to make this guy my next 1000 goal striker.
  10. Currently 22, Benfica beat me 3-0 in Portugal in the CL group stages and I only beat them 3-1 at home which meant they finished above me in the group despite me having a GD of +35 in the 3 games (they had +9). Most wins in a row I've ever had is 53 (October 2027-August 2028). edit - and that run has just ended with a 7-4 loss to Monaco. Had 2 men sent off in the first half.
  11. A ridiculous run and a ridiculous win against non league Gretna. I played two central defenders, two central midfielders, three attacking midfielders (two wide) and three central strikers.
  12. Bhoy

    2018 NFL Thread

    No Guice for us despite him being there. Don't know a lot about Ronald Jones.
  13. Bhoy

    2018 NFL Thread

    Seahawks were betting on Derwin I guess.
  14. Bhoy

    2018 NFL Thread

    Yeah, will read all updates in the morning. Wanted Boltman rage but also happy for him, he deserves at least one pick that makes amazing sense and a hell of a player.
  15. Bhoy

    2018 NFL Thread

    This is like OJ Howard for the Bucs last year at 19.