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  1. matt_e

    Sugar tax

    First time l tasted the new recipe I actually thought I'd gotten one from a bad batch, like it'd passed it's best before or something They're probably the brand you'd associate most with sugar of any of them, no idea why they didn't follow coke's lead.
  2. matt_e

    Sugar tax

    Full sugar, used to be Lucozade until they ruined it, tastes **** now so have an occasional coke in its place.
  3. Done, way too much of a nostalgia trip in mine
  4. Will get mine fired off tomorrow when I'm off work 👍
  5. From the ex-director of Vote Leave - https://dominiccummings.com/2018/05/23/on-the-referendum-25-a-letter-to-tory-mps-donors-on-the-brexit-shambles/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  6. matt_e

    2017 NFL Thread

    Hard not to agree with the leak theory, surely a bunch of teams would be aware of this prior to today.
  7. matt_e

    The most famous person from your school

    Lewis Hamilton and Ashley Young, was in the same year as both of them.
  8. matt_e

    PlaYEr UnKNoWnseSes Battlegrounds thread!

    Not sure I've ever very crashed while stationary, always running or in vehicles with me :/
  9. CoD has pretty much made it a thing to put in shocking "realistic" moments into its games, those are hardly the kind of cartoonish violence you get in something like Vice City. Can't say I'd be happy to hand that over to any young kid of mine even if there's a fair chance they can get it elsewhere. It's a tough spot tbf, no easy solution.
  10. matt_e

    PlaYEr UnKNoWnseSes Battlegrounds thread!

    How did no one see anyone? Was it in a building or something?
  11. matt_e

    2017 NFL Thread

    Don't forget Max Hall and Ryan Lindley
  12. matt_e

    2017 NFL Thread

    Mike McCoy new Cards OC. Seems underwhelming to say the least :/
  13. matt_e

    PlaYEr UnKNoWnseSes Battlegrounds thread!

    Think it's a quick tap of left trigger puts you in ADS, not bumper. Holding LT does slight zoom in third person.
  14. matt_e

    2017 NFL Thread

    Jags and Chargers is enough if Bills don't win, if Bills do win Ravens need to win as well. Assume it must be to do with common team results or something similar.
  15. matt_e

    2017 NFL Thread

    Obviously nothing will happen but that would have to be the most amazing **** up of all time if the NFL decided to be hilariously hardline about it.