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  1. matt_e

    Girls of Euro 2016

    Italy/Germany -
  2. Aye. Thing is, the Champions League had 24 teams previously but did 6 group winners and best 2 runners up straight to QF, was actually hard as nails to get out of those groups. Shame they didn't do it with this, I always liked that the Euros group stages were often tougher than the WC.
  3. matt_e

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Be very surprised if he starts ahead of Rooney/Kane/Vardy unless does something extraordinary before the tournament starts. Even Owen wasn't a starter in 1998 initially.
  4. matt_e

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Would imagine a non-CL qualification clause of some description would have been in play so not the full amount at least.
  5. matt_e

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    "I think I am in the right moment in my career. Manchester United is one of these clubs where you need really to be prepared. It's what I used to call a giant club. Giant clubs must be for the best managers. I think I'm ready for it. I could say I'm happy, proud honoured, but the reality is what I love is to work and I cannot wait for 7 July." "I think we can look at our club in two perspectives - one is the past three years and another is the history. I prefer to forget the last three years. I prefer to focus on the giant club I have in my hands now. "What the fans are expecting me to say is that I want to win. The players need to hear that, but I think we can really, it's not just to say it. I want to give what I have and what I don't have. To give everything to go in the direction we want." "It's curious that I played so many times against Manchester United with other clubs and there was empathy. I was pushed by that feeling to say sometimes things my clubs were not happy with. For example when I won with Real Madrid I said the best team had lost. Not many people were happy with that." ----- Charm offensive begins, our club indeed edit - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Enx-QuWP08
  6. matt_e

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Aye, especially given the source was an ex-City player as well.
  7. matt_e

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    How many clubs have been consistently successful keeping their manager without putting shitloads of cash? Unless you run like god producing world class players through a youth system it's virtually impossible to compete long term without significant spend.
  8. matt_e

    Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    All of that seems to have come from Sinclair who has now said he left his phone out at a Christmas party. Gotta love the standards of journalism with these things
  9. 9 internationals, which presumably they wouldn't play before 4 months is up?
  10. I thought it was 17, the last 3 seasons were meant to total 48, and we've had 31 so far? Unless its changed and I'm just slow.
  11. I agree with season 3 being the weakest. Loads of people I know seem to say it's season 2 though. Disagree with it not being rewatchable, it takes times of course and certain filler episodes are pretty weak but I like seeing how things appear with the knowledge of what happens. It seems as though little throwaway lines or seemingly innocuous things in the past carry a lot more meaning, but that could just be me trying to fit everything in I guess
  12. matt_e

    9 of 10 US dollar notes show cocaine trace.

    ahahah, brilliance.
  13. Aye. If it had been 30 years unchecked it would be almost unrecognisable, certainly I would expect growth to be far more substantial than it appeared to be then.
  14. Not that important but does anyone know the correct pronounciation of Taweret?